Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed On Social Media.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore social media?
Translation: Adore=Obsessed.
Apparently having an iPhone helps feed the addiction to all things Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Who knew.
However, this past week has not been “my week” on the social media playing field.

Allow me to explain.

For starters, some of you may recall when I tweeted a picture of me and my little lunch date last week.
A sweet reader of mine tweeted back a picture of her precious little baby saying
“this is my every day lunch date…”
To which I goochie goochie gooed over for a couple of minutes and then responded with
"Awww he is so precious!!!”
I then continue on with my life until the next time I checked Twitter.
So 5 minutes later, I see “Haha, thanks! She is actually a girl :)”
All I knew was the baby was cute. Details. Can’t live with em’, can’t live without em’.
Reader, if you are reading—my apologies again. Your baby is seriously the cutest little girl. And she does look like a girl. I am chalking this one up to not having children of my own.
Ones gender guessing ability has to increase after having kids of their own right?
Gosh, I hope.

The second social media mishap took place on Instagram.
How this is possible I don’t even know.
It started with this picture.
 And then it went to this.

How I got the bright idea that this woman compared me to a 5 yr old CAT is beyond me.
Literally beyond.
At the time when I discovered what I had said, I didn’t think much of it.
And then late that night I looked at it again and died.
Literally died.
I had tears, stomach pains, and almost falls off of the couch when reading it to my husband.
It was one of those moments where you can’t even speak because you know what you are about to say is so ridiculous.
“I THOUGHT SHE COMPARED ME TO A FREAKIN CAT. WHY?!? WHAT HONESTLY MADE ME THINK SHE SAID A CAT?!?" was what the conversation sounded like at our house at 11 pm Tuesday night.
Followed immediately by more laughter, tears, and leg kicks in the air.

Regardless, I am not stopping my social media kick anytime soon.

To end this lovely little post, I thought it would only be fitting to dump a handful of recent Instagram photos on your butt. That’s what all of the cool “I have Instagram and you don’t” bloggers do I noticed. So why not join it right?

1. The cutest chick with nuts I've ever seen.
2. Where I come from...
3. A pretty package that showed up on my doorstep courtesy of Christine Marie Studio.
4. My new mint green toes. Covered in bubbles.
5. The source of the bubbles.
6. Diggin' a trench a mile long. Or ten feet. Felt like the same.

1. All of my loves. All rolled up into one.
2. Coloring time.
3. Baby Amelia flying in mid-air.
4. Showing off my new necklace from Miss Chic.
5. A Sunday evening stroll..
6. I show no sympathy.

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Follow me wherever you want to.
Just not into the shower.
That could get weird in a hurry.



  1. Theres nothing better then adding a little laughter into your days, otherwise it would be boring. plain and boring. You're doing good!


  2. oh my goodness! you crack me up!! like seriously LOL'd...of course not AT you, WITH you!

  3. HILARIOUS! I'm so glad I'm not the only social media mishapper.

    Also, one glance at your pictures and all I noticed were the pistachios in the chick bowl. I've got a serious hankering for some pistachios! And let's not even discuss the fact that I just finished off a bag of them 10 minutes ago.

  4. Hahahah the cat thing is totally something I have done. I have definitely just assumed words are in there when they're not before..oops!

  5. hahaha! Oh. I totally adore you. And not in a weird way at all ;)

  6. lol!!! People called my son a girl ALL THE TIME when his hair was long. I almost never corrected them :)

  7. The gender thing.. how are you supposed to know?! We once had a waitress who commented on how precious our "daughter" was, we didn't correct her and say he was a son because it didn't matter. Then she asked his name and we replied, "Jack" and homegirl was COMMITTED. She launched into a story about a friend who named her daughter Charlie and how it is so cute to name girls with boy names.. it was too funny to say anything!

  8. I literally laughed so hard at your instagram mishap I couldn't pause long enough to catch a breath and explain to my brother why I was dying of laughter.

  9. Omg I just died. A cat?! bahahahaha. Thanks for the very loud laugh I just blurted out and totally scared my dog.

  10. okay, when I read that tweet the first time, I totally was like "who cares what her cat eats..."

    and then I read it over again and I was like "where the heck did I get CAT from in that sentence"...maybe our peripheral vision is that of geniuses of some kind...
    it's possible. me thinks.

  11. lol, the cat thing is cracking me up!

  12. Rolling over here!!! You are hilarious!!!

  13. Hilarious! I!m in tears over the whole cat thing. Oh and I love the mint toes! After reading that, that sounds kinda weird but you know what I mean! Have a great night girl!

  14. Oh my gosh I can not quit laughing!!!! The cat mishap is so, sooo funny!!!! I actually blogged today about this hilarious dude I saw on Shark Tank who draws customized cats... Perhaps felines are in the air?? Thanks for the good laugh!!

  15. sooo funny. im sure your reader was not offended. its tough to tell in pictures sometimes!

