I Whip My Hair Back & Forth

The title of this post has nothing to do with what I am about to talk about.
But it's true, I do whip my hair back and forth and I love it. However, my husband has different feelings about it. I don't really understand why because I can't think of anything annoying about it.
I mean all you do is whip your hair back and forth and yell "I whip my hair back and forth" repeatedly.

Anyhow--anybody else in Friday shock right now? As in you are shocked it's Friday already?
Me too. It's been a good week friends. At least it appears that way when I look through my phone pictures. If I had to sum it up it would go somethin' like this:

I used 4 sticks of butter to make the most amazeballs cookies ever. Recipe found here. Make em. Drool over em. And eat all 72. That's what I do anyhow.
Because I was worried that would only cause me to gain 7 pounds, I thought it was necessary to eat frozen yogurt. twice. What?

Oh, and then I accidentally wound up in the Dunkin Donuts drive thru lane yesterday morning. Frick.

Don't worry, I did do other things than just eat. I also drank. While laying in the sun. In a sports bra and yoga pants. That's a given though.

I knew I had to burn off those calories somehow so I rounded up my husband and.....
that's a joke people.

What I really did was help my friend steal a bike from a 3 year old and run away. Talk about a good calorie burner. And a great photo opp.

And there we have it. My week in a nutshell. What does that even mean? I've never stuck anything in a nutshell before. Whatevs.

Time for me to shut up. I know, you were thinking that like five paragraphs ago. Sorry Charlie.
However, I do have somebody awesome for you to meet. She is one of those talented kind. You know what I mean. The kind that actually know how to do something other than eat, drink, and steal bikes. And because she is so talented, she has the ability to bless you with a sweet giveaway. One more thing--she lives in San Diego. Meaning I will be moving in with her soon. #iwish.
Read on. You will be glad you did.
Hello lovely Living in Yellow readers, it's nice to meet you.!  Thanks so much to Erin for having me on her blog today.  This is such a great place to be guest blogging :).
A little about me....
I am a writer and handmade business owner.  I blog over at {Acute Designs}.
I love to cook and eat. I post all my recipes on my food blog, taste. I own a handmade accessories business also called{Acute Designs}.  I specialize in designing and hand crafting hair accessories and jewelry for bridal and everyday wear. You can shop on Etsy or my online shop.  
I write - blogs, e-books, and more.   My writing and personality is equal parts sarcastic, self-deprecating, and ummm, pictures of my dogs.  When in doubt, I always post pictures of my dogs.  Or talk about my dogs.  I might need professional help....
I am from the Midwest but currently live in Southern California {specifically San Diego}.  I love San Diego.  It is gorgeous and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to live here {and avoid winters} for the past five years. Despite all the sunshine and palm trees, my heart is in the Midwest.  Yes, I know that sounds crazy.  I never realized how much I loved it until I left it. I have two crazy dogs and one crazy husband.  I love them all dearly but some days all three can be a lot of work. Want to know more about me?  Check out the about me section on my blog and/or this post... which gets a little deeper than my usual postings.
This {writing, blogging, and my handmade business} is my full-time job.  I was stuck in job{s} I hated for years and truly feel like the luckiest person because I get to do what I love every single day.

Today I am offering one of you lucky people a
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Good luck and it was nice meeting all of you!

Promo code and giveaway will be over on Friday, June 9th.
Now go do your thing--enter the giveaway--and then have yourself a rockin' good weekend.
Love you little bits.




Blogging: What Not To Do.

It's true. I do.
I would hope that you have gathered that by now. I would like to think that posting 5+ times a week would be a good indication that I kinda dig it. Speaking of, I need a life. I get it.
But I probably won't be getting one soon, so deal with it.

Anyhow, as much as I adore blogging and all of the good that can come from it, there are a few things that sometimes makes me (gasp) annoyed. And I don't really know why, but it does.
So I figured, why not write a post about it? My hope is that this does not come across as a post that is full of complaints, but maybe a post that has a few helpful hints? You're right. It will probably come across as one giant complaint. My apologies.

