I Need A Weekend From My Weekend.

That’s exactly how I feel.
Like pheeeeeeeew. With exactly 8 e’s.
I wish you could have seen how close I had to get to my computer screen just to count how many e’s were scrunched into that word. I think that’s a sign I need glasses.
That or a sign I need to stop drinking a bottle of whiskey before writing a blog post.
Psych. I haven’t had any whiskey kids. Although now that I mention it…
{Father—that is a joke. No need to pick up the phone to tell me that I really shouldn’t drink a bottle of whiskey..}

So back to what I was saying. This weekend was 100% amazeballs.
Speaking of, my husband threatened to say a really bad word every time I say “amazeballs”.
He thinks the word is stupid. Clearly he has no brain. Or taste in the English language for that matter. However I threatened to kick him in the “you know what” if he did. And then I realized that would end any sort of hope we have when it comes to producing children.  Although now that I mention it, we are planning on adopting so I better get kicking. Sorry husband.
If you just weren’t so amazeballs….

Two times I have gotten off subject now.
Good work Erin.
And now I am talking in third person. I should probably end this post now.
Okay but seriously. This weekend was fantastic. And full of Friends. Sunshine. Family. Boats. Drinks. Water. Laughter. Motorcycle Rides. Sleep (barely). Food. Pictures. And last but not least, Luke Bryan. Okay, so he was only in my dreams but still.
You know it’s really good weekend when you find yourself drinking margaritas with 80 yr old neighbors at 10 pm on a Sunday night.
Party animals we are, I know.

Here are a frick ton {translation: a lot} of pictures from the weekend.

 Tank//Skirt//Sandals: Target {Recent} Necklace: Banana Republic

 Ring: Miss Chic//Watch: Charming Charlies//Wine: In my stomach
 Dress: Target {recent}

Tank//Shorts: Kohls

...And the fun didn't end. Monday evening I hosted book club. We kinda forgot to discuss the book we read and just drank sangria instead. Gosh, I love book club.

Sleep. You sound pretty darn appealing right now.
Watch out because I’m coming to get ya…..

Ugh. I just envisioned myself getting tickled really bad.
Remind me to tell you my “stop tickling me” tactic sometime.
It may or may not involve me screaming rape at the top of my lungs.
With the windows open in our house.
Needless to say, our neighbors don’t talk to us much.
Except the 80 year old margarita drinking ones.
They know how to get down.



  1. That pizza looks "amazeballs"

  2. can those target clothes be any cuter?
    no. no they couldn't.

  3. You wanna know what's amazeballs? You don't have a cocktail in the pool you have the whole dang bottle. Loving the Target maxi skirt too :)

  4. you just made me LOL. 5 times. true story! a weekend you need a weekend from = a good frickin' weekend!! ;)

  5. You are such a fun writer! You definitely made me laugh. You're weekend seems like it was amazeballs (which I may or may not steal from you now!)

  6. my favorite was Friday night dinner, the hubs pointing like he's mad that someone just told him they might kick him in the you know what. and you ... well, being you. which is amazeballs, by the way.

  7. That sangria looks SO amazing...reading this post ay or may have not made me pour myself a glass of wine...

    I love that your target dress is "recent!" YAY for shopping!! Would love to see what else you purchased recently after not being able to shop for so long!

  8. Your sangria looks FABULOUS! Could you post how you made it, please? Or email? Or whatever? Thanks! :)


  9. What a seriously fun and action-packed weekend. Love your striped maxi skirt!


  10. Haha love how you're rocking that super cute striped skirt with a Michelob Ultra...what up! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  11. I seem to totally overuse amazeballs in my husband's presence. He finds it super annoying. I keep hoping to hear him use it in context one day soon :) Looks like a fab weekend! Loving the recent purchases!

  12. Looks like you had an awesome weekend full of fun, family, friends and FABULOUS Outfits! http://besillybehonestbekindbebeautiful.blogspot.com/

  13. I need a boat!! And a book club!! Looks like so much fun. and as usual, cute outfits!!

  14. Hahaha my husband hates the word amazeballs too! Obviously he's confused!


  15. What a fun weekend!

    Christen :>

  16. So much fun it was worth being tired right?! Love the chevron dress and bikini:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  17. Hahaha! Love all of these. You are so funny looks like a lot of fun. Love that striped skirt and the yellow top. Love how you have the bottle in the pool. :)

  18. Looks like you had a great weekend!

    I just searched Target's entire site for that yellow/grey/white chevron dress, I couldn't find it, makes me sad because I need it in my life ;)

    Your posts always make me smile!

  19. Ohhh yea, I forgot to ask: how is the Skinny Girl Pina Colada?!?!

  20. I think that we should all frequently use Amazeballs in our comments just for Mr. living in yellow! Also I do really love to drink with the elderly!!

  21. you forgot to mention where you got your cute chevron swimsuit! please tell - I want one!!

  22. amazeballs bahahahaha i LOVE that word. ohio loves amazeballs! and oh my god you and your blog are too freaking cute i can't handle it! good night!

  23. What a fun weekend! We often forget to discuss the book during book club LMAO! How do you make your Sangria?

  24. Looks like I need to make a trip to Target stat, I love the maxi skirt and that dress! Also, your chevron bikini is darling!

  25. You are so amazeballs ;) You always look so cute and put together, oh expect maybe the one pic of that fishy face, or kissy face? Not sure ;) I kid, totally adorable/amazeballs.

  26. I am like so good at commenting on your blog.. I'm doing it all the time.

    Can you imagine.. can you friggin' imagine.. drinking whiskey and then blogging?

