Confession: Why I Suck At Blogging.

Let’s back this train up to February 1st, 2011 for a minute.The day that I wrote my first ever blog post.
I had no clue what I was doing and I certainly did not know what I was getting myself into.
My view of blogging back then was this:
Show up to my blogger account once, maybe twice, a week and write a post.
A post that a few of my family members would read.
Maybe a couple Facebook friends if I was lucky on that particular day. And that was that.
That’s all I thought blogging was. I expected nothing less, nothing more.
And I loved it.

Fast forward to now.
When I think of blogging I think of:
Writing posts (daily), social media galore—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—you name it, bloggers blow it up. Taking pictures {with my blogger appropriate camera} at different angles as opposed to straight on (because ewww—how unpleasing to the eye is a centered photo these days), reading 1,000 other blogs, having a proper blogging “space” in my house, PicMonkey, giveaways, commenting here there and everywhere, PayPal, responding to comments, answering emails, accepting sponsors, sponsoring other blogs, product reviews for blogs//shops that are the shiz, creating buttons, Photobucket, guest posts, making sure my blog looks pimped out 24/7, link-up parties, and of course—building genuine relationships with you all in the process.
Not to mention the other 20 trillion items I am sure I left out.

Oh, and all of the above is expected to take place after working 8 hours a day and before spending quality time with my husband, family, friends,and myself.

Needless to say, it can be an exhausting process sometimes. And by sometimes I mean all of the time.
But I love it.

With all that being said though, I struggle with this whole blogging thing sometimes.
And the part that I struggle with the most is the thing that I find the most important {okay second most important, writing is numero uno in my book}—building genuine relationships with you all.
My readers. My Lovers. My “you rock my face off” people who show up on a daily basis.

I beat myself up over the fact that I don’t do a good enough job of engaging with you all regularly.

Here is some cold hard truth for you: I very {very} rarely comment on your blogs and I very {very} rarely respond to my comments. There I said it. Gasp. Slash my throat, I know.In my “I am the most idiotic blogger ever” defense, I honestly did not know that I could respond to comments for the longest time after I starting blogging. Turns out when you click reply on your email it gets sent back to the original commenter. Who knew? So no. I’ve always sucked at this.
1 follower or 1,000 followers. I suck.

Now hear me out. I read every blog I follow through Google Reader. I open that bad boy up and zip through every post you people write on a daily basis. I don’t click on the individual blogs. I just read, smile, think “wow they are genius”, and continue on. It’s efficient. I love efficiency. And then there are the comments y’all leave. I read em’, I smile, I think “wow they are sweet” and continue on.
Not my best habit but that’s just me being real.

With all that being said, I want to be an arms open blogger. Not one of those girls who stands in the corner with their arms crossed doing their own thing. I want to be open to you all.
I want to form friendships. I want to answer your questions and help you out. I want to mentor you newbie bloggers. I want to laugh, share a glass of wine, learn, and grow with/from you.
I love you people and I want you to know that.

So here is what you need to know.
  • I answer every email that is sent to me personally.
  • I respond to tweets almost always.
  • Facebook—well, that’s another story. I do my best on there but that freakin’ timeline gig they started has really thrown me for a loop. I hate it. End of story.
  • I do my darnedest to guest post on your blog if you ask me to.

If you want to communicate, I am all ears, fingers, or what have you.

I’ve got some fun ideas in the works on how us bloggers can get even more up close and personal with each other.
That sounded ridiculously dirty and awkward but you know what I mean.
Hint: Happy Hour. Virtually.
More to come on that one.
Yes, Crystal that is your doing.

So yeah. This huge long post just to tell you all how special you are to me. And that I appreciate you showing up to this space of mine on the web every day. And that I truly want to get to know you. And if I ever start to act otherwise, throw tomatoes at my face.

Love you all.

PS. What part of blogging do you struggle with the most? Do tell. You’ll do wonders for my self confidence ;)

PPS. Leave me your blog URL in the comments below if you know I am not following you.
I’d love to check you out. In the most non-sexual way possible. 

PPPS. This topic has been brewing in my brain for weeks. After reading Raven and Kristen's posts, it seemed like an appropriate time to address this. I included those links for a reason. Read em’.

Cheers to blogging friends. mwah mwah and mwah.




  1. I love that you were honest about it! I'm not even in the blogging big time, and it gets overwhelming for me sometimes. You are such a sweetie to share with all of us your bloggy struggles, and it makes us (...well me) appreciate you all the more for it! Bonus points for being hilarious and down-to-earth at the same time.

    http://cupcakescandycanes.blogspot.com (...not as much of a sugar rush as the name implies)

  2. Your blog has become one of my favorites! My blog is www.classywithasideofstyle.com
    Can't wait to see what you have in store!

  3. I love how genuine you are in this post! And I LOVE the idea of a virtual happy hour!! Ummm best idea ever.

    And since ya asked for the URL, boom: http://www.sweethomesb.blogspot.com/


  4. Don't beat yourself up - you need time for yourself. It is MORE than enough that you provide us with quality content that always makes us laugh.
    A virtual happy hour? I'm there!
    I have the same struggle, I get up at 5 most days to either make a post (perfectionist ehh) or fine tune one I made the evening before. Then head to the office a few minutes before 8. Fast forward to 5, I come home, eat dindin and comment/research/do bloggy things until about 10. That's..8 hours in my office, 8 hours of blogging. But I LOVE it! :)

  5. and my url: http://notesonlifestylebygeorgina.com


  6. I look forward to your posts everyday! they always make me smile!!

  7. New follower!!

    I LOVE your blog!! So glad I found it! I am defiantly at the beginners level of blogging and cannot wait to learn more about it! But in the mean time I am having so much fun reading and getting to know other bloggers!!

