Blogging: What Not To Do.

It's true. I do.
I would hope that you have gathered that by now. I would like to think that posting 5+ times a week would be a good indication that I kinda dig it. Speaking of, I need a life. I get it.
But I probably won't be getting one soon, so deal with it.

Anyhow, as much as I adore blogging and all of the good that can come from it, there are a few things that sometimes makes me (gasp) annoyed. And I don't really know why, but it does.
So I figured, why not write a post about it? My hope is that this does not come across as a post that is full of complaints, but maybe a post that has a few helpful hints? You're right. It will probably come across as one giant complaint. My apologies.

Please keep in mind that everything I am about to say is my opinion and my opinion only. And if you do these things--I don't love you less. I just wish you didn't do these things ;) 
So friends, I present to you "What Makes Erin Irritated With Blogging". What a charming title I know.

1. When the title of a post involves the words:
"Guest Post//Sponsor Spotlight//Giveaway//Product Review"
Now I get it people--usually a title of a post is to hint at what is to come, but I don't think it is the smartest move on the block. For you or for your guest poster//sponsor//giveaway. Maybe this is just my logic, but hear me out. Your readers read your blog because they like what you have to say. They don't show up thinking "Gosh, I hope it is somebody else today...I am so over hearing from the actual owner of the blog." If that was the case, they wouldn't read your blog in the first place.
As much as I hate to say it, if I see a blog title has any of those words up above--I don't click on the post. Which is lame because I love being introduced to new blogs, but it is true.

I have this theory for that every post of mine, I am going to say at least SOMETHING of my own, regardless if there is a sponsor being highlighted or not. It's my blog, I want to talk on it. And I think that is what my readers want as well. To hear from me. So I reel you little readers in, entice you with a glamorous story about bird poop, drop one of my fabulous sponsors on you in the middle, and then finish it out from there.

Try it out. You may see more traffic on your sponsor and/or giveaway posts than you normally do. And that's really what we want for everybody involved isn't it? Darn right it is.

2. The only reason you use social media is to announce giveaways.
We all know that I think social media is amazeballs. Amazeballs because you can get to know people on a more intimate level. You know, like the "this is what I ate for lunch, check out my new bracelet, I think Adam Levine is so hottttt" level. So when I follow you on either Facebook or Twitter, it is because I want to get all the inside scoop on your life. Some call this stalking. I call it reality.
If you are a social media addict who is using it ONLY for announcing this giveaway, that giveaway, your mom's giveaway, I will get annoyed. Annoyed to the point that I don't want to login to Twitter.
And we don't want that to happen now do we? #nowedont.

With that being said, it is fine to use your social media outlets for giveaways//shout outs to sponsors//etc, but please, don't use it only for that. Do yourself a favor and mix in a few food pictures, kissy faces, or some other meaningless bits of information about your life. It makes my life a lot more exciting. Thank you.
I will be the first to admit that I suck at responding to comments that are left on my posts. I just do.
I think it has something to do with time and lack there of. Anyhow, a few times I will either get asked a question in a comment, or it was just really sweet and I want to respond. Nothing makes me want to throw my computer screen more when I type up a reply, push send, and then notice I just sent it to nobody. Please, everybody, take a moment and add your email address to your profile right this minute. This will avoid many broken computer screens.

And this is where I am stopping for the day.
There are a few other items I could discuss, but that seems like too much negativity for one blog post. And I really kinda hate negativity.

To end on a positive note, leave me a comment with one thing you LOVE about blogging.
That will be fun now won't it?

Here is mine: I love bloggers who have a passion about making this world a better place and are actually doing something about it. Like Ellie. I happen to be over at her organization, Speak Now, sharing how to love yourself and follow your dreams. Do yourself a favor and read what Speak Now is all about. You will be inspired.

I'm off now to go sit outside in a sports bra and yoga pants.
I like to keep it classy around these parts.




  1. this 'noreply-comment' dude is one popular guy. I think I've sent him 28 emails alone ... of course all in my first two weeks of blogging. I had no clue. And Speak Now ... you are amazing.

  2. Can I start with a hate? I hate when people have comment verification on. Makes me not want to send the comment I so thoughtfully prepared when I have to type two completely nonsensical words that are barely legible.

    Ok, now onto the love. I love connecting with people I wouldn't otherwise meet in my real life. I have made so many people that I consider friends who I look to for advice and whom I rely on to make me laugh so hard and burn so many calories that I don't even have to bother with the gym.

