Hollywood, I Am Ready For You.

G'day mates.
Gosh I wish I was Australian.
I think I've covered that before though.

I totally forget what I was going to talk about today on this blog..seriously I do.
I am pretty sure I had an idea in my head, but I just opened up my email and I am dieing laughing.
Here is the story--
So today at work I randomly got hit by a flying highlighter.
I then told tell the dip face who threw it that it broke my collarbone.
Thankfully I've never been the dramatic type.
Anyhow, I just opened my email to find this masterpiece:
"Erin, I am sorry I broke your collarbone with a highlighter. If you want I will go buy you ice cream. Any flavor you want."
That is how you get it done friends.
And by done I mean fat.
Just be dramatic, it will get you to twenty pounds heavier in a hot minute.

Anyhow, that was exciting.

You know what else is exciting?
That Giuliana & Bill starts in roughly 20 minutes and tonight is my one shot of being on the show.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, read this.
If my phone call does get aired, it was good knowing you.
When Hollywood calls, you must answer.
And I know they would be calling. Duh.

And just so I can have a picture on today's post.
There you have it.
I need to stop looking so cute 24/7.
You know who else needs to stop being so cute 24/7?
This girl.
And her dogs.
She is putting me and mine to shame.
Not only that, but remember how I said I wish I was Australian?
This girl is.
Some people get it all don't they?

Please read below and go pay Lindsay a visit.
G'day Living in Yellow followers, stalkers, visitors and everyone in between. My name is Lindsay and I am the caretaker/procrastinator over at Lily & Grace. To say that I am a little bit excited to be hanging out on Living in Yellow today is an understatement - and I thought I was excited to have my own little space on Erin's sidebar. Sheesh!

I am the human in the above picture. Marley is the puppy. I blog about her a fair bit. In fact, I blog about a lot of things. I started blogging in February this year (I am a newbie) and have found that it consumes way to much of my time - I find this completely acceptable. I recently had to give up my iPhone for a Blackberry (devastating) so unfortunately you won't find any awesome Instagrams over on my blog. You will find however, the little moments that make me happy.

My life is in Australia. It involves my amazing boyfriend, Marley and the final stretch of my five year university degree (6 months to go!!!) I got no baby's, although I am re-potty training my dog. She can shake a paw but prefers the carpet to outside. My family, although spread all over the place (my parents live on the other side of the country) are my everything. I recently gave up McDonald's and swear words and am a lot better for it.

The other day I visited my favourite store Bluebird Vintage (perfect excuse for a trip to Perth, Australia) to go a take a few photos for a little store review (we locals like to promote locals). So in honour of my first sponsoring gig and to show y'all what Australia has to offer, we have a little give away. All you got to do is head over to my blog, read the post on Bluebird Vintage and name the Squirrel at the end of the post in a comment. Simple.
Alternatively, you can like my Facebook page and name him/her on their.

Most creative wins. As judged by boyfriend. Up for grabs is a gorgeous teal bangle from Bluebird Vintage (I chose it whilst there)
and a super cute tea koozie made by me (all my friends have one which means if you win, we are 'official friends'). I will make it in whatever colours you like so it is completely personal.

So what are you waiting for. Let's be friends. Go visit my Facebook page to see the prize.

Now I must get back to studying. Big test tomorrow!

P.S Thank you to Erin for introducing me/us to PicMonkey.
My photos would have been WAY boring without it!


Okay did you catch how fabulous this idea is for a giveaway?
To enter you name a squirrel.
Why did I not think of this brilliant idea?
I am gonna go with Bush Whacked.
I think it's cute, no?

Go name that little nut {no pun intended} and win yourself that bracelet & tea koozie.
Next time you'll see me, I'll be on a billboard or something.
I'm just sure of it.

PS. Congratulations to Lynnc for winning the J Bella shirt and congratulations to Katie for winning the Thirty One large utility tote! I will be emailing you both shortly :)

PPS. "Dip face" if you are reading, you know I don't mean it. Well, I do. But it's all out of love.




  1. Oh I hope you're on TV(ish). That would be so cool, and I wouldn't blame you if you left us to go be a celeb!


  3. PS you don't need to get them to pay for a flight. I already live in Southern Cali! :)

  4. She said your name!! Love!

  5. I literally freaked out when I heard G say your name...I'm talking squealing and the whole sha-bang. It was so cool and I was all "She said Erin's name, I follow her blog OMG!!!!" you know, as dramatic as possible. It was great. Congrats on your Hollywood debut!

  6. yeah!!! I'm so excited I won!!! YEAH!!!

  7. I hope they include your phone call! That would be nothing short of AWESOME! If not, at least you still have it recorded for the world to see. =)

  8. It's official you are way famous now!!! I just got so excited for you!

  9. HAH. I saw it and emailed you about it. Obviously I hadn't come to your blog yet. :D I'd never seen an episode of that show until tonight. Funny that this isthe one I tune into.

  10. You seriously crack me up. And true story--Giuliana retweeted me and replied to me a few weeks ago...I literally almost died. Highlight of my month, for sure. :)

  11. Another Australian blog!! They seem to be a rare breed :P



  12. Um just soo we are clear, I am jealous of your convo with G!!! Yes, we can still be friends because I love her as much as you do!! Have you been to the restaurant?

  13. I got so excited when I heard your name come out of G's mouth. Is that weird? I'm super jelly. Yes, let's shorten jealous. I'm cool like that. And you're way cooler than me.


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