  8. I struggle with nothing about blogging, because I am a perfect blogger. Bow before me.

    Seriously though, I have a really hard time writing le blog sometimes because I feel like, "what's the point? I only have like, 3 followers, and it's just family. I have to keep reminding myself that it's about the writing, and I started doing this so I could document our little family's life. I enjoy it, so I should 't care that I don't have too many followers.

  9. I don't believe you are following mine, but you do follow me on Twitter and I love you dearly for it! Even though you have never responded to my comments- I still follow you!


  10. I suck at blogger self-esteem. Days when my pageviews aren't that high (which they really aren't ever that high), I start wonder if my post offended somebody. Maybe I am annoying people with what I post. I think some of my facebook friends have blocked me. Whatever. Or I compare my blog to other blogs. Why do some blogs have more followers than mine. Blah blah blah.

    But I am getting better about that. Kind of.

    And you already follow my blog. The day that happened, my blogger self esteem went up. :)

  11. That's the part of my blog growing that I dread! Right now, I'm small. I can handle everything, for the most part. I don't want to lose that connection with my readers.

    I've very happy to see your honesty :) Gives me something to think about and maintain focus on.

  12. girl, I haven't the slightest idea how you could possibly keep up with everyone. There's no way! But what you do do is share YOU and keep it real. Just like you did in this post! Love it. And even someone with a itty bitty blog like me can relate ~ this shiz is rewarding and fun but Time Consuming! It's "ok" to not be able to do every little piece. And THANK YOU for Raven's link. OHMYGOODNESS, she flippin' killed it!

    I would love if you checked out my blog (in a very NON sexual way ;) if/when you have time...
    Distinctly M

  13. I was going to ask if this topic came up after Raven & Kristen's posts? I try to respond to emails bc readers are important but then again I don't expect everyone I comment on to respond back to me. Twitter is nice bc I can respond quickly :)

    TBLFOR3.blogspot.com is my blog! All my "social media" is on there too :)

  14. Great post. Thank for being so honest. I'm sure everyone still loves you!!


  15. hey girl, no hard feelings. we all know you are a dedicated blogger, thats why we all follow you! commenting back on every single comment would probably cause you to get 0 sleep. just keep on doing what you're doing because its working ;)


  16. You do realize you're going to have like 284 comments with new blog URLs for you to adore right? And I figured out roughly 2 months ago about how to "respond via email" to comments... There needs to be a "blogging for idiots" book. Want to write it with me?

  17. You give me blog-hope...if you started out only roughly a year & 1/2 ago, then I'll keep on plugging. I started blogging in February when I opened my Etsy Shop (knowing absolutely nada about anything). Now that I have found so many awesome, inspiring, humorous blogs I have some serious blog-aspiration. So thanks...and don't feel guilty, there are only so many hours in the day!


  18. You are great at blogging...probably the most genuine person out there that I've seen! :)

  19. I totally struggle with responding AND commenting. But I love getting comments, so I'm trying to b much better about that.

    PS I'd drink wine with you virtually or irl, just saying.
    PPS something's in the mail for you. Yay!

  20. Personally, I think you are doing an amazing job at blogging! My blog isn't near the size of yours and it's already hard enough to respond to all of the comments.

    It has been a week of blogging posts, I'm loving it.


  21. you are too kind!
    and way too hard on yourself!

    my blog is just random whatevers thrown together haaa

  22. it's true. you do respond to every email ... even my ridiculously annoying ones that I send at 5am. and the ones where I scream in your ear "G!! You just followed my blog!! Shut Up!" ... you were number 58. I still remember.
    you are one of a kind, G. one of a kind.

  23. I'm pretty new to your blog but you are freaking awesome. I love reasing your posts and your tweets.

    I don't think you follow me unless you like to make random aliases, in which case you could be!

    I'm Christen at www.anunordinaryhello.com. I'd love for you to look around! :>

    You're really awesome, and you remind me that I am not alone. Perhaps I don't find my deoderant in the freezer, but I definitely have crazy moments and I'm so glad you're willing to share those.

  24. You are hilarious, so honest, so funny. Your blog is a favorite part of my day... wish I lived next door (no, I am not a stalker), but so I could be part of martini club. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

    My blog: http://dailystylefinds.com/

  25. Virtual cocktail party??? I'm in! Especially if I can wear sweatpants

  26. I haven't been blogging long at alll, but I struggle sometimes with not knowing whether or not people care about my writing. I know it's stuff that I feel passionate about, but will it get new readers? Probably not. :P It's still so much fun though!


  27. Virtual Happy Hour? Count me in.

    I'm the worst at replying to all my comments. And I only get like 6 a day. On a good day...lol. Social media is literally my job, so sometimes I'm burnt out when it comes to doing it for my blog, too.

    I'm also bad about LURKING on blogs and not always commenting/interacting. The creepiest type of blogger. That is who I am. Gross.

    Here's my URL:

  28. Since, I just started my blog less than a week ago...I can't even begin to explain how perfect this post was for me to read. I am looking at all you Pro bloggers out there and am SO in over my head lol! But I love it and am a fast learner. Consider me a blogger student!

    The Newbie


  29. I struggle with being too annoying I think. and being "that girl" that gets annoyed very easily over stupid stuff. but ya gotta love me right?! lol

    talesfromfar.blogspot.com :)

  30. You have to realize that blogging at this level is a job. Not the "I hate my day job and wish I was at the beach" type of job, but a job nonetheless. Actually, it's more of a business really...

    This doesn't mean that you enjoy blogging any less than you used to, but just that you're now running a business and need to think of it as such. So basically... you have two jobs... plus all of your family duties. Blogging is no longer just a hobby for you like it used to be, but something that has the potential to actually make money. Which is actually pretty cool if you think about it - how many people wouldn't love to make money doing something that they actually enjoy?

    So make sure you're charging appropriately on your sponsor spots to compensate for all the time you're putting in. Give yourself time to "go to work" just like you do for your other "real job". Also give yourself time to "go home" from your blogging job, just like you would any other job. You've given yourself an office for your second job, now just make sure the time and money aspects are reflecting the fact that this is a second job as well.