Please keep in mind that everything I am about to say is my opinion and my opinion only. And if you do these things--I don't love you less. I just wish you didn't do these things ;) 
So friends, I present to you "What Makes Erin Irritated With Blogging". What a charming title I know.

1. When the title of a post involves the words:
"Guest Post//Sponsor Spotlight//Giveaway//Product Review"
Now I get it people--usually a title of a post is to hint at what is to come, but I don't think it is the smartest move on the block. For you or for your guest poster//sponsor//giveaway. Maybe this is just my logic, but hear me out. Your readers read your blog because they like what you have to say. They don't show up thinking "Gosh, I hope it is somebody else today...I am so over hearing from the actual owner of the blog." If that was the case, they wouldn't read your blog in the first place.
As much as I hate to say it, if I see a blog title has any of those words up above--I don't click on the post. Which is lame because I love being introduced to new blogs, but it is true.

I have this theory for that every post of mine, I am going to say at least SOMETHING of my own, regardless if there is a sponsor being highlighted or not. It's my blog, I want to talk on it. And I think that is what my readers want as well. To hear from me. So I reel you little readers in, entice you with a glamorous story about bird poop, drop one of my fabulous sponsors on you in the middle, and then finish it out from there.

Try it out. You may see more traffic on your sponsor and/or giveaway posts than you normally do. And that's really what we want for everybody involved isn't it? Darn right it is.

2. The only reason you use social media is to announce giveaways.
We all know that I think social media is amazeballs. Amazeballs because you can get to know people on a more intimate level. You know, like the "this is what I ate for lunch, check out my new bracelet, I think Adam Levine is so hottttt" level. So when I follow you on either Facebook or Twitter, it is because I want to get all the inside scoop on your life. Some call this stalking. I call it reality.
If you are a social media addict who is using it ONLY for announcing this giveaway, that giveaway, your mom's giveaway, I will get annoyed. Annoyed to the point that I don't want to login to Twitter.
And we don't want that to happen now do we? #nowedont.

With that being said, it is fine to use your social media outlets for giveaways//shout outs to sponsors//etc, but please, don't use it only for that. Do yourself a favor and mix in a few food pictures, kissy faces, or some other meaningless bits of information about your life. It makes my life a lot more exciting. Thank you.
I will be the first to admit that I suck at responding to comments that are left on my posts. I just do.
I think it has something to do with time and lack there of. Anyhow, a few times I will either get asked a question in a comment, or it was just really sweet and I want to respond. Nothing makes me want to throw my computer screen more when I type up a reply, push send, and then notice I just sent it to nobody. Please, everybody, take a moment and add your email address to your profile right this minute. This will avoid many broken computer screens.

And this is where I am stopping for the day.
There are a few other items I could discuss, but that seems like too much negativity for one blog post. And I really kinda hate negativity.

To end on a positive note, leave me a comment with one thing you LOVE about blogging.
That will be fun now won't it?

Here is mine: I love bloggers who have a passion about making this world a better place and are actually doing something about it. Like Ellie. I happen to be over at her organization, Speak Now, sharing how to love yourself and follow your dreams. Do yourself a favor and read what Speak Now is all about. You will be inspired.

I'm off now to go sit outside in a sports bra and yoga pants.
I like to keep it classy around these parts.




A Bird Pooped On Me.

Just when I thought I was short on blogging ideas, I get smacked in the neck with inspiration.

So check it.
Here I am..sitting on our new beautiful plastic $16 chairs, drinking wine, talking on the phone to my bestie.
Life was good.

And that's when it happened. Out of absolutely nowhere, I got smacked on the back of my neck. Smacked I tell you. My first thought was that a neighbor threw a pine cone at me. Normal first thought. I know. Anyhow--I immediately take my hand and rub my neck where it just got pelted. Except there was no pine cone. I feel wetness and I see white. Immediately I freak out yelling at my friend "OH MY GOSH..A BIRD JUST POOPED ON ME. A FREAKIN' BIRD POOPED ON ME. I HAVE TO GO."
Friends, I kid you not. As I stood up the poop ran down my back. Not just ran, dripped.
Yes, go vomit. I almost did.