  16. hahaha. Your baby story reminded me of something I said today. I'm a nanny, and I picked the little girl I watch up from school today. There's a mom that I talk to quite often, but I could not for the life of me remember her name. We have seen each other/spoken many times, so it would be terribly embarrassing for me to ask. I asked M what so-n-so's mom's name was and she couldn't remember. I started walking to the car, when M runs over to her. I hear her ask her what her name is, then run back to be and say "Actually I remember, her name is AMY!" very loudly (because 5 year olds don't know how to say something in any other way BUT loudly).

    WOW that turned out to be quite the anecdote hahaha. Just glad I'm not the only one who has had an "insert foot into mouth" moment today, makes me feel less lame! Great post Erin! :)


  17. Freaking hilarious! I literally LOL'd at the cat thing! The things our crazy minds come up with!
    At least the victims of your 'Faux pas' were nice about them! :)

  18. ummm don't feel bad, I have a baby and have made the baby mistake!! My gf posted a pic of a baby, not hers and not a niece or nephew. The baby had no headband, bow, ruffles, pink or any sort of girly-girlness to it and was wearing blue so I assumed the baby was a boy. I commented on the pic saying omg, he is precious and her response was "she!" OOOPS!! I felt awful!!

  19. I just laughed so hard!! Thanks for that!! Haha. Actually, when I was a baby I had no hair (probably until I was two) and no matter how much pink my mom would dress me in people would always tell her how cute her "little boy" is...

  20. I'm always so worried I will guess the wrong gender of babies I just stick with the boring, "What a cute baby!" Then they usually say something about "him" or "her." Haha babies all look the same!!!

  21. I think it was the eat that sort of looked like cat... hahaha! love it!

    and all babies look unisex... that is what bows & baseball caps are for- to help us nonparents tell what their baby is!

  22. Haha totally feel you on the baby situation. I usually just go with something that isn't gender specific like "ohh your baby is so adorable!" I think adorable can be used for boys. Eh, oh well!

  23. Hahahahaha!!! Seriously crying over here at the cat comparison!! WHERE DID you get that????? HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Thank you for making my evening!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. HAHA! These are all too funny. It could be worse- my cousin tried to donate some clothes to a little girl when they were leaving Uganda to come back to the states. She gave her a skirt, then the little girl said she was actually a little boy and didn't want the skirt. Woops!

  25. Well, I guess if you're a social media addict, than I am one too. I was doing alright with just FB and Twitter until they had to go and release the app for Instagram for Android phones. It's been all downhill from there. ;) I can totally relate to your mishaps as well, I could so see myself doing the same....

  26. BAHAHA! I seriously have an irrational (or maybe not so irrational) fear of calling somebody's baby the wrong gender! I'm very glad you are addicted to social media because that means I get to stalk you! Creepy? Nahh...

  27. BAHAHA! I seriously have an irrational (or maybe not so irrational) fear of calling somebody's baby the wrong gender! I'm very glad you are addicted to social media because that means I get to stalk you! Creepy? Nahh...

  28. Hey there! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous MODCLOTH giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!


  29. you're really funny! and that picture of baby Amelia is so cute! :D

  30. Hysterical. Love the cat thing lol... I could totally picture having the same convo with my hubby. That necklace is fab!



  31. hahahah. This made my morning!

    My daughter used to constantly be called a boy when she was a baby because she was bald. Even when she was wearing pink. It happens.

  32. Hilarious, I do stuff like that often. I told a friend the other day "I don't have any really embarrassing moments because most of my moments are embarrassing"

    dry cereal all the way!

  33. Haha, thanks for the laughs this morning. And I'm def one of those bloggers who does not own an iPhone (I know, shocking!) and therefore does not have Instagram. I've come to believe that to be a legit blogger you should probably get an iPhone. My poor BlackBerry doesn't know what's coming.

  34. Now that you mention it, you do kinda remind me of a 5 year old cat.

    Dana @ five30three

  35. Thanks for my daily LOL. :)

  36. That sounds like me in a nutshell! Haha! Always putting my silly foot in my mouth and then realizing I'm a doofus. Oh well, gotta laugh right?! I found your blog and am now going over to IG to follow you. I love you already. You had me at " I go to Craft Night to Drink Wine..." from an older post. Which made me remember that I have some Moscato that needs drinking later tonight :) Happy Thursday!

  37. I just had to stop reading this post mid way through for a few moments because I could not stifle my chuckling over the cat comment.
    No fear, I came back and finished it.

  38. I am totally the same way. OBSESSED!!!!!! Thanks for another great read!!!

  39. you know what i loooove about this post? it is just long enough to scroll to the end and see my sponsor button.
    i love that i am laughing so so hard at 7:18am on a friday. it's gonna be a great day. i wonder if you knew that my baby nephew was a boy this morning? hmmmm.

  40. Wow, I don't think I've ever laughed out loud while reading a blog post before. I can check that off my bucket list. The cat thing is killing me. And don't worry about the baby gender thing. I can dress my daughter up in pink ruffles and she still gets called a boy, so I'm sure it was no big deal! And now that I think about it, I laughed at your picture of a monkey in the car next to you (from your best of page), so two points for Erin!

  41. i think the 5 yr. old cat situation can only be explained by you mistaking when she said "eats".... e's and c's can get mixed up easily. so hilarious. bahha :)


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