The Thing About Blogging...

Back on February 1, 2011 when I sat down and wrote my first ever blog post, I had no idea what I was doing. Clearly. Look at how small my pictures were back then.
However, a lot of the time now, I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing.
I ask myself all of the time "Why?!" "Why do you blog Erin?"
And I have yet to come up with a solid answer.
I have no freakin' idea why I blog.
But it feels good so I just keep comin' back for more.
I suddenly feel like this is an infomercial for crack.
I think the mystery of "why" helps keep me interested. Motivated. And excited about all of this blogging business. Who knows if I will ever have a clear definition on why I blog. But to be honest about it, I kinda hope I don't. There is something great and valuable about doing something just because you like it. No big, heavy, "I want to change the world or become a millionare from this" kind of reason.
Doing something just because.
I like just because.

The other thing about blogging is that my ideas for posts come in waves.
Some weeks the ideas flow like wine.
And some weeks {like now} I am clueless. As if there is not one single thing that I can find inspiration from. And up until now, I would fight it. I would think negative thoughts about myself and blogging. I would start to tell myself that if what I am posting is not either extremely hilarious or life enhancing, it has no value.
And to be honest with you, I've come to realize that those thoughts are a pile of crap.

Some of my favorite posts are the ones that have happened from me sitting down at the computer with not one idea of what I want to say. Where I just have to sit and see where my thoughts and fingers take me.

So that's the thing about blogging.
Sometimes you know what you are gonna get, sometimes you don't.
You just gotta enjoy the ride.

I say all of this to bring you to my post today.
As of recent, my ideas have been few and far between for blog posts. I used to lie awake at night writing down ideas as they came to me. This was great for blogging, not so great on my energy levels.
Thankfully, I have found that if I drink right before bed, I have no problem sleeping through the night.

With that being said, I thought it would be entertaing to just share with you things from my day today.
{you will now know why I have not been inspired...}
I was once asked to share a "day in my life" post--and well, consider this that.

--Woke up at 6:45//showered//got ready//ate peanut butter toast on the drive into work//arrived around 8 am

--Sat in a meeting next to a friend who was coughing up a storm. I lean over and ask "Do you want a mint?!?" She responds excitedly "YES!!" to which I have to say "Oh my gosh. I don't even have one..I don't know why I asked you that...sorry!!"

--Lunch at 11 with my favorite 3rd grader ever. Every Wednesday I go and hang out at a local elementary with a kid. I am considered his "mentor" however, he just throws dodgeballs at my head. Today I loaded this picture on Twitter of us together.
I told him what I did and he says "You put that on Twitter?!?" so I say non-chalently "Well of course...you are my favorite lunch date". That kid sat and stared and smiled for what seemed like eternity. I am teary eyed as I write this. It was such a precious moment where I knew--he felt so valued and loved. Ahh. Moments like those are what make this life so great. Amen?

--Back to work where I continued to drink the same coffee that I brewed at 8 am. Cold coffee and I share a special bond. It also stains my teeth and makes my pee really yellow. Fascinating.

--Done at 5.

--Go sit in the lobby at the tanning bed for a solid 20 minutes surrounded by orange teenagers. The only thing that seemed to remedy the situation was to text my husband about my cravings for chicken fried rice.

--Leave the tanning bed. Braless and Sweaty. #ImtrashyandIknowit.
{picture from Instagram--Follow me--Livinginyellow}

--Sit down at my computer and here we are. Wine in hand. Dinner yet to be made. And bath to be had.

The end.

So tell me friends--what keeps you coming back time and time again to this whole blogging thing?
I'd love to hear it.




  1. I just like posting up memories or moments of a piece of our life so that one day I can go back and look and remember what how we felt at the period of time. :)

  2. I keep coming back because your bff's with G. No just kidding.. maybe- Honestly, I have always wanted to be out going, witty and fun- but I have never been able to so it's nice to have a good laugh from someone who is so funny and sweet as you!

    And I was almost in tears with the part about you mentoring- that story is too cute!

  3. I love all of those quotes you put up!
    I think part of it is just documenting me and my life. Saying I was here and I had thoughts and feelings, you know?
    It's also just fun, and can make me think of something in a different way sometimes.
    Regardless, I just like it! And I'm glad you do too, because I like reading your posts! :)

  4. Totally thought I was the only one that couldn't come up with post ideas! Thank you for sharing, I love it. (And I also eat my peanut butter toast in the car on the way to work!)