Long story short--after picking the poop out of my hair, my necklace, and my shirt, I hopped in the shower and scrubbed harder than I ever have before. All while professing my extreme disgust to my empty house. What does one do after getting shat on by a bird?

Go to book club for the first time and introduce yourself to a table full of girls you have never met and say "My name is Erin...I just got pooped on by a bird"
Nice meeting you too.

It's a good thing I had a great time at book club or this could have been a really crappy day.
Pun intended.

Speaking of book club--guess who got to pick the first book? This girl. Guess who is making adult Fifty Shades of Gray reading women read Ellen's "Seriously, I'm Kidding" book instead?
This girl.
This world is about to be a much happier place.

You know who else is about to be a heck of a lot happier?
Why you may ask? Well let me tell you.
Today I have the inspiring, beautiful, honest, and did I mention inspirational, Katie to share with you.
You must read this tid bit from her and then go get to know her better.
Well hello there lovelies!
I am sure, just as I do, you all adore/stalk/love Erin and her blog! So I am very grateful that you'll all take the time to learn about little ol' me :)
This is Meeeeeee!
I know I know, you're like REALLY ERIN? ANOTHER guest post?! And yes, another one, BUT I think you'll enjoy it.
Well truth be told, I'm fat. Got your attention now? [Don't let that picture deceive you] I'm also outspoken, silly, outgoing, optimistic, loving, funny, addicted to music and dancing and a 25 year old [soon to be 26 in June] hopeless romantic. But enough about me, we're here to talk shop, er... BLOG!
Over at my blog, that's what it's all about. No no, I don't talk about what it's like to be fat. I talk about how I am getting un-fat, if that's a way to put it [haha]. My blog is all about my life and my weight loss journey. At the start I was 80 lbs overweight! I discuss the struggles, the gripes and complains, the good days, the progress, all of it. I've currently lost 25 lbs and looking to lose 55 more [progress pictures]. The point of my blog is not only to have accountability for myself but also I have hopes to inspire one more person to make a smart life choice for themselves.
If along the way I can make you laugh, cry [happy tears], dance, roll your eyes, or sing then that's a bonus!! I truly am here to ask you to read my blog, subscribe, draw inspiration, change your life, or share it with someone who needs the motivation or a push to change their life.
I dare you
Told you she is great.
Go say hello over here would ya?
And be sweet. I mean shoot, she could get crapped on by a bird today too. You just never know.

PS. Thank you to all you twit heads who told me that getting pooped on is good luck. It really made me feel better. Or maybe that was the rum and diet I downed immediately following the incident?
Either way, it worked.

PPS. Last call for June sponsors--I have medium spots left. 200x150//$20//Group Giveaway.
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want in on the action. And believe me, you do.




Why {a love confession to weekends}

I am asking myself this question as we speak--"Why is every weekend not three days?"
Two days just is not enough.
But three--perfect.
Which is exactly what this weekend was. Perfect.
And because my brain is not back in blogging mode, I am leaving you with pictures instead of words. You should be able to gather that 99% of my time was spent either at the lake, by a fire, or making sweet music videos. As for the other 1%, I was sleeping. And eating. I take that back, 99% of the time I was eating. The other 1% is everything else I just listed. I am hoping my brain will return by tomorrow. I wouldn't count on it.
Okay I lied. Aside from eating, lounging at the lake, sleeping, and being by a fire..I also stood in front of gigantic fans at Lowes. There is no better feelin' than getting blown ya heard? By fans people.

Best thing you did this weekend--tell me.

I am off to drown myself in homemade chocolate chip cookies, moscato, and the bachelorette.
All while hoping my fingers "accidentally" click purchase for this and this.
I am counting on you fingers.