    New friends and an excuse to avoid working out. What can be better?!

  3. Great post. I'll confess to say that I feature sponsors on Mondays and use the word Sponsor in my title. But only on Mondays.

    One thing I really hate, though, {besides nonreply-cmment} are posts that are just full of what you wish you could buy. Or whatever. Annoying.

    As for what I love... meeting new people. =) I love reading about people and it always amazes me how bold people can be in a blog. And I like to hear all of these voices, talking about lots of different topics that interest me. =)

  4. Very useful post. And mostly true. However, about giveaways...what if it's my own giveaway? Out of the goodness of my heart.

    To celebrate 1000 followers, I used my own money and purchased a Starbucks gift card as a giveaway for my loyal readers. I think that should be different from product giveaways with a different agenda, right?

  5. Ditto everything you said. Seriously.

  6. I feel like I can walk a little taller now because I do NONE of those things. YES! I am so cool.

    What I love about blogging? Learning that there are other funny and weird people in the world (like you Erin). And I mean weird in the nicest way possible.

  7. Oh I agree with the noreply-comment! It is so annoying, mostly because I feel like a real big A hole when someone asks a question and I cant reply to them.

    What I love about blogging is getting to relate to so many great women! It's amazing how much you can have in common with someone who lives hundreds of miles away.

  8. Ok so I am new to blogging and totally in love with it :) I am making a lot of mistakes but that helps me learn :) That being said, I think I got the no-reply thing fixed :) if it's not well could you be sooo sweet as to email me here- kendrastamy (at) gmail (.) com thanks :)
    What do I love? everything! (almost) What do I hate? comment reply notification. Sooooo annoying!

  9. I love when bloggers reply. I love tlaking...or emailing..so the no-reply drives me up a wall as well!

  10. No reply emails are the WORST!! I can't stand it. And I agree about the guest posts--I have quite a few coming up over the next few weeks and I know I wouldn't read it if I was looking through my dashboard.

    Your blog rocks, btw. I use it as my inspiration!

  11. Lol. Great post and great tips! One thing I LOVE about blogging is the opportunity to make new long distance friends... I may never meet any of them face to face, but I consider them friends nonetheless...and my blogger friends have encouraged me and supported me on so many levels! It's pretty awesome and amazing.

  12. love the post!
    I'm not guilty of using my social medias for giveaways...I'm guilty of not using it for anything other than new posts. womp. now I know ppl won't be annoyed if I post more :) lol!

    loving the honesty here in blogworld, that's what I'm loving!

  13. Great post. I hate no reply as well. Makes me want to freak out.

  14. I looooooove blogging because I get to make new friends like you!!! Andn I get to inspire people just by being crazy, silly, weird me :)

  15. Your blog is so cute.. Come visit mine. If you like mine follow me, then I follow you. Ok??

    Just kidding ;)

  16. I love your posts lol... also hate those titles about sponsors/giveaway/guest post etc!! I love the way you throw some LIY before and after a guest speaker!! Dude just got my first no-reply comment and I was kinda sad lol I love answering comments cause I love when mine get answered lol Ok I am done now! :)
    -Meesh :)

  17. I am definitely checking out Ellie's blog - I love following bloggers that have a purpose.

    Also a tip for bloggers ... turn off the damn word verification please!!!!

  18. Your blog makes me LOVE blogging! You inspire me ;-)

  19. Great Post! You should check out my giveaway!

    Lol JK

    I NEVER read a post that's just about a giveaway. Mainly because I never win them and I am housing a lot of bitterness towards giveaways in general.

    Also, I'm not popular enough to have sponsors so I am bitter about that, too. It reminds me of having to pick a partner for tests in Spanish class.

  20. I didn't follow your instructions. I love leaving incoherent comments. I hate posts that give me instructions for how to leave comments.

    ........ there.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I too HATE no reply bloggers. They really bug me when I can't reply to a sweet comment.

  23. HAHA. Love this post! You should do another one with more, soon! :))

  24. Can I just throw this out there? If you are a new blogger (I am) and you'get only ever used the new blogger dashboard (me again), and you're on Google+ (right here), the only way I could find to change the no reply blogger email was to switch back to the old blogger dashboard and it your profile (this is also assuming that you're using your Google profile to comment). It seriously took me weeks to figure out how to do that, so hopefully that helps the newbies. (By the way I'm aware of that misspelling up there but my phone won't let me go back and fix it without deleting this entire comment, so sorry about that.)