  5. This last quote is amazing!!! Erin, you rock!

  6. haha love this post.
    blogging is like crack!
    ive always been in love with looking back at events in my life and thinking to myself, "wow, am i really that dumb?" and blogging completely allows me to do that! haha

  7. I've not been blogging that long and I seem to have already moved from the original premise of my blog to complete and utter randomness!

  8. Well, I haven't been blogging for very long but I always liked reading people's blogs before I had one. I like hearing their crazy stories, fond memories, terrible tragedies and collecting recipes and DIY ideas here and there. I like seeing how people respond to every day life and I like to see how people are different from or like me. It's like a tiny adventure everyday (which may sound dumb to some people) but you never know what has happened in someone else's life while you are just sitting at your house, minding your own business. I like to be connected to people all over the world and help people (even if it's just to help them figure out what to cook for dinner) and this is my way of doing that.

    Wow that ended up being a blog post in itself. You got me thinking, I like it when people do that! Thanks :)

  9. Posts like this one!!!! Reading posts like this one reminds me I'm either crazy too or not as crazy as am afraid i am!!!! hahahaha!!! Posts like this make me not as afraid to share whatever I feel like and more confident that someone just might identify.

  10. Your blog is one of the few that I was hooked after the first post. Normally I need to read a bit of a backlog before I'm into it. But I just couldn't stop laughing after reading just one of yours! :)

  11. the thing about the little boy you 'mentor' is so sweet. i'm sure you make him laugh just as much as you make your readers.

  12. Something about blogging inspires me to do more, to try new things, and to properly capture & document it. I really appreciate that--because sometimes doing it for myself is not enough.

  13. I love that you are random, and funny even if you aren't trying! It's a gift, I tell you.
    I like to read back on posts from last year or before and see how I've changed/grown/whatever. That's one reason why I blog :) and it's fun!
    You're great.

  14. ...I leave the tanning bed in the exact same state - they're just lucky I put my shoes back on!


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  16. I have been following your blog for quite some time, it is actually one of the reasons I had the courage to start my own. This post has inspired me in so many ways!! You're amazing and awesome and please, keep on blogging!

    :) M

  17. Honestly, I keep coming back because you make me LOL all the time! You are funny and random and someone that I would love to be friends with in real life!


  18. I'm with Laura, I love a good window into other people's lives...that and our shared love for G. She's who brought me to you via Twitter!

  19. I feel the same way about blogging- I do it because I like it. Not because I should or I feel like I have to.

  20. This post is probably one of my faves!
    I feel quite a lot of pressure to have a legit reason to be blogging...apparently the fact that I just like it wasn't enough?
    This post made me feel better about that :)

  21. I love your blog more and more. I feel the same way about blogging. I was beginning to feel pressure (although I'm not sure WHY) to post every. single. day. And I finally came to the conclusion, "What for?" I told myself I will only do it for fun. When I feel like it. That's why I started in it the first place.

  22. So funny! The mint story had me laughing out loud!


  23. i simply adore you :) to answer your question, i started blogging back in the day just for the heck of it and for fun, but now that i'm a momma, i blog for the memories to someday share with our hannah-girl :)

  24. Hi Erin,

    I love your blog and read whenever I get on my laptop, BUT, was seriously disappointed to see that you are using tanning beds!! Did you know that any use of indoor tanning equipment before the age of 35 can increase the risk of melanoma by 75%? (melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer) Hope you will take that info to heart and hopefully look up some more stats- those tanning beds are scary things girl! Other than that, keep up the good work! You are hilarious, beautiful, and talented!

    xoxo, allie

  25. Love you Erin!! I agree with you completely and just blog because it makes me feel good AND I totally believe in the motto Sharing is Caring, unless it's wine ?? Maybe just maybe my "un-inspirational" post inspired someone out there. It's an awesome thought! Happy Friday to you lovely!

  26. I hate when people ask me why I blog, it's definitely hard to explain! I like to think of it as a way to share all the random things I'm obsessed with without mass emailing my closest girlfriends like I used to. This way if they care then can come see for themselves ;) Also I adore all the blog friends I met along the way and I wasn't expecting that at all!! So that is pretty awesome!
    (I just found your blog via Pinterest this weekend and love it!)

  27. Love this post. I'm always doubting the value of what I have to say on my blog. I enjoyed the quotes too :)

  28. Don't be pressured into blogging for other reasons. I love that you ask why and its a simple why not. People have asked me why I blog and that's what I always tell them. Why not? If you like it, then just do it. Remember what Nike says. JUST. DO. IT. :) I love your blog. You are absolutely hilarious and you make my day just a little bit brighter.

