Cheerfully Charmed

So if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter at all, you would know the only thing I have been living in recently is my new Cheerfully Charmed necklace.

I'm mildly obsessed. And by mildly I mean I considered wearing it to work, dinner, and church. Only. No clothes, no nothin', just the necklace. Because sometimes you have to do these things to get your point across about how much you love something.

Anyhow--I am sure you have seen these bubble necklaces everywhere {cough J Crew for $150 cough} Umm. No thank you to that. $150?! I wouldn't spend that on a pair of premium denim. Or amazeball heels. Or anything for that matter. Which is exactly why I don't take my dog to the vet.
You did not just read that.

Thank goodness Cheerfully Charmed sells these suckers for $39 only.
That my friends, I can handle. I can especially handle when they are Buy 2 Get 1 Free.
That spells BOGO friends. Well it really spells BTGO. We aren't really keeping track of that though.
That would mean all of the above for $78.
Hello pretty necklaces, I think I just might.

Here are some more pics of me flaunting my yellow balls.
I mean yellow bubbles.
That was awkward.
At least my necklace wasn't blue if you catch my drift.
Yeah, that just got a heck of a lot more awkward.
shirt: Miss Chic

So tell me--what color would you buy from Cheerfully Charmed? I'm curious.
{hint: say all four. I will think you are a genius my friend. genius.}

Happy weekend pickle heads. {anything that I really love I refer to as a pickle. And I hate pickles. Weird right? Anyhow--all you need to know is that I love you. Pickle heads.}



  1. I'm loving the turquoise one and of course the yellow! Thanks for the evening laughs!

  2. I love the turquoise one! I've seen these necklaces all over the place and quite a few on eBay too!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I've fallen in love with the bubble necklace as well, but there is no way I would ever spend that kind of money on anything! (yes, I'm cheap!) I can definitely afford $39 though, and now just have to figure out which color!

  4. Love the yellow, it's so pretty!


  5. Hmmm...are yellow balls really any better than blue balls? But seriously - your outfit is hip man. I dig it.

  6. I neeeeeed that coral one, like in a serious way. I have the perfect outfit for it. May just have to have a little shopping spree tonight........

  7. oh damn i so wanted to copy you with the yellow but it doesn't look like they sell just the yellow without buy 2 get 1. This necklace is perfect though i need it!

    1. Hey Rachel! I'm with Cheerfully Charmed and you can buy the yellow alone. Leave us a comment or email and we will make sure you get it! Glad you like the necklaces (yellow is my fave too!)

  8. Just ordered the coral, yellow, and turquoise after seeing yesterday's post!!! My mom and I both refused to pay the $150 at J Crew but 3 for $78 we both just couldn't pass up! Thank you for sharing :)
    Ps. We gave a shout out to your blog in the comment of the order form because we wouldn't have found the amazing deal without you!

  9. Oh I have been eyeing that necklace of yours, it's amazing! I would have one in each color of course, that way I can accessorise it with whatever color I'm wearing that day!
    Have a great weekend xxx

  10. Yellow for sure!! You rocked it! Perfect with that outfit!

  11. This necklace is gorgeous. It certainly makes a statement. The price is high but it's worth it, especially if you wear it everywhere.

    Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  12. @Emily said blue balls... tee hee...

    OK my inner 12 year old is over that now...

    So yeah I've been dying for the JCREW one but refuse to pay that kind of money... but now I have to say I am pretty tempted for $39... and the deal is pretty GD tempting too... but do I really need 3?

    Thanks for the temptation,


  13. You are so beautiful. Especially when you have a ginormous margarita glass covering your entire head. No, I kid I kid.

    I am totally loving anything teal, turquoise or blue at the moment, so I'd go with that turquoise one you've showed us.

    A little disappointed that you don't like pickles, but I guess I can look past that.

  14. LOVE these! Want to jump on the bandwagon and get one myself. Definitaly would pick the yellow one!


  15. I bought a purple one from Cheerfully Charmed and I love it.
    Penniless Socialite

  16. I ordered turquoise, black, and blue 2 weeks ago and STILL haven't received them - had 3 events where I wanted to wear them to :( hoping they come soon because I too am obsessed!

  17. Yellow is my favorite color so of course that's my favorite! But I really love the coral too!

  18. Um that looks ADORABLE with the polka dot shirt! You are just such a doll. And that necklace! In love!

  19. I like the pack of turquoise coral and yellow where you buy 2 get one free. I ordered the black one from the ebay seller a week or so ago, so I can't wait to get that and see how it pairs with my wardrobe. If it goes nicely, I may have to bite on this deal! I love your outfit on this one!

  20. I am going to say Turquoise. This is pretty cute for looking like you got attacked by a bag of skittles. But who wouldn't wear skittles?

  21. Love love love that necklace! Thanks for providing a reasonably priced alternative :)

  22. New follower here! I love your blog! It's hilarious!! And thank you SO much for sharing the price and deal for the adorable bubble necklace!!

  23. Love your new necklace! I am D.I.Y-ing myself a new teardrop necklace (like the anthropologie one) as we speak and I am sooo frickin excited. So, I understand your enthusiasm.

  24. I need EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of those necklaces. Like, nowah.

  25. I really do love all four!!
    No further progress since discussing it on instagram the other day - still cannot decide :/

  26. Ooh, I just got the yellow and aqua ones! I haven't even worn them yet, but I'm so excited about them.

  27. that is absolutely fantastic!! i love huge chunky necklaces so much!

  28. hmm I think the yellow, it will go with just about anything! And I've been smelling pickles everywhere lately which is so nast! and random :)

  29. So pretty!!! Love it.


  30. I WANT that top, and I'll totally take the necklace with it! My sorority colors were purple and gold, so the purple and yellow color would be FABULOUS. Usually yellow washes me out, but that wouldn't...

  31. Love that polka dot shirt!! I think you should talk your bff into offering that one online! It is so adorable!

  32. Love the outfit you are wearing (blue with the yellow necklace!) Super cute!


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