    To put things in perspective, ask yourself what your ideal job/life situation would be. Do you want to be a full-time blogger? That's actually totally possible with some hard work, but it would mean giving more hours to this and less hours to your first job. Obviously not all at once, but... it's totally doable. Just something to think about...

  31. oh man you make me laugh. i second everything you said up there. im not even a legit blogger but when i think about all the time and effort that legit bloggers must put into their blogs it makes me dizzy. i do have a few followers that i have no idea who they are and sometimes they leave me comments and sometimes i answer and sometimes i don't. i also struggle with feeling uninteresting. crazy, i know. oh well i dont write for you. i write for me, my kids, and the family that is far away in kentucky. oh and i hate that sometimes i want people to follow me. it's like im in middle school all over again... ugh. but i do love your bloggy blog!

  32. I struggle with the commenting the most. I work on a computer 8 hours a day and so the last thing I want to do when I'm done working is stare in front of a computer screen for another 3 hours to reply to every single comment. I've tried to set aside 2-3 nights per week where I'll go through and reply to comments and visit all my bloggers to check in and see what they've been up to. The blogging gig is tough and if there is anyone who says it isn't, they probably aren't doing it right! I think you've stopped by my blog before, but just in case you'd like to visit me again: www.comingunstitched.com

  33. You are too cute and I love your blog and your honesty. Just getting into blogging and your posts motivate and inspire me to devote the time and energy I want into my blog, regardless of who, if anyone reads. You can mark me present for the virtual happy hour and any newbie blog tutorials, like how to pimp it out :)


  34. Hi! I found your blog over the weekend and am really enjoying it! I struggle the most with making time to blog. I have a whopping 22 followers but I can't help but love blogging! It is a necessary outlet that keeps me sane. :)

    Here's mine, if you have the time!


  35. I love the idea of a virtual happy hour. Fun!


  36. You had me at virtual cocktail party. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm soooo in. You cracking us up in each post is enough. Great post though lady.
    alisonandjustin.blogspot.com (I think ha ha)

  37. I love your blog! Don't apologize for being yourself :).


  38. Awe! You are a wonderful blogger Erin! I puffy heart love you and your blog regardless if you don't follow my blog {www.livelaughl0ve.com} ;) or respond to things. Which I know you do when you can because you have responded to e-mails and comments I have left you! Don't be too hard on yourself!

    I think the hardest part about blogging is keeping up with the social media. I don't have time to check twitter all day so I always feel like I'm missing out on conversations and such!

    Your the best.

  39. youre so cute. come visit my blog! embrace the mess! join the messy challenge! do you dare?


    xo Kelly

  40. YES! I suck at blogging for all the reaons listed in your post...some days I'm on top of everything and then the next I'm not. I always try to comment but-yikes- I do read and delete! I am happy that I have developed certain friendships through blogging, but I wish I could connect with more bloggers on a daily basis...maybe when I am handed an extra 5 hours...LOL...

    Lish @ Imprintalish

  41. I definitely enjoyed reading this post. I'm a "baby blogger" in this whole world and am loving it so far. I'm also fairly new to your blog and it has turned into a daily read. And um, whatever this virtual happy hour thing is, I'm definitely down!

    Anyways, come say hi sometime: loveeachdayblog.blogspot.com


  42. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I have loved every minute of it. Thanks for being so honest in this post. I struggle with not getting caught up in the numbers. I get upset when I don't have a lot of comments, but then I look at my page views and they're decent enough, so I know people are reading. But I'm working on not being so focused on getting comments. Work in progress.

  43. I've been following you.. And this post is a great example of one of the main reasons I follow!! Your do honest and truthful!!! Gorgeous post! <33


  44. i'm glad you share this! everybody has their blogging struggles. mine? staying organized with everything. it's so hard for me. :)
    i would love it if you stopped by my blog sometime :) www.gracelovesthebeatles.com

  45. I absolutely love your blog, you crack me up constantly. Your honesty is what draws me in...so thank you!! I too have posted before about how exhausted I am with all of the social media and "stuff" that comes along with blogging. I work a full-time job and come home, wanting to relax sometimes instead of jumping right in to figure out what I'm blogging about tomorrow, etc. But it is fun and I do enjoy the people I'm "meeting". That said, here's my blog, hope you'll check it out!!


  46. I'm just a bitty bloggy so I can't imagine the comment overload you must deal with. Comments are currently my biggest challenge. That said I try to respond to tweets and wall post and direct emails. What I live about you is following and tweeting with you! Your blog rocks! You always holla back it's just in your own way!

  47. I always wonder how blogs with a high number of followers communicate/have a relationship with others. I can imagine it being overwhelming. I manage to respond and comment on other blogs on most comments on my blog (because 1. i'm a teacher on summer break, 2. I don't have as nearly as many followers) But I wonder if I do ever grow to a larger blog how that will play into it as I won't have time to do that. Then there's the question of would I rather have smaller number of followers but feel like I connect with them more or a larger reader base?? Guess there are positives to both ends and in the end you just do what you want to do because it's your blog!! : )


  48. Erin I have to say that I think you do a great job of responding! It's interesting to me that you beat yourself up over this because you are one of the best bloggers about responding. Anytime I've emailed you you've responded very promptly and I've always thought you were great to work with. I here you on the comments... I try to reply to those that seem very personal or heartfelt but there is just not time in the day to respond to them all. Also, when I comment on someone else's blog something like "thanks for posting this recipe I can't wait to try it out!" I don't really except a response back. Actually, I think it's kind of weird when I get a response like "Thanks for commenting! Hope you like the salad" It just seems kind of useless. What I'm also way impressed is that you read all your posts from all the people you follow on GFC. There are a few choice blogs I read every single post on (yours included) and the rest I just hit up the ones that look interesting to me. And I think your readers are more forgiving than you realize. We all know you work full time and that you have a family life and a social life... we don't expect more than that of you. And I have thought many many times "How in the world does Erin do it at all?"