    I feel a dare coming on.. on a monday night.

  27. Rachel @lifeasMrs.June 26, 2012 at 1:16 AM

    Wait what brand is the yellow dress- cuz you know I went to target today looking for that skirt you posted on twitter. Now I must have the dress- i love it! And do you have the sangria recipe? Just fruit and white wine? xoxo

  28. 1) I want that pizza--I'm just starving to death, clearly 2) I want all of your clothes...always so fashionable! 3) I could use some of that SkinnyGirl 4) I think we'd be bffs in real life--you absolutely crack me up and I'd just spend all my time laughing at your hilarious self.

  29. Awesome weekend!!! Ps. Amazeballs happens to be coolest word ever!!!

  30. What a fantastic weekend you had, wow!
    Loving the yellow target dress, makes me wish we had a target here in rainy UK.
    That sangria looks delicious, homemade? If so I would loooooooove the recipe ( that's love with 8 o's) ;)
    Oh, and I want to join your drinks/ book club, hahaha.
    Have a great week Erin!

  31. Love the Chevron dress but I can't find it on Target.com :( Also love your suit!

  32. I've not seen him, but love his music. He came to Macon last year and sold out the place (of course it helps that he is from 2 hours South of here). His tickets are reasonalby priced . I imagine it's an awesome, energetic, fun show.

  33. I got the same skirt only in blue and white from Target!

  34. Looks like it was a lovelyyyyyy weekend! My favorite: Cross-eyed Erin. Classic. :)

  35. Oh Erin, you always look so darn cute. I love all the outfits - im definitely going to Tar-j this week to look for that cute dress! :) oh and Im coming over for Sangria sooooon!

  36. Looks like a great weekend....as always! So jealous!

    Can I just say that I absolutely love that you got in the water with your niece while wearing your clothes? I bet she thinks that you are the best aunt in the world!

  37. you're telling me you got that yellow and grey dress from tarjay?!?! NEED to buy that asap. I was going to come over last night for sangria too. Let's make this happen. mwah!

  38. Hahaha. This was one of the first things I read today. Amazeballs, indeed.

  39. that long skirt and that dress from Target...I'll stop by after work and pick it up. You look gorgeous!

  40. You're too cute! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! Amazeballs!! My husband would say bad words too if he heard me say that! :) MEN!?!?!

  41. I don't like the world amazeballs because I've only ever READ it. Like, I feel as if I would mispronounce it if I ever gave it a try. Does it sound as stupid as it looks?! ;)

    that Target dress IS AMAZING. And is that first outfit the one hubbs didn't like?! loser! ;) You are smokin as always!!!!

  42. First, I love that you used the term amazeballs. I use it all of the time, I'm glad I'm now not the only one I know (: That sangria looks pretty amazeballs! Yum!

    xo Kayla

  43. Haha your week sounded like my week! Looks like you had a lot of fun though and I'm absolutely in LOVE with your swimsuit!!! Too cute! :)

  44. girl!! i just have to say every pic you look adorbs in! i really watn to shop in your closet now!! :) LOVE the swimsuit and the dress and everthang! xoxo

  45. I am SUPER jealous of your weekend. Stupid fires are keeping us inside :( Can I come play to get away from all the smoke? Haha.

  46. Got my first purchase from Miss Chic yesterday, and I'm in love!! Thanks for the introduction!

  47. Poor hubby! He hears a word he thinks is stupid and then gets threatened with a kick to his amazeballs! Haha!

    I totally love your house! I really want to live in your closet just so I have access to your back yard and your awesome social gatherings... when you start looking to adopt, just remember I am available. Granted I am older than you, but thats a technicality!

    xoxo Love you :)


  48. What a fun weekend! I loooove that skirt (I'm thinking of jumping on the maxi skirt bandwagon), and that pizza is not helping my growling (roaring) belly.

  49. What does it say that I recognize and own half the Target clothes you post here and on Instagram???! Love it, happy you can shop again. Not shopping is TORTURE.

  50. Two things: How do you feel about the skinny girl cocktails? Which are your favorite? I have yet to try them, therefore I need suggestions. Have you tried any of the skinny girl wine?

    What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures? <-- whooaaa that was random. Seriously, though! Your photos always look uhhhh-mazing!

  51. LOVE your chevron dress!!! so cute! and i want your freakin body! lol!


  52. you are so entertaining!! i LOL everytime i read one of your posts :) LOVE that target dress!!!! and is your bathing suit from there too?! your outfits are awesome

  53. That IS a super cute dress. And I just got exhausted looking through your weekend pics. Talk about weekend warrior! I am also a new reader. Yay! :)

  54. All super cute outfits! Love the yellow top! And that skirt!! I wish we had 80 yr old margarita neighbors. We just have my in laws... and they don't drink margaritas.... lame. hahaha

  55. I love your blog! I followed a few days ago...I think from the group giveaway? And it took a bit to update in reader! So fun! You take great pictures...I'm heading straight to target to look for that dress. And I follow you on instagram and was sitting with my fiance when you posted the picture of the pink top and the maxi skirt. I showed him your comment about your husband asking if you were kidding. I showed him mostly because that's totally something that he would say. He always says "is that what you're wearing?" when he knows good and well I just went and got ready. Ha! Love it!

  56. I feel like I did drink a bottle of whiskey last night - so seeing these alcohol pictures def had my stummy churning!!!!
    Couldn't stop looking though - my Pinterest style board thanks you and your friends for being so fashionable!!
    P.S. A CHEVRON bikini!!??? Is this real life!!??


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