  29. Before I started blogging last year, I felt like I was constantly scribbling down notes, doodles, ideas, jokes etc! I LOVE to write and dream and explore-- even if it's lame to everyone else, I enjoy it. So I thought, why not put it into blog form?!

    The people I have "met" via blogs has been awesome too! It's so fun to find people who have similar interests, but also those who are SO vastly different from me, and can expand my views even more!

  30. Cause it's real. Funny most of the time, but real all the time. Thanks for that!

  31. I DO NOT KNOW EITHER. But I love it and your face.

    except your draw something skills are lacking. big time. you should probably work on those. Not in the bath though bc then you may get electrocuted.

    good day :)

  32. I DO NOT KNOW EITHER. But I love it and your face.

    except your draw something skills are lacking. big time. you should probably work on those. Not in the bath though bc then you may get electrocuted.

    good day :)

  33. I love this post, thank you! I started to blog because my sister dared me to. I always thought that to blog, you had to be a pretty good writer or an English major or something. Wrong. So wrong. The best thing about blogging is anyone can do it. I originally gave in to my sis and started to blog as a documentary of my life raising my daughter. I want to remember how I was feeling on any given day and maybe someday show her what I wrote. I've only been doing this since February, and it has become WAY more than what I expected it to be. It's my go to, my way of writing down my life. I only have two followers and no comments but I still blog because I found it to be something that I enjoy for myself. I hope you know that you are an inspiration!

  34. alright. i love your blog.

    my favorite posts and bloggers are ones who are just totally random! i love it! totally following you now so i can keep up with your cute life.

    hope you'll check mines out ;)

  35. oh and i'm following you on instagram, too!

    my handle: j___jenkins (3 underscores)

  36. i love this post... because i am kind of the same way. i don't have a great reason that i blog... i guess i just love the idea of looking back and remembering the "little things" i'd otherwise forget, ya know?

    okay that is SO sweet that you are a mentor. you obviously made that little boys day.

  37. I come back because anything (really, truly) you write is great. After a day with my crazy 2 year old, I'm so glad to have some 'Adult' talk in my life. Even if it's just you, just talking about your day. You are my inspiration to possibly start my own semi-awesome blog soon. I love coming to your blog.

    Don't stop, you are sensational. Do it because it makes YOU feel good and makes you happy. Thank you for being a part of my days.

  38. Just came across your blog and LOVE it! newest follower :)

    P.S. who designs your blog?? It is seriously so adorable!

  39. I felt the same way Allie did about finding out that you tan in a tanning bed. I guess you are abnormally tan for this time of year :)

    To each their own but I just wondered what your thought process was for it. What is your reasoning for tanning? Are you aware of the dangers? I'm curious!

    Thanks Erin, you are always keeping me laughing, thinking, and LOVE your blog. Just PLEASE don't go tanning- we dont want you to end up as an orange girl either!

  40. i love reading your blog. it is a great inspiration to me as i start my own blogging experience. i love how candid and honest you are. i think the best blogs are ones that truly let people see into the author's life and have no fear of judgment.

  41. ok, so the 'pictures getting bigger' thing ... i'm new to blogging and my pictures have already increased in size. how much bigger can they get?! and why do we come back? ADDICTION. and (on a serious note) we make connections. we make friends. it can't get much better than that.

  42. I loved reading that you mentor at the elementary school! I am back in school after all these years so that I can work in a school and get that feeling daily m'lady.

    xo T

  43. Cute Blog... I am visiting from theVanillatulip.blogspot.com
    I love that you have lunch with that sweet 3rd grade boy.... Reminds me the power of our words and actions... He may talk about you later in life about how special you made him feel and thats why he..... or he didn't....

  44. So, I found you through The Vanilla Tulip. It's been less than 24 hours and I can't handle how much I love you. So much so that I spent a large chunk of my Friday night reading a bunch of your posts. I probably just creeped you out. Sorry, but not sorry.

    Also, I feel the same way about blogging as you do. I have no idea why I do it, I just like it. I'm childless and Etsy shopless and awesome wardrobeless. But that's ok! Those things don't necessarily make a great blog.

    Also, precious third grade lunch date. Love.

    Off to creep some more posts. I'll try to not leave stalkerish comments from now on.


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