    And that is my book for you. Hope you enjoy!

  49. Your blog is literally one of my favorites.


  50. Aw, Erin! You are my favorite blog to sponsor because you are so genuine and sincere to EVERYONE!! And I'm not going to lie.. I'm pretty convinced you have the blogging community over here! I always love readin your posts.


  51. Thanks for sharing your heart.My favorite thing about blogs is when bloggers admit their flaws. No one expects perfection!

  52. Girly I totally feel you on this! I never thought that my blog would get to the point that it is at right now and I LOVE every minute of it but sometimes it is just so over whelming! I will be posting something similar to this soon!


  53. I really enjoy reading your blog and this post is great. I love the honesty! As a newbie to blogging, it is totally overwhelming sometimes. If I actually want to make something of blogging, it requires a lot of time and work, but so much positive comes out of it. It's great to hear you rave about how much you like it. And bloggie mentoring... pick me! I have no idea what I am doing. haha.

    here's my blog: http://spokesandsprinkles.wordpress.com/

  54. Put a smile on my face! This new blogger here (pointing at me) has some hope left! xoxo


  55. I just la-la-la-love your blog. Mostly because you are not afraid to be yourself and be honest! I love that you post the good, the bad and even the ugly, but always with a posative spin. You are a breathe of fresh air! I do a feature called Women That Inspire. I would love to have you guest post about a woman that inspires you! Anywhoo,just wanted to leave a little love! Would love to have you stop by and check out my lil ol' blog as well!


  56. I have a pretty small blog and I still find keeping up with everything overwhelming. I struggle all.the.time. to respond to comments. Usually I have to choose between that and writing a new post. There just isn't time for everything but I do my best and I guess that's all we can do! I honestly don't care if someone responds to my comment but I know it's super important to some people. Overall I think we have to remember that you can't make everyone happy all the time!


  57. I think you're doing a great job. You inspire a lot of people.

    The Girl Collected

  58. I totally relate to you. I am what I like to call a lazy blogger... I don't like facebook and twitter is just too weird for me. Who wants to know what I'm doing 24/7... no one I tell you. I like to write for me and if people enjoy reading it yippee! Oh and you can check me out anytime (wink wink) awesomely-awkward.com

  59. Awesome post. As one of your readers, I can appreciate your sincerity. I struggle the most with scheduling. I work and I'm in grad school pursuing my PhD so I find it hard to post everyday. I will not even mention how neglected my Facebook page has become.

    And I'm all for virtual happy hour :)


  60. I just LOVE you. Seriously. In the least creepy of ways, I love stalking your tweets, instagrams, & posts - they always make me smile & inspire me to be a better blogger. And every time you throw a "thank you" post into the mix I feel like you truly know me//us on a level that surpasses blogging.

    Ok, so now that I've expressed my blogcrush on you (sorry that was uuber creepy) if you'd ever like, you can visit my baby blog here:



  61. You do a great job responding to emails and helped me to get my blog started. So thank you so much for that and I really appreciate it!! I love your blog it has been one of my favs since I started reading blogs in the first place. Keep up the good work!! I don't think you should beat yourself up about what you don't think you do well enough and instead pat yourself on the back for the awesome things that you do. Great pictures, funny posts, entertaining posts, posts with great content, and posts more than just once a week, having a great deal of followers, being a rock star blogger, wife and so much more!! Keep up the good work!!!


  62. I love reading your blog, you always put a smile on my face. As a new blogger, I enjoy reading your back posts and learning more about this crazy blog universe. Thank you for making it easier to navigate.


  63. As a newish blogger I don't have as much to do as you but I know blogging has taken over my life waaay more than I thought it would! BUT I love it obviously!


  64. Oooo Virtual Happy Hour sounds like the bomb.com! I can't even begin to imagine the randomness. . .I imagine it may be similar to another post you wrote recently, which I forgot to mention cracked me up.


  65. Love your blog and honesty Erin! You are hilarious and just real! Would love for you to visit!


  66. LOVE your honesty, and LOVE you and your blog....but not in a weird, creepy way :)

    thanks for following my blog :) it's set to private to protect our baby girl we adopted, so i'll never get to have a "following" like you do, but that's ok.

    thanks for being you and for always making me smile. somedays, when it's been one of those "i need wine ASAP" days, i open your blog and my entire attitude changes (but i still have the wine!)

  67. It is amazing how a simple honest post makes you think 'OoOoOoo... so it is not just me who thinks like this' and can make you feel so much better.

    Did someone say happy hour?! [meerkat-like head movements]

    I'm over here: www.anidetoknowbasis.com


  68. I love your blog, for reals. I struggle with finding stuff to post about that is worth while, so I'm sadly becoming the "couple times a week" blogger. aka I'm lame!

  69. At least you can admit that you don't stay in touch with everyone. It can be really hard! Thanks for your honesty. I would love to have you do a guest post on my site sometime http://painfullyoptomistic.com

  70. I totally suck at responding to comments. I always mean to, but it seems like a day passes, than another, and next thing I know, it is been a week or two. However, I'm always engaged with twitter. It is just so hard to read every blog post and respond to every comment, especially when the commenter is noreply email. It takes that much effort to attempt to hunt them down. Us bloggers have lives to live outside of blog world, so it is unrealistic fo all of us to live, breathe, eat blogging 24/7.


  71. I love your blog, I look forward to each new post and sometimes wish I could be more like you! Thank you for being an awesome blogger.

