Why {a love confession to weekends}

I am asking myself this question as we speak--"Why is every weekend not three days?"
Two days just is not enough.
But three--perfect.
Which is exactly what this weekend was. Perfect.
And because my brain is not back in blogging mode, I am leaving you with pictures instead of words. You should be able to gather that 99% of my time was spent either at the lake, by a fire, or making sweet music videos. As for the other 1%, I was sleeping. And eating. I take that back, 99% of the time I was eating. The other 1% is everything else I just listed. I am hoping my brain will return by tomorrow. I wouldn't count on it.
Okay I lied. Aside from eating, lounging at the lake, sleeping, and being by a fire..I also stood in front of gigantic fans at Lowes. There is no better feelin' than getting blown ya heard? By fans people.

Best thing you did this weekend--tell me.

I am off to drown myself in homemade chocolate chip cookies, moscato, and the bachelorette.
All while hoping my fingers "accidentally" click purchase for this and this.
I am counting on you fingers.




  1. I think the best thing I did this weekend was hug my brother, it's been 5 long months since I've seen him in person. Skype? Texts? Phone Calls? Not enough.

    I'm glad you had a marvelously restful weekend. Cheers for more three days!

  2. looks like a sweet weekend to me - and your evening sounds perfect!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!!

    I'll be indulging in moscato and prob a leftover cupcake (or 2, shhh!) while watching the bach!! :)

    P.S. I LOVE your shorts and bag!!

  4. I spent time in the pool with my family, hung out with the girls and had lunch.

    I definitely think a three day weekend every week would be totally awesome.

    btw.. new follower

  5. How many days are left in your no shopping month??? YOU CAN DO IT! Be strong, Erin. Be strong.

  6. Wish I could have muscato. So sweet! Gorgeous pictures. Love your sun dress.

  7. Looks like a great weekend! I can't even pick - my husband's band sold their show out, I threw my sister a baby shower, and I ran a 10k this morning......lots of eating was involved as well:-)


  8. Barefoot Moscato...that stuff is the shizz. No weekend is complete without it!

  9. i hope my brain returns tomorrow as well!
    great pictures!
    looks like a great weekend! :)

  10. i have the exact same cover up from Target! i usually wear mine when I'm getting ready & doing hair/make up!

  11. Met my newest niece!! And then took a million pics!! It was fabulous! :)
    -Meesh :)

  12. I agree! I think every work week should only be 4 days! Since my hubs is military, he actually got a 4 day weekend and we enjoyed a lot! Glad to see your weekend was also a blast!

  13. I spent the weekend seeing The Shins in concert, horse back riding, hiking, and hanging out with 18 of my friends at a house 3 hours away. It was wonderful!

  14. my weekend? the mountains, then today we chilled by the pool. ah, summer.

  15. i laid by my pool for the first time with strawberry lemonade and gin :)

  16. 3-day-weekends as a regular thing? hollerrrr. we should start a petition or something. (??)
    and coral short, where did you get them? I neeeeeeeed them.

  17. I agree we all need 3 days. Not two. We can get so much done, or really do a lot of nothing. And I think it's perfect!!!

  18. Beer pong and getting blown (by fans)? Sign me up.

  19. The thought of moscato & homemade chocolate chip cookies just made me crazy jealous. And those are some sweet fire pits.

  20. ok:
    a. could where you live be ANY prettier!? holy crap im in love.
    b. thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of shopmisschic.com. holy amazeballs.

  21. It looks like you are on vacation! I want to live in your neighborhood :)

    Looks like you had a great three day.

    xo Teresa

  22. The best thing I did? Went to friggin FLORIDA! This Green Bay girl enjoyed herself sun some {maybe too much}, food, and beer. It was heavenly. I literally did nothing but sit by the pool or beach, for 5 days. Heaven? Yes. Except for the tropical storm that was approaching. Glad we got the heck outta Dodge before it made landfall!

  23. That Barefoot Moscato is my FAVE! Can't wait to have a glass in a few months!

  24. Looks like a fantastic weekend!!

    I, too, ate. a. lot. And loved every second of it. And made a spontaneous trip to your state to see my besties. It was quite possibly the best decision ever.

  25. looks like i'm not the ONLY adult who enjoys a good game of beer pong! (never too old, right? right.)

    we went to the beach! #1 thing about living in/around NYC? BEACHES ARE EVERYWHERE! plus, we kicked off the unofficial first day of summer with 90+ degree weather! there's no place better than a beach on days like this!


  26. wait is that wine pong?!?!?! i hate beer so if and when i do play I always play with champange or vodka...love it! xo

  27. we spent two days out at Grandma's farm with the kids and it was bliss! The boys (who are still wee ones) even raced each other in the pool! I love the country :)

    p.s. gorgeous photos!

  28. Such great pictures Erin. Looks like you had a really nice & relaxing weekend. I too am catching up on the Bachelorette today!

  29. Oh sweet Erin! I work at Lowe's part time and standing in front of the big fans do not have an affect on me any longer.

    And actually that is what I did the entire weekend! I worked there lol =(

  30. Wherever you are in the first few pictures is gorgeous! We don't have water here...except rivers (woo hoo).

    I thought of you when I watched Emily and Ari dance to your song by Luke Bryan! I'm thinking Ari, Sean, and Doug in the finale. What are you thinking?

    And on my weekend, I snapped lots of pictures of the baby in her first one shouldered number (coral of course, she's so sassy) in her pool!

  31. Looks like a great weekend. 3 days...just like it should be!

  32. OMG, Yellow.. What would I do without you to remind me that I have to catch up on that boring Emily & those duds & few winners.. for real.

    And, uhm.. I'm going to have to require a few more words from you.. for example the fire and ice.. that one, yes that one.. so you're a wizard.. that is what I am gathering..

    Happy Tuesday- even if it's totally practically over.

  33. I spent my weekend town shopping, since my partner and I are moving. Your weekend sounded like it was way more fun ;-)

    Also, though, did you notice that you dressed to match your bag? Like, the only thing that could have been more perfect in the last two pictures was if you were wearing a beige colored top instead of a white one. Because the proportions of coral : neutral is identical between your outfit and your bag. It made my day (moment? There's a lot of day left. I don't want to me locked into that just yet)

    C Marcia (Sequins)

  34. Who's this girl?!? http://www.shopmisschic.com/NS4011_Daisy_p/ns4011daisy.htm

    :o) I went to check out what you were hoping your fingers would buy and I noticed that they sell those Nikibikis that you're so fond of. When I checked it out, I was like, "Heeeey, wait a minute, I know that chick..." Well anyways, you look lovely.

  35. I pretty much ate all weekend, too. And I am dying to try those chips since you posted that photo! My mouth is watering.

  36. Love that striped cover up! Super cute!


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