I like big _______ and I can not lie.

Hey party people.
I realize it is Saturday. Sunny. And 80+ degrees.
Which may have you posing the question—“are you out of your freaking mind writing a blog post during those conditions?”
To which I would reply "no, I am smart."
You see—the longer I sit here, the longer I can avoid doing yard work.
My husband loves me so much.

However, I do have some serious tan lines to work on, so I will make this rather quick.
Now I just have to figure out a way to get those tan lines by sleeping, and not actually working.
Wish me luck.

Anyhow—just wanted to stop in and share with you one of my recent obsessions.
I was fortunate enough to receive these beauties from Christine Marie Studio.
I have a love/hate relationship with earrings. More so big earrings.
I love how they look. But I hate how they feel. You know that really sexy
“Uhhh…it looks like your earlobe is about to tear” look? Well, I’ve mastered it. Pretty darn well.
I say all of this because when I put these earrings in, I felt like I hit the big earring jackpot.
These suckers are the lightest (no really, they are) earrings I have ever worn.
Not only that, but these earrings {and all of the others for that sake} are hypoallergenic.
Just like my dog.
Except not a dog, earrings.
Basically I love them. A lot.
And I think you should all experience their greatness.

So why don’t you with 20% off using the code YELLOW.
And then once you receive them, put em’ on, and dance to Party Rock Anthem.
Why not.

PS. Check out Christine Marie Studios for more amazing goods. Like these, this, and this.

PPS. You need to pay a visit here and see Christine’s space where she creates all of these beautiful pieces. It is to die for.
...One final thing. I hope you appreciated my Baby Got Back reference in the title of the post.
I am thinking this would be a great fill in the blank link-up party sometime. Count on it.  





  2. Can't shop, so sharing the awesome shopping with us?! I like your thinking! :)

  3. You are so pretty! And you definitely make those earrings look good! x

  4. Oooo waiting for my new "me" budget next month and I'm so doing some shopping!

  5. How insane... my most recent post has the same Sir Mix-a-lot reference! Great minds :)

    Those earrings are amazing! I am trying so hard to let my hair grow out again so that I can sport some cute ear-candy like that! As of now, it looks awkward with the my hair this length.

    xo Teresa

  6. those earrings are to die for! I must have them!

  7. I love those earrings! Thanks for sharing!

    And the link up? Best. Idea. Ever.

  8. I'm your newest follower and I'm a little obsessed with your blog already...LOVE love love everything about it. I can't wait to read more... Happy weekend to you, sweet girl!

  9. Love those earrings! I am so glad I found your cute blog on Rags to Stitches...I am your newest follower!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  10. You look so pretty! Those earrings will compliment any girls tan - love them!!

  11. ok a couple things.. first.. you are by far my fave blogger. you are always entertaining and just fun to read. second.. can you share your makeup routine cuz I just think you always look soo pretty and third.. what is your fave brand of sunglasses..

    I know random but these are the things that are on my mind at the moment :) HUGE fan of your blog :)

  12. Love the earrings and love the title :)

    Just started following your blog and wanted to let you know I think you seem pretty awesome!

  13. Just started following your blog....love the earrings! I also love your "I like big ____" link-up idea! Do it!


  14. love your earrings sweetie! you look great!

  15. I agree with Mindi, you always have great makeup on and it looks so pretty without looking unnatural.
    I am so bad at makeup. I'm 35 and still only wear mascara and if I want to dress it up I put on eyeliner and tinted Chapstick.

    Thank you so much for your blog. I feel like I have a girl friend that shares fun treats with me!

  16. You are absolutely stunning darling and the color of those earrings look gorgeous on you!


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