  72. i think that you are an EXCELLENT blogger! :)


  73. I love your honesty and humor! I just recently came across your blog, and I love it! I can't wait to see what great ideas you have in the future, and I'm loving the virtual happy hour. Cheers to that! I definitely struggle with the blog funks I go through, and then posting random stuff that doesn't seem to flow well. In regards to responding to comments, I can never figure that out. :) Thank you again for this post, I love it!! Bring on some new and fun ideas we can all share together. www.bmoregirlie.com

    Thanks!! :) xoxo

  74. Blogging is definitley taking up a lot more time than I thought it would. I love it when people leave comments especially thoughful ones, not just "I'm your newest follower, check out my blog and follow". I love meeting all these bloggers all over the world. I'm from New Zealand so it is great to get a peak in to another country and persons life.


  75. amen sister!! people who don't blog don't understand how much is involved in "blogging"! it takes a lot of time and effort and work and it's definitely not easy to do when juggling a full time job and family!!

    i love commenting on other people's blogs and i think if you really wanted to do that, just set aside 30 minutes a day to do so or something! i love getting comments on my own blog so i definitely want to reciprocate to others!!


  76. i never knew what i was getting in to starting a blog, and really, i still have no idea what i'm doing! i'm a newbie in the great big blogging world and reading posts like this makes me feel like i'm not alone (not to menition your posts always make me smile and laugh).

    and virtual happy hour? how great is that idea?!

    keep the great posts coming!
    xo, M


  77. I was just like you, i had NO CLUE what I was getting into, I was just going to have a little (open) journal, so that I can talk about myself and my feelings a little without much in return. I had no idea the blogging world was well so...complicated :) I love it though. My hardest part of blogging is worrying about my writing, too negative? too positive? Too something else? I also go through extreme dry spells and times where I can't stop writing. Trying to find a balance is key for me. Any who, love love love your blog and just keep doing what you are doing!

  78. I love reading all kinds of blogs...both popular and unknown....both mainstream and not. Some of my favs are hidden gems. :) Loved this post.



  79. I love your blog because you are honest and real- and hilarious! I struggle with commenting, too- but vow to do better!


  80. i think its great that you're honest about it! i always comment but don't expect one back...but if i do get one back its great!

    thanks for sharing!

    p.s. you have your work cut out for you now! :)

  81. I'm happy you wrote this. Last year I took a semi-hiatus during my wedding planning and first few months of my marriage. Only blogging here and there. My comments started to dwindle and I took it sort of hard. I realized I needed to do what I did when I started blogging. Read more, comment more, find more fun things to read about and then start to express myself again. My comments are still low, but that's OK I've decided I need to start blogging for me.

    THEN, as you stated I started to think about how I read blogs. In google reader it's fast, and easy but you have to physically go to the person's blog in order to comment. Often times I don't. Which is sad. But I started to think with the whole blog-iverse being so connected most of us probably do the same thing. I shouldn't take my lack of comments too personally - most people I'm tight with are still reading just not commenting.

    I think you're doing a great job. I'm new to your blog but it's awesome! Keep up the great work girl!

  82. Love your honesty and realness. When it comes to blogging I struggle most with how much to share. As sometimes things one wants to write may be too personal or may reveal too much information for all to read. It is easy to misinterpret people and posts as well because people only get to see the moments we choose to write about. This post was great but then again I pretty much think that about all your posts!


  83. Girl, don't even worry about the struggles. Last time I checked, there was no rule book for blogging. But, let's be honest, if there was I wouldn't follow it anyway. I'm a rebel like that. Now excuse me while I put on my leather jacket and kick some jukeboxes to turn them on and off.

    I digress.

    The part of blogging I struggle with most is my own insecurity. I want to reach and connect with my readers and for some reason I freak out if I wrote something that was more of a ramble than a cohesive story. But then I just remind myself that if people don't like the way I write or what I write about then they won't read it. As a result, I shouldn't worry about it. And if I'm still in doubt, I eat some ice cream. Ice cream cures everything. It's true. My mom told me so.


  84. Thanks for being so honest. I sometimes struggle with the whole commenting/responding to comments thing. But I love to know who my blog readers are too. Twitter is way easier to reply to :) and my email inbox can be totally overwhelming. Who knew blogging would be so time consuming, yet fun?!

    PS you can find me blogging at http://www.bbgoad.com/

  85. fabulous post my dear. VERY well said. I wish I had written it. HA ;)

  86. Hey! I would just like to let you know i'm a daily reader- and i truly truly appreciate this post. THANK YOU!


  87. I'm a new (kind of) blogger and it's good to hear that I'm not the only one who has these "#bloggerproblems" and that even the best (like you!) sometimes have problems too. I started blogging a little less than a year ago, thought I sucked at it so I stopped but I am giving it another go and starting back up again! Thanks for inspiring me to keep on going with the blog because I know when I can look back on my years through the blog, I will be so thankful that I kept up with it! Have a great day!

  88. LOVE YO BLOG! If you wanna follow:



  89. Girl, I love ya. I’ll read you till I die….and I am SO feeling this post too. I could have written it myself…and I only have 60 followers! Blogging is overwhelming! And you amaze me every day when I wake up, pound through my reader (just like you…thinking “brilliant! Love it!” but rarely leaving comments) and see a new post from you daily…like, HOW?!?! And they aren’t short, quicky, cheat posts either. They are good ones! Possibly rambling, usually random, but GOOD!!! I love every word. And I loved your vlog too, while I am being creepy….i have a terrible confession…I’ve watched lots of other vlogs and…some of them (oh god, I feel mean saying it) really…bug me. there, I said it. but I enjoyed yours!!!

    Gosh, girl, I just LIKE you, ok? and I don’t care if you comment me back or read my blog or anything, cuz you’re just a little ray of sunshine in my day, so you just keep on keeping on, k?


