Ten Confessions.

I think it’s time to get some things off my chest.
And I’m not just talking about my bra, however that is the most freeing feeling in the world is it not?
These are just little odds and ends that I find necessary to share with you all.
Some I am not so proud of, some I am incredibly proud of, and most of them are useless.

1.   Yesterday I ate a Weight Watchers frozen thing for lunch. Upon driving back to work, I realized that this was not nearly enough food, so I made a pit stop at Taco Bell. The nastiest place known to mankind. But dang, those nachos and cheese were amazing. Best 89 cents you can spend yo.

2.   Speaking of food, we have eaten asparagus like 5 out of the past 7 nights. You can imagine how glorious my peeing experiences have been.

3.  I taught my 2 yr old niece how to say “Shake your money maker” the other night. Praying her mom and dad don’t find out it was me.

4.   My soul is longing to own this card.
5.   I got an email at work yesterday that in a few weeks our blood is being drawn for our annual health exam. I started crying. True story.

6.   I had a photo session with my neighbors dog the other evening. Without their permission. In their yard. The dog didn’t like it. It’s questionable on what my neighbors think of me now.
7.   I started to walk out my house the other evening with no pants on to go running. Again. It is questionable what my neighbors think of me.

8.   Deviled Eggs make me want vomit. Legit. I am gagging as I type. I think it’s the devils way of taking a little bit of joy out of my Easter season.

9.   I lost in my stinkin’ work bracket. Dang you Kansas. Here I thought I was all baller status but no. I am just your typical loser. Frick.

10. I sit in the fetal position at work 99.73% of the time. Now I know why babies like staying in their mom’s stomach so long.

11. I lied. I have 11 confessions. I have yet to buy a new pair of sunglasses. And they have looked like this for almost a year.

What do you need to confess?
Get it off your chest ladies.

I have one last confession….I love working with sponsors.
Truly, it is an honor.
Especially when they are cool.
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In fact, I am about to pee my pants for you.
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Asparagus, I will be smelling you soon.

Seriously though….
Go visit Michelle here and Natalie here.

Happy Wednesday Lovers.

Psssssst. One last thing. Thanks for all of the love on my new office. I wish I could have every single one of you over so we could sit on the floor together and smile up at the walls. It’s really quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour of your time. I would know.


  1. haha your confessions are hilarious! :)

  2. I am pretty sure I LOL'ed at least 5 times. You crack me uppp! Gotta love the smell of asparagus & how "healthy" meals leave you starving and just wanting to eat even more than to begin with :)

  3. Much love to you lady....I think the same dang thing each and every time I eat asparagus....it is what it is, lol:)

  4. I literally have nothing else to say other than this blog is amazing and I'm filled with joy every single time you update. I lurk, but I'm always reading you. Huge fan here!

    Anyway, you're amazing. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  5. on number 8, i think you mean deviled eggs make you want TO vomit. just sayin'.

    but time and time again you make me laugh and i love you for that.
    xoxo, lauren

  6. Erin, I am the copywriter for sunglasshut.com. Please invest in a new pair before the summer!...and if you need help, you know who to ask :)

  7. So funny! I've almost walked out of the house in a towel, so that one about no pants was a little close to home for me!


  8. Your confessions make me giggle. But honey boo boo chile.....you needs some new sunnies! ASAP!

  9. i can't even talk right now. laughing soooo hard. between the asparagus and your adorable niece, oh and the sunglasses! can. not. breathe.

  10. crap. My name is Katie and for a split second I thought I won. bummer. congrats to Kate!

  11. I am kind of new around here, but loving your blog! You are pretty funny:) I love that you almost left your house with no pants on. Ha!

  12. you are so great. i love this. love the guest posts too! i love finding new great blogs through great blogs i already love.

  13. i think the ten confessions need to be a regular thing :)

  14. KU pretty much broke my heart when they lost.
    And I would give my left kidney for some taco bell right now. They don't have it in Europe, and before I came here it was a staple in my diet, soo.... yeah. I've been going through withdrawal for the past 8 months.

  15. I have taught my {just turned} 3 year old how to do the 'Jersey Fistpump' "drop it like it's hot' and the 'Jersey Turnpike' and her favorite song may be Party Rock.....what can I say it's cute to watch her sing and dance :)

  16. hahhaha i taught our 3 year old nephew to say 'suck on these' while he grabbed his balls .. he was too quick to tell his mom and dad who told him hahah

  17. Thank goodness you were already in the fetal position because I would have cried over #5 also! And #3...gah I love nieces! lol

  18. You know what. I freaking miss taco bell. I use to pound some soft tacos and quesadillas back in the day- but one bad experience and I haven't been able to go back. Eff.

  19. Oh man, I love deviled eggs, and I've had such a taste for them lately!
    LOL - my nephew has diabetes (which, is not the funny part), and they always tell him that he needs to "check himself" before he eats. So I taught him to say "You better check yoself befo you wreck yoself!"
    Such a good aunt I am...

  20. I swear my eyes are watering from laughing so hard.

    2 things.
    im getting that lamp.

    and i dig that dress. Kiki La'Rue is legit!

  21. Confession: you are the bomb dot com.

  22. Um removing a bra is hands down one of the best feelings in the world!!! Such great relief. And I am happy to hear that I am not the only one that loves the fetal position!

  23. Ugh you are adorable!!
    I love that you throw the "word" yo in there so much, I also have a deep love for the word. I also call my best friend yo. Hah. She loves it.
    Your blog makes my day :) xo

  24. OMG, I'm JUST now getting time on the computer. THANK YOU SO so so so so so much...You're totally right, I'm peeing in my pants :)


  25. I haven't had Taco Bell in YEARS but I am totally craving it now.


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