  25. Thanks for such an awesome post! I concur with all of the above!

    What I love about blogging is that it fulfills me. I'm able to record my life and leave a legacy for my children to one day read. And meeting cool people doesn't hurt, either!


    The Mrs. and The Momma

  26. A-MEN! The no-reply comments make me so sad because I want to be able to reply so badly...!

    I love love love discovering new blogs and making new connections. Through blogging I have also challenged myself with graphic design and photography..it's opened up new fun creative outlets!


  27. Picture me bowing at your feet right now. Thank you JESUS, I mean, ERIN, for laying this all out there. God love you child!

  28. totally absolutely agree with you, #1 esp. I also do not click on the post is I see that in the title. love it!

  29. I love finding a blogger who has similar life experiences as me! Nothing makes me a little happier than to find another blogger who struggles with her weight, or who has lost her dad at a semi young age. Makes me feel like people understand, even if I don't know them

  30. its funny because its true! sheesh im learning a lot from your blog. thanks again gf xo

  31. Oh my hell Yellow.. yesterday you totally, totally got me.

    Bird poop = me reading FOR SURE + sponsors = me, Red, not seeing it coming at all...

    I knew you were a friggin genius. But I am a genius too because I am eating candy while blogging. It's very clever. VERY. Makes all the boring ass blogs seem delightful. JK, i would NEVER follow a boring blog.

  32. HATE twitter giveaway tweets. I want you to entertain me, not advertise.

    LOVE feeling like I'm friends with people that don't even know who I am. Some would say that is lonely, I would say that is awesome.

  33. Funny as I just wrote a similar post about this as well. Completely agree with everything you said. I have also found that some bloggers are afraid to share their true selves on their blogs out of fear of losing followers and/or sponsors which takes away from the genuineness of their writing. I love your blog because it's so genuine and real!

  34. i love...seeing how many pageviews i got that day. holla! :) obvs. this makes me feel real REAL special and real REAL important.

  35. Phew! I do none of what you mentioned on my blog!
    I love that I have control over my blog and can do what I please with it. I enjoy meeting you people and hearing what they have to say.

  36. The no-reply drives me BONKERS.

  37. I love blogging so far even though it's only be a hot minute...I love that I can say what is on my mind and how crazy it is that there is someone out there thinking the same thing.

    And you're right about the guest post/sponsor/giveaway thing... I come to your blog because I like what you have to say. It drives me crazy when I go to people's blogs and it's just a giveaway or something. It's like okay cool that took two seconds to look at... next!

    Anyways that's my rant! haha

    Rachael McMullen

  38. I hate when I think I'm following a fun new blogger on their twitter and you're right ALL they do is blow up about giveaways and sponsors. I don't gain anything from that-- sorry peeps!!

    What I love about blogging is the wide range of people I've "met" and chatted with! Of course it's fun to find someone you think is your long-lost-bff and you have everything in common with.... but I also love discovering blogs of gals from totally different walks of life. I gain so much from reading about other types of careers, parts of the country, different up-bringings, ETC! :)

    Whoops-- novel alert!

  39. I get so annoyed with no-reply blogger too! C'mon people!
    and you're right about naming posts that include giveaways, it's so needed! you have a great example for sure!

  40. Oh I love this :) Love blogging and love you!

  41. I don't know...I kind of feel like I've been suckered if the title of the post doesn't indicated sponsored content/guest post/giveaway and I start reading only to get into one of those posts! As a reader, I like the warning that comes from having those keywords in the title.

  42. I love the things I learn and the relationships I'm building!

  43. This really has helped me, I am just getting started with blogging to help promote my etsy shop and figure out what to do with my life! All these suggestions really make sense!!
    Thanks so much!! Plus I love your blog!! New reader for sure!!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. As a new blogger it's a bit overwhelming but I've found that everyone is so open and supportive. Your Blogging 101 tab is so great to see and full of insight.

  45. i'm a new blogger and i love your blogging 101 tips. thanks for sharing :)

  46. Ok. So embedded comments are bad, but when I have the comments window pop up, like you do, I don't see any option to reply? What am I missing?? Help a newbie out?

  47. These tips are very helpful, thank you! New follower :)

  48. The twitter blasts of giveaways and shout outs annoy the crap out of me. I am new to twitter and I think like you, follow people to know about what their up to, not the 50%off sponsor flash sale their holding!!


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