  90. Hi there little lady! I actually think that you are an amazing blogger - wish I could blog like you. You are so open and honest about everything and that is very refreshing. You were one of the first people that I ever followed and I remember all the sweet comments you left me. You are the type of person that I would like to be real life friends with :) anyway, if I had as many followers as you do, I probably wouldnt have the time to respond to everyone either ... teach me how to blog like you do lol .. you do a fantastic job! thats all .. xoxoxo

  91. You are AMAZING, Erin! I've been your biggest blog stalker {not to sounds creepy...} since the end of March, but I've never left a comment! You're hilarious, fabulous, real, honest, the bomb {insert an adjective, I'm out...}. You're my blogging idol! And girl, I don't get near as many comments as you do and it's till hard to keep up with responding to them all. I think you're doing amazeballs at this whole blogging thing. Keep it up. :)


  92. You are so sweet! I am sure it gets overwhelming for you. I am a new blogger (not new to reading, but the writing part) and I have been in love with your blog for the longest time! I would be so grateful if you would follow my blog! I actually have a total of 0 people following me and I am still getting started with figuring out how to make by blog fan-stinking-tastic. I have no idea what I am doing LOL! I know my parents read, but other than that, nada. :) Come follow me! It would make my year.

    You’re an inspiration Erin!

    <3 Brittany.


  93. Girl, you always inspire me with my blogging!

    One of my biggest struggles with blogging is remembering to take pictures! I love writing about what I do, but when there are no pictures it's such a bore! We all know pictures are a must! I also struggle with what I think a lot of other bloggers do... finding my voice. Do I want to be funny? Serious? Thought provoking? All pictures? Yikes! Slowly but surely I'm figuring it out, but seriously, it can be so difficult!

    Thanks for todays post! It helped boost me up :)

  94. Blogging IS hard work! I can relate, I always comment in my head or react to the blogs I read, but I rarely write comments. I will work on that though :)


  95. I really appreciate how candid and honest you are here! I know blogging can be hard work- especially when you have as many readers/followers as you do!

    I think the reason why you have so many readers is because you are so candid and honest- KUDOS to you!

    and I don't know if you follow my blog or not- but here's a link if you ever want to read more


  96. I love your blog & I am a follower. You def do not suck at blogging...reading a post of yours can make me laugh even on my worst days.

    I just started my blog and only have 7 followers, but blogging IS hard work! I "work" raising my daughter, dog, and husband (I mean home...lol) and it's still a challenge to find time to write posts. But, it's become something I love so inbetween running after my baby and running to every store in town, I make the time. Do what makes you happy!

    Would LOVE for you to check out my blog - http://nuggetonabudget.blogspot.com - as always, looking fwd to reading you every day! xo

  97. Even though there are so many times I have major blog envy for my favorite blogs I am often reminded I am happy I have a small blog still. I can respond to each comment (since I only get a couple a week, if that)! Once you are getting more than about 10 comments per day, I don't know how you could possibly keep up with it all. I think it is great you are honest and so real about all this. I found your blog through another one, and yours is quickly becoming one of my favorites - you are too funny! Have a great week. :) www.laurascraftylife.com

  98. absolutely love your honesty in this post. thank goodness for twitter, it seems to be a bloggers best friend. i found that out early on and i'm not even a "big" blogger. i look forward to getting to know you.


  99. I don't blame you! I think you have far too many followers for anyone to think that you'd have the time to respond to comments via e-mail. That's just crazy talk! And to your credit, I think you do an excellent job of engaging your readers. Really. Sometimes I start to doubt that you actually have that full-time job you referred to, because I don't know how you balance life and blogging! Are you hoodwinking me? ;-)

    Bahaha. Who says hoodwinked? THIS GIRL.

    Happy Friday Eve, Erin!

  100. I have to say that I absolutely love reading your blog. I grew up in a small northern Indiana town (I have a feeling it's near where you live) and so your blog sometimes takes me back to that down to earth, small town, Midwest nature that I miss now that I live in Baltimore. I'm right there with you-- I'm so bad at commenting on the blogs that I read and responding to my readers. I didn't know that you could reply via email for the longest time either! I think despite all of that, readers will still read if you're good at what you do! And to be honest, there is only so much time in the day. People get that and will forgive easily if you don't always reply.


  101. I looooove your honesty! And reading your blog every.single.day.

    Keep it up, girlfriend! You are an inspiration :)))


  102. Hahaha. Your hilarious post ALONE make up for rarely responding to comments. Haha They always always always bring a smile to my face.

    Would love for you to check out my bloggy-blog? http://www.sweetsouthernsunshine.com/ - After all, you did score me that AMAZING design from Cherry on Top. THANKS again!

  103. Thank you for sharing yourself honestly. I love that about Raven, too.

    I am a baby blogger, in this big ole' blogger world. I only have a few followers, and I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to keep with with hundreds of followers on a daily basis. Your hard work, commitment, and time are appreciated. I'm sorry that others have a hard time understanding that there is life outside of blogging. You are an inspiration to us and hope that you know that! Thanks for your blog post!

    Amy @ http://livinnfastforward.blogspot.com/

  104. I too struggle with updating my facebook page because of timeline. I also struggle with comparing my post with others and feeling like I am not a good blogger.


  105. We still love you :)


    Have a fun weekend!

  106. So glad I've found your blog, you make me laugh and I love your honesty! Here's mine:

    xo Kayla

  107. I read in Reader ALL THE TIME, so I feel you. Trying to make a conscious effort to open posts and comment! And hey Google, if you could make a way to comment through Reader, that would be awesome...

  108. Girl, I've got 1/15 of the readership you do and I even struggle to find time to kepe up with my blog sometimes, lol... So you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB! You keep up laughing and keep us entertained, and that is why I love your blog :)

    Plus you're named Erin.. that's just an added bonus!

    It took me quite some time to even get used to getting 3 posts a week, and I really aim to have it be more like 4-5 in the coming months. It's definitely a committment, but one I'm loving and enjoying just the same.

  109. Love this so much! I just started following you recently but I adore your blog. Must have gone through it for two hours straight.


  110. I love reading your blog, getting ideas for cute outfits, and motivation to write my own blog. I read a ton of blogs, but mine is mostly for our family since we moved out of state. But, I'd love to expand that...



