A Bird Pooped On Me.

Just when I thought I was short on blogging ideas, I get smacked in the neck with inspiration.

So check it.
Here I am..sitting on our new beautiful plastic $16 chairs, drinking wine, talking on the phone to my bestie.
Life was good.

And that's when it happened. Out of absolutely nowhere, I got smacked on the back of my neck. Smacked I tell you. My first thought was that a neighbor threw a pine cone at me. Normal first thought. I know. Anyhow--I immediately take my hand and rub my neck where it just got pelted. Except there was no pine cone. I feel wetness and I see white. Immediately I freak out yelling at my friend "OH MY GOSH..A BIRD JUST POOPED ON ME. A FREAKIN' BIRD POOPED ON ME. I HAVE TO GO."
Friends, I kid you not. As I stood up the poop ran down my back. Not just ran, dripped.
Yes, go vomit. I almost did.

Long story short--after picking the poop out of my hair, my necklace, and my shirt, I hopped in the shower and scrubbed harder than I ever have before. All while professing my extreme disgust to my empty house. What does one do after getting shat on by a bird?

Go to book club for the first time and introduce yourself to a table full of girls you have never met and say "My name is Erin...I just got pooped on by a bird"
Nice meeting you too.

It's a good thing I had a great time at book club or this could have been a really crappy day.
Pun intended.

Speaking of book club--guess who got to pick the first book? This girl. Guess who is making adult Fifty Shades of Gray reading women read Ellen's "Seriously, I'm Kidding" book instead?
This girl.
This world is about to be a much happier place.

You know who else is about to be a heck of a lot happier?
Why you may ask? Well let me tell you.
Today I have the inspiring, beautiful, honest, and did I mention inspirational, Katie to share with you.
You must read this tid bit from her and then go get to know her better.
Well hello there lovelies!
I am sure, just as I do, you all adore/stalk/love Erin and her blog! So I am very grateful that you'll all take the time to learn about little ol' me :)
This is Meeeeeee!
I know I know, you're like REALLY ERIN? ANOTHER guest post?! And yes, another one, BUT I think you'll enjoy it.
Well truth be told, I'm fat. Got your attention now? [Don't let that picture deceive you] I'm also outspoken, silly, outgoing, optimistic, loving, funny, addicted to music and dancing and a 25 year old [soon to be 26 in June] hopeless romantic. But enough about me, we're here to talk shop, er... BLOG!
Over at my blog, that's what it's all about. No no, I don't talk about what it's like to be fat. I talk about how I am getting un-fat, if that's a way to put it [haha]. My blog is all about my life and my weight loss journey. At the start I was 80 lbs overweight! I discuss the struggles, the gripes and complains, the good days, the progress, all of it. I've currently lost 25 lbs and looking to lose 55 more [progress pictures]. The point of my blog is not only to have accountability for myself but also I have hopes to inspire one more person to make a smart life choice for themselves.
If along the way I can make you laugh, cry [happy tears], dance, roll your eyes, or sing then that's a bonus!! I truly am here to ask you to read my blog, subscribe, draw inspiration, change your life, or share it with someone who needs the motivation or a push to change their life.
I dare you
Told you she is great.
Go say hello over here would ya?
And be sweet. I mean shoot, she could get crapped on by a bird today too. You just never know.

PS. Thank you to all you twit heads who told me that getting pooped on is good luck. It really made me feel better. Or maybe that was the rum and diet I downed immediately following the incident?
Either way, it worked.

PPS. Last call for June sponsors--I have medium spots left. 200x150//$20//Group Giveaway.
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want in on the action. And believe me, you do.




  1. HAHAH that's too funny. I'm only 21 years old and I've already been pooped on twice in my life. TWICE. What fabulous luck.

    Lady Million

  2. I'm sorry that happened to you! Where did you get your chairs? I love them!

  3. Those birds are the WORST! It is not ok that they poop on us! The first time (and only..... so far) I've experienced being pooped on was while I was shopping. In HAWAII! Way to ruin that day of vacation!

  4. I adore you!! <3

  5. I hear that birds pooping on you is good luck. I guess you can confirm that at a later time.

  6. Yep.. it's good luck!

    and I can't wait to read the Ellen book. :)

  7. I can't stand birds. What are their purpose? Crapping on people can't be their only purpose. But now that I think of it, it is pretty awesome that they can go around crapping on people whenever they want to.

