Come Fly With Me In July.

current stats:
1800+ GFC followers
3800+ social media followers
60,000+ page views per month
email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want in on the fun.
it's gonna be a good month.

"Sponsoring Living In Yellow has brought a TON of new followers and readers to my blog. The traffic increase was automatic. I cannot thank Erin enough for walking me through the process and being just amazing to work with. Sponsoring Living In Yellow has given me the blog-boost I was looking for..and a new blogging friend that I know I can turn to :) If you're not sponsoring LIY yet, you're missing out!!" Sando at The Daily Deelight
"Advertising on LIY was worth every single one of my pennies.And I do count them. Very carefully.
When looking at my stats, LIY was always at the top of my list. Your readers love you. They trust you. And it's awesome to see that they also trust those who sponsor you. Advertising on your blog was the best decision I've made. Thank you for your time, your crazy fun energy, and professionalism." Tiff at The Coffehouse
can't wait to work with you. you. you. and you.
oh, and you.



  1. I'm so going to sponsor you again soon! Probably be September (after I finish my MBA and can spend more time on the blogging).

  2. Congradulations! I would love to have a blog as successful as yours is someday. I cant afford any of the advertising or having someone vamp my blog, but when I do I hope it can be as great as your blog!
    Congrats again, I am now your new follower!



  3. Oh shit, I love that Tiff, she led me your way.


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