Bridges Are My New Best Friend.

I am not even about to sit here and act like I can write a post right now.
My eyeballs are heavy, my legs are tired, and my voice has nearly escaped me.
So I know my legs and voice have nothing do with writing a blog post, but whatevs.
All I know is my couch is lookin pretty darn fabulous at the moment and I need to pay it a visit.

With that being said, my full Nashville CMA Fest recap will come.
But not until I get at least 8 hours of sleep in. Make that 20.

So while you don't get to see pictures today, you do get to see one of the greatest moments of my life.
It turns out bridges aren't my worst enemy after all.

All it took was thousands of people walking over one together at midnight singing in unison to Friends in Low Places. 

And that my friends will be remembered for the rest of my life as the greatest bridge experience ever.

To be continued.




  1. Can't wait to hear about your trip!! :) Hope you get some rest!

  2. country lovin folks are the BEST

  3. This is so cool!! I love country music, and wish New Zealand was more into it! We don't really get it here :(

  4. Sounds very cool! Looking forward to hear your amazing stories on this trip!

  5. Too fun! Have an awesome week and get some rest lady!

  6. oh my gosh...I don't know who that was singing right by the camera....you? your friend? But for reals, I thought it was me! Hahaha...who ever it was sounds EXACTLY like me. So weird.

    Glad you had fun! Can't wait to see what crazy things you got into. :) Missed you round' these parts!

  7. Aw man it sounds like you had a ton of fun!

  8. NOOOO you were in Nashville?! That's where I live! I only got to go to the CMT awards and not the fest. But oh my gosh, I could have seen you and I would have freaked out! Ah I hope you had an amazing time, Nashville is the greatest! And I have definitely participated in a group singing "Friends In Low Places" before haha


  9. Haha- that video is amazing! I love me some Nashville, country folk! Ye-haw!


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