  111. I love reading your blog and I love your blogging advice. I think the thing I struggle with most was finding my voice and writing about what is relevant. When I first started blogging I felt like what I was writing was more like a journal, now I feel like I am getting the hang of things more and blogging about topics instead of what I did. Thanks for sharing everything you did with us. Your blog is one of my favorites!!! :)


  112. Great post! You crack me up. I struggle with commenting on other blogs. I too read, smile and in my head think how great the post is or how much I love the blog, but I never really say much. FAIL.

    As a newbie I'm floundering around finding my voice, figuring out my style and how this whole blog world works.

    - Amy @ www.geauxgirlie.wordpress.com

  113. Wow, lots of comments on this post! I have been a follower for probably 4 months now and I read every single post. I would be honored for you to come visit my blog. I'd probably pee my pants if I got a comment or helpful tip from you! HA :)
    Keep up the amazing blog!


  114. My issue: I'm a selfish blogger 90% of the time. Blogging started for me as something strictly for ME, I never anticipated others would read it, I got really into it for a while, but the last couple months have been super hectic for me (moving, got married) and now I'm finding it's harder than hell to get back into commenting, blogging regularly ect.

    Confession: Your blog is the only blog i follow on a regular basis (as in every day). You're hilarious, and gorgeous, and I hate you for that.


    PS- thank you.

  115. There's no shame in admitting that I read your blog pretty much everyday. We share a name and a love for mac&cheese. Love, meaning I can for sure down a whole box pretty quickly. Thanks for being a great blogger :)


  116. I loved Raven's post & couldn't agree more with Kristen. Sometimes, even us baby bloggers, don't have enough time in the day to respond to every single comment or read every single blog we follow - & that is OK! I think it's sort of funny that you don't respond to comments & are open about it. Also, I didn't know for a long time either that you could just reply via e-mail to someone's comment... how genius!!!

    here's my blog if you want to stop by neck of the www. mykitchenhomelife.blogspot.com

  117. I just barely started following your blog a couple weeks ago... and I gotta say it's so fun to find someone to relate to! :) Love that you went to Nashville (I love country music). Love that you're a blogger without your own kids so far... (me too!) But that you're happily married (also me too!). So... thing I struggle with the most? Really connecting with new people. I am intensely loyal to those I already follow but it takes me a while to really get behind and follow a new person. Must do better!
    My blog: http://www.trulylovelyblog.com
    Have a fun rest of your Thursday!

  118. I read your blog every single day... actually it's one of the first things I do when I get to the office...when I should be doing actual work. But I love that you are so relatable. Your stories remind me so much of myself and my friends.

    The hardest part for me is taking the time to get my blog out there to other people. I just started not too long ago so that's been the struggle so far with me.

    Rachael McMullen

  119. Oh I just adore your honesty in this post and I can totally relate to you! Learning the blogging world has been quite the process, and one I still haven't mastered over a year! I wish I could respond to every comment that comes my way, but truth is I don't and I feel really bad about that. Thanks for sharing this and just so you know I absolutely LOVE reading your blog daily, even if I suck at leaving comments!!! xoxo

  120. you are just one of the most precious bloggers, ever. I love your blog and love your honesty, you are beautiful and your writing is the best. All that said, blogging is hard. And blogging overwhelms me sometimes. Thanks for being a light.

  121. I *think* you might be following me already. :)


    I don't post every day. I DO try respond to every comment I get, though.

    I don't have sponsors because I don't want to do all the work that comes with sponsoring. I break lots of blog "rules" and I really don't care. I do get caught up in trends, especially design trends, but a nice looking blog is a nice looking blog regardless of if it looks like what's popular out there or not.

    I don't comment on blogs a whole lot. I do read a lot of them, though. But I'm very very behind on blog reading now. Ooops.

    I blog to make friends. That's my primary thing. Make friends and share my life. Because for some reason, there are people who actually LIKE reading about my life and seeing my pictures. Who'd have thought? :)

  122. Your honesty is honestly perfect! I'm loving your blog and how you lay it all out there! Feel free to pop on over to my blog http://www.swellandstylish.com -- I'd love to have you follow me too. :)

  123. Girl, I totally understand what you mean when you talk about blogging after 8 hour days...as a teacher (of hormonal 8th graders, at that) all day long and coming home to a loud mouthed beagle and handsome hubby, it is so tough to make time to blog! Now that I'm pregnant...it's a whole 'nother story. LOL!

    I try my super hardest to respond to comments, but sometimes I just can't!!!!!

    It has really been something watching your blog grow every day, and I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I already thought of you as an arms open blogger!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  124. Found your blog via Raven's post on "blog snobs" and I love your honest post. I try to respond to people that actually follow me but honestly there are days I feel like shit and don't. See, I'm battling breast cancer and originally started my blog for the in-laws that lived out of town to follow what was going on with me, my family and treatments. But when someone does personally email me I will take the time to email back when I can.

    I've been bullied by some sending me mean emails saying I'm faking my breast cancer but you know what I really don't give a crap what someone thinks when it comes to my breast cancer. I have it and there's nothing I can do about it except accept the fact I have it and because of it I follow doctor's orders, do what I can to keep myself healthy when not battling other illnesses and trying to take care of my husband and 5 year old.

    New follower to your blog and thanks for writing a good post about "blog snob's.



  125. Ugh, I just love you. NOT in a creepy way - I promise. On a day where I just can't find the oomph to post, I really appreciated your honesty. If you, the cool kid on the block, struggle with this - it's okay if I do too. Cheers, girl!


  126. your blog is easily one of my favorites. mostly because it's honest. so thanks for keeping this post that way.
    even if it's not directly, you've definitely helped me as a newbie blogger :)

    thank you!


