Shop Or Die. It's That Serious.

I know, I know.
Dear Erin has been so non-existent it’s not even funny.
In fact, you are probably thinking “Dear Erin…what the heck is she even talking about?”
I get it. I suck.
It will return. Sometime. Maybe ;)

Here is the deal—I have much more exciting things to talk about than answering life changing questions.
It’s called clothing, purses, and jewelry.
My husband and I were just talking last night about how this whole “no shopping” thing really hasn’t phased me much, and it’s true..it hasn’t.
Sure there have been a few times when I wished I could waltz right into Target and snatch up every cute thing in sight, but for the most part, I’ve been content.
Content. Me? Weird.
I’m working on it people. Turns out this whole contentment thing isn’t such a bad gig.
I say all of this and then come June 21st when I am free bird, I will probably go crazy buying everything in sight.
At least it was good while it lasted.

I think part of my contentment is because lately whenever I see something cute that I would normally purchase, I just tell somebody else to buy it.
It’s a win/win really.
I don’t have to spend the money, and I can benefit from knowing that somebody else is going to look slammin’ in that hot little number.
I like how I act like I use that word in my every day lingo.

So that is what I am doing today.
Sharing with you what I would buy. So that you can buy it instead. And then brag about how cool your closet is.
You are welcome.

Most of these items are from my best friends boutique because heck, that’s where I would choose to spend the majority of my money.
You may think I am getting paid to say all of this, but I am not. It’s just the cold hard truth.
Here is what I am lovin’ from her online store at the moment.
I die.
Thank you Miss Chic for blessing the lives of so many. You are so good to us.

Next up, these wedges from GoJane.

K, there you have it.
I am counting on all of you to make me extremely jealous by purchasing these items.
If you receive hate emails or tweets from me, I apologize in advance.
It’s just the jealousy speaking.
So much for contentment.

What is your favorite item from above?
Do tell.
It will be like girl talk at its finest. I love it.
Now we just need some wine and we're all set.
That's funny, my refrigerator just started calling my name...
Coming sangria, coming.



  1. OMG the first bag. I just died.

    And the bangles.


  2. Oohhhh my so much goodness going on. I'd take bangle #5 please. And then pretty much every thing else.

  3. Dress #2 may just have to find its way into my closet ASAP. LOVE IT!

  4. i went a shopping hiatus for may and it was SOO tough!! i more then made up for it by the amount of stuff i bought this month already... eeks!!! love the dresses!

  5. Love bag #2 and the zig zag ring! I've got my moscato, let the girl talk ensue! :)

  6. Imma need necklace #2 STAT!!!!!

  7. Wow!! everything is super cute! I'm loving the chevron pattern on everything these days!

  8. Dress #2 and those wedges, Love them!!!!

  9. without looking at the prices (i'm pretending like it's all free) i would have to go with .2 ... yeeeeloooow.

  10. Oh my goodness. That coral dress #1 and that chevron ring #5. GET IN MY CLOSET NOW. haha.

  11. Dress #2 is going to be mine in the morning! My husband can't see me buying it ; )

  12. I love ALL of them!

    I just wanted to say that I wandered over here after being directed from Story of My Life, and I am SO GLAD I did! I've enjoyed reading your posts and doing a little bit of stalking.

  13. Oh my goodness! I am in love with that first bracelet! I want it. Now!

  14. I am in love with that bag (#1) from Miss Chic, drooling like a dog on Thanksgiving!

    xo Teresa

  15. Did I miss the memo about having a friend who owns a boutique!?! Man.
    I love that second dress, and I'm an accessory junkie... can't have enough!

  16. You, m'dear, have amazing taste! I'm loving those wedges, but (unfortunately) don't think I could survive pushing a stroller in them!

  17. I'll take the wedges. And crutches for my broken bones after I fall off of them. Totally. Worth. It.

  18. Ummm... hello wedges! I LOVE them. And only $23!?! Erin! Can you shop for me always? xo Kait

  19. If you weren't on a shopping hold, I would tell you Target has a gorgeous set of Chevron rings similar to the ones above for 7.99! Since you are on a shopping hold, I'll keep that one to myself though. ;)

  20. I didn't realize you were doing a no-shopping thing!! That is awesome. On Sunday I felt called out and convicted by God to give up clothes for a while. I freaked out. I moved all my clothes upstairs and left myself with t-shirts only, and 6 pairs of shoes. I'm going to write all about it on my blog tomorrow, but, it sounds like I'm not the only one who is trying to balance Christianity with a love of fashion. It's so hard!!!! So dear Erin: WHY is it so hard?!?!?! :)

    I think I'm going to challenge my readers to participate in the t-shirt challenge if you will. And I will add a dollar to a jar every time somebody wears a t-shirt like two days in a row. Then give the money away somewhere. Maybe my guest post next month will be about that. :)

    Anyway... blab blab. Stop by tomorrow to check it out a little more. Maybe we can get all kinds of ladies on board with it!!

    -Natalie from Urban Anthro

  21. you.are.hilarious. and i NEED the wedges.

    ps - i love gojane. one of my dear, sweet girlfriends had us get her bridesmaid dresses from there when she got married. they were zebra and pink. so ya know, i looked great. everyone looks great in zebra. (?).



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