  8. getting pooped on is good luck! chris never believed me. then he got pooped on, went to the casino, and won $1000. IT'S GOOD LUCK!

  9. Too funny! Go you! Ellen's book is probably a million times better anyway! Not so random question but I'm curious, how did you find yourself a book club to be a part of? I have been wanting to do something like that for the longest time but can't seem to find one!

  10. I think it is very honorable that you yelled "a bird just pooped on me" instead of "oh my f&%$cking G%D! A bird just f*$cking sh^t all over me!!!!"

    well done erin, well done.

  11. lol Never been pooped on but I've been chased by one.

  12. Apparently that means good luck is coming your way, I'd like to think the bigger the poop the more luck you'll get!
    Hahaha, you'll have to let us know :)

  13. Your blog continues to be the only one that makes me laugh out loud...not just a chuckle...I'm talking a burst of laughter! Thank you-)

  14. My best friend is a bird-poop magnet... I swear the poor girl has gotten nailed atleast 5 times in her life. You aren't alone!

  15. i got pooped on on monday for the first time!! except, i was on my way to dinner. walking. no tissues or hand sanitizer, no NOTHING to clean it up. it's a good thing i've got myself the biggest gentleman for a boyfriend, because he let me swipe my icky fingers all over his shorts so i didn't have to suffer (or, he was just tired of me complaining about getting pooped on by a bird...)

    anyways, NOT COOL about getting pooped on!


  16. Hilarious!! Oh I've been there, right in the middle of a huge crowd at Disney world!!
    And the pinecone being a "normal" thing!! Love it!

  17. Not that you're the only one that gets pooped on...but I GUARANTEE you are the only one who stops and takes photos to document the milestone for her blog. I would have gotten in the shower immediately, with my clothes still on probably. But not you, Erin. You beat to your own drum.

    Love ya, girllllll.

  18. It's supposed to be good luck - buy a lotto ticket, go to bingo, enter a draw/giveaway! Ya never know ;-)
    I can't say I've been pooped on...but my mom has a couple times.

  19. I got pooped on by a bird this weekend too! I was walking along, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, there was bird poop on my arm. I of course, freaked out! I wish I had thought to photograph it!

  20. Oh my hahahah!

    Good call on the Ellen book...that may need to be our next book club choice, too!

  21. I was pooped on by a bird a couple months ago. My stomach sunk, my heart about jumped out of my chest and I ran like I have never ran before straight inside my house to the closest mirror where I confirmed this awful incident. It was on my forehead right at my hairline. Sooo gross!!! Thankfully my bird did not have the runs. Could you imagine if it ran down my face???! GAG!!!!!

  22. Love how you wrote about this, Erin!! Laughing out loud . . . when I was on a fourth grade field trip to the zoo, a seagull pooped on me in the penguin exhibit! SO GROSS. And when you're on a field trip, you can't exactly change your outfit. 10-year-old Sarah was totally bummed.

    PS -- Excited to meet you at Influence this fall!!

  23. Lol that's so
    Funny...but really it supposed to be good

  24. just started found your blog and im a supa-fan. maybe this will make you feel better about your bird experience...http://jessesunnyhours.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html

  25. Gross, gross, gross. That is truly a fear of mine. That bird owes you a huge apology; pooping should never be a public activity.

  26. oh man, you know this is good luck. awesome luck. I got pooped on during our engagement pictures. dan laughed. I cried. not really ... I just took my shirt off. those pictures turned out lovely.

  27. Oh good lord...as if I didn't already think you were hysterical enough...

    this may have just been the icing on the cake. I need to know you in real life.

  28. And don't worry-my neighbors throw pine cones at me all the time too. Totally normal. Ha! ;)

  29. Steph doesn't have neighbors. She's such a liar.

    You are such a freak of {nature} get it? ha. Jk. I love you. That bird picked a good one. Atleast you've never had your pants ripped off of you on a day you weren't wearing underwear. and then they happened to be recording it on video.

    that is why the term bald eagle will always hold a different term to me.


    too bad


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