  127. Does anyone like the Facebook timeline. ;)
    Hi from the Rags to Stitches giveaway, btw!


  128. When I started blogging, I didn't have a smart phone. I didn't realize you could respond back to people through email either so the fantastic people who commented all during my pregnancy probably think I'm a snob. My smartphone makes it so much easier to respond but now those people no longer comment. Oops! At least I now know I'm not the only one. I found you through Raven:)

  129. I love our blog and love your honesty!! Anyone that expects you to comment to all 100+ comments on your almost daily posts is silly!! You have a FT job and a life lol. As much as you love this blog that is reality!! Your blog is awesome and I think it is a great topic!
    -Meesh :)

  130. Oh love this post!! I even learned that you can respond via email. Ha! So, thanks. :)

    I'd love for you to follow our blog!! :)

    www.jenandjercook.blogspot.com or you could click on my name!

  131. I know I'm adding to this long list of comments for you to read, but I do believe that you read each and every one, and that you appreciate the comments :) I also know from personal experience that you indeed do respond to each email you are sent...you are so genuine and kind, and I feel like you've already mentored me in blogging (and life) in just a few email conversations. Thank you for your blog, your kindness, and your honesty in writing!! I am a life-long LIY reader :)

  132. WOWZERS! Four pages of comments later, here I am ;) You are going to be a busy girl visiting all those blogs ;) I really need to learn how to use Twitter, I have an account, but I am Tweet handicapped. #isuckatit I still love you, even when you ignore me ;) J/K. xoxo oh and

  133. the hardest part for me with blogging is when it is made into a "to-do". In a utopian society there would be the genuine friendships that come from blogging without all the other hula-baloo. lol. hope that made sense.

    my blog is www.elissassanity.blogspot.com. Don't forget the www or it's something completely different.


  134. For awhile I bogged myself down and got really wrapped up in all those things you mentioned above. Everybody has their own lives, blogs and opinions so what has worked for me if handling my blog and my readers and letting them know I care (like you did).

    I've been following your blog for a hot minute and though I rarely comment (because honestly me and you both know you won't respond) I love every post you've written and your blog is one that seriously brightens my day when I open blogger.

    Keep up the great work girl and do you son ;) (<----that was my attempt at being gangsta...FAIL!)

  135. i am already in love with your blog and sense of "tough love" you're so straight forward and that's so refreshing! thanks again!

    and here is my URL if you'd like to drop by-

  136. I love this Erin! I also struggle with replying to comments or commenting on the blogs I read, and my blog isn't even close to the size of yours. Personally I would rather you have quality time with your husband than comments on my blog. In all reality, our families are definitely more important than blogging. Just keep doing what you're doing! I'm pretty sure that I can speak for most of your followers when I say that, we will still read your blog and be in love with it every single day!

  137. This is so sweet, Erin!
    I can't even imagine how tough it must be for you! But I think we all can appreciate that you just can't do absolutely everything - and that's okay!!

    My blog url is http://www.candy-land11.blogspot.com

    But don't feel like you have to stop by! Instead of visiting my blog, you could spend that minute kissing your husband or something instead?? Just a suggestion, and I would still be a happy follower regardless!!

  138. I am so in for blogger happy hour!!!! There are some days that I want to comment on blogs and some days that a quick read is all I feel like doing. Its definitely not an every day occurance. And I didn't realize that you could reply to comments for over a year, so you are not alone! Btw, I love reading your blog because I always end up laughing out loud. Thanks for being awesome :)

  139. You inspired me to start my own blog. I kept thinking about starting one, but I didn't have a niche. But when I read your first blog post it hit me that writing about my life was my niche.

    I started today, and I hope you'll follow me necklaceslaughterlove.blogspot.com

  140. Honestly, the most difficult part for me is finding stuff to write about. I look back on my early blogs and it was sooo mundane...but I think my mindset shifted. I was just writing for myself, for the heck of it. Now that blogging is more popular and I know random people might actually read it, I feel like I have to write things that are super exciting. The whole thought of what I just wrote seems kind of stupid - I should just write, but anyway! That's my greatest difficulty. I'm not that exciting, ha

  141. Wow.....142 comments. I feel bad for you, you write a post about how you don't email people back after their comments and you have a ton of comments to read and not email back. It's a vicious circle! Quick, save yourself.

    Anyway, back to the topic in hand. I've only ever emailed you once and you replied. That's a 100% track record in my book. You'd better not reply to this otherwise so that you can go down to 50%. Don't want me to start being jealous of your email responses :)

    p.s. maybe Sundays are sarcasm day? I should try that.

    p.p.s. now don't forget...Don't email me back! :) Thanks otherwise I'll have to email you back back and then it'll just become a vicious circle again :)

  142. I love that your so open and honest in this post Erin. OK so you don't reply to every comment, but nearly every single post of yours I've read you reference how much you love your followers in one way or another. Its that keeps people coming back, oh and your awesome writing and wicked personality =P

  143. Erin! I am late to the party on this one, but I love this post. I think you can reach a point where it's not possible for one person to keep up with all of her followers, and work, and blog, and live, etc! Just the fact that you want to know your readers makes me like ya even more! I hate comments where people beg you to follow them, but you asked for it! Please follow me! ;) Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  144. Ahh so true! Starting up a personal blog is HARD! I'm still so new at the game, and it's been over a year! Eeeeek. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Share the love~



  145. I'm bad at leaving comments on a regular basis, and I'm bad at regularly reading other blogs. As you can see, it takes me a week (sometimes two) to get to blog posts if I don't read them every day. And, seeing that I have over 100 unread posts on Bloglovin' can be pretty daunting. I love reading other blogs, but I think I follow too many to really be able to "read" each post every day.

  146. I just found you today and I am spending my evening reading through all your posts! You have such a fantastic voice, and your audience clearly shows that!



I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my space and sharing a piece of yourself on this huge ole internet. I meant that in the least creepy way possible. I'm just good at making everything awkward. Anyhow, thank you for your comments. They make me smile :)