Dear ________,

Dear chips,
I wish I could stop eating you, but I can’t. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack….it’s getting a little obsessive.
Dear salsa & cheese,
Please stay away while I am in the presence of chips. If you don’t, you will be demolished.

Dear every car that I pass,
I realize that I look a little out of control when I am flailing my arms around and whipping my hair back and forth when you drive by, but I assure you, all is well in my car. I just get a tad excited {and a bit too dramatic} when some of my favorite songs come on. Please stop looking so alarmed all of the time.

Dear 200 K Cups that I ordered online,
You were necessary.
Dear Tiff,
You are my blogging idol. And my favorite person to email on a Friday night when we are both stuck at home drinking wine alone. I hope that someday I will be as funny as you. I should cut my losses now and accept that I won’t be. You win. Anyhow--everybody and their mom needs to follow you, because you are just that good.

Dear Memorial Day Weekend,
I am counting on you for at least one epic dance party. And a couple empty bottles of Skinnygirl Pina Coladas. While you are it—I would like some tan lines out of you. Add in some sleep and I think I’ve got it covered. Please don’t let me down.

Dear Family,
I realize I take a lot of pictures when I am in your presence. It’s just because I love you, and apparently the camera does too.

Dear Self,
Maybe realize more than three days before swimsuit season is upon us that swimsuit season is in fact upon us. You will save yourself much sucking in if you do.

Dear Readers,
Let me start with the obvious—I love you all. Thank you for showing me love over and over again. Thank you even more for showing my sponsors that same kind of love. I really do adore you.

Speaking about loving on sponsors.....

Hi all!  I'm Cat and I'm a mother to three rambunctious little kids. 
 In my 'spare' time I write over at Stuff I Love. 
Here I like to share with you products I love, review my favorite kid-friendly books and recipes, and
spotlight some of my favorite charities/shops/blogs.  I also host 3
weekly link-ups, 1 monthly link-up, and post the occasional giveaway, What-I-Wore or
anecdote.  Thanks for stopping by!
Today you can win a custom birdsnest necklace from my shop!

Hello Living In Yellow readers! I'm Lauren and I blog over at Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees.
I blog about all sorts of random things that make me happy. 

These include traveling, my family, taking pretty pictures, baking and my two favourite things -
my newlywed husband D and our big fat cat Mikko.
The thing I love most about blogland is that we all have a different story to share,
I hope you enjoy mine.

Hi LIY lovelies!
I'm Kristine and I share our adventures at 
What you NEED to know, so we can be BFF's (wink).
{WE} are all about loving and living life! 
Hardcore too! Check out my skillz while I was Preggers with one of our girls! #ballin
Life isn't always pretty, but we always manage to have fun.  
I believe that Life should be a celebration! A par-tay!! Don't you agree?!
If that sounds like your cup o' tea?
I would love it if you came over and partied it up with us!
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What up LIY fans?  Britney here, I blog about very important and life changing issues over here
Not really life changing, but important things like kids, clothes and most recently what it is like to be an expat living in Singapore. 
I find amusement in pretty much everything, and love to share it with the blogging world.  I like to pretend to be stylish, in shape and Betty Crocker, and insert laughing here.  Of course you will find all about that and more about me when you come to say hi.  HERE.  Make sure you tell me that I sent you when you get there! Oh one more thing, since bribery never hurt anybody, I am also giving away a $20 Target Gift Card
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Happy Weekend Kids.
Make it a good one.




  1. i follow the foley fam blog!

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  3. I follow the foley fam blog!!

  4. i want the target gift card! I LOVE target!!

  5. I follow lemon trees & bumblebees!!

  6. target gift card pleaseeee(:

  7. shared the giveaway on my blog!!!

  8. It's sad that the first thing I noticed was that the gorgeous baby (who is that? Did I miss that?) is wearing the same outfit my daughter wore today. Love me some babies with cherries:o)

    Aaaaand, how is that Skinnygirl Pina Colada? Your love for G = My love for Bethenny...so I can't believe I haven't tried it! Series Finale next week makes me want to cry!

  9. EEK! Please tell me where you found the 200 K cups! I've been looking for great deals for buying in bulk. I get my first Keurig on Tuesday!

  10. I love Tiffany too!! She's great! And I think you are pretty funny too! don't sell yourself short, lady!!

  11. Tiff is amazing! Love her blog!!!

  12. hmm. I have no idea what you're talking about ... I go out on Friday nights. I wear cute little outfits and I have never drank wine alone.

  13. So Shermans dog owner nearly pee'd her pants because you mentioned her, so.. clearly.. I am here now. Wondering what this is all this is about, and Yellow.. I am tempted to just start calling you Yellow.

    I've got some stalking to do.

    What i know thus far? You have a crapload of followers.. and you're funny, you're very funny.

  14. I eat chips and salsa all he time!! And I drink wine by my self! Mostly, though, I drink champagne!! Email me!

  15. Just found your blog - so fun! I will be back :)


  16. your blog is SO darling!! Love reading about your fun life.


    wardrobe girls


  17. Dear Erin,

    You're one of those blogs that I get so giddy to read once it pops up in my feed that a new post was made :)

    Have a great weekend !

  18. first of erin, cute outfits and great photos of your family! hope you have a great memorial weekend! Those crunchers chips look good, ive recently got hooked on popchips!

    Ok so i follow stuff i love blog!

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  35. I blogged about the giveaway! :) http://hidden-beauty-photo.blogspot.com/

  36. I'm so so so so SO excited about the goodie bag from J&M's! AH!

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