My Face Hurts Too Bad To Type.

I think I was supposed to write an Awkward & Awesome post for today.
But I may have forgot.
That or it is 10 pm and I just got home for the day and am 125% exhausted.
Don't you love how I am always full of excuses on why my posts suck?
Me too.

Anyhow--last night was full of two of my favorite things.
Make that three.
Wine, Chick-fil-a, and comedians.
Daniel Tosh to be exact.
And it was probably one of the funnier "I can't believe he actually just said that" type of things I have ever experienced.
And now my face hurts.
Like bad.
It's a good thing I am totally down with laughter pains or I'd be in trouble.

In other news, I totally dominated getting my blood pressure taken today at work.
I have told you that I have some freakish phobia of getting that taken haven't I?
Anyhow--a day or two ago I got the bright idea to walk into a grocery store on my lunch hour to practice getting my blood pressure taken.
Just for the sole purpose that I did not want to have to act like a complete nut job in front of my coworkers today.
Oh wait.

Do you know how awkward it is to repeatedly sit down at the blood pressure machine in a grocery store? Sit down. Take blood pressure. Walk around. Come back. Sit down. Take blood pressure. Act like you didn't just really take your blood pressure twice in ten minutes. Repeat.
Thankfully they placed the machine right next to the wine aisle.
Which brings me to my next point.
Do you know how awkward it is to go sit down at the blood pressure machine with arms full of wine bottles?

So yeah.
That's my life right now.
Laughter pains and ownin' blood pressure machines.


PS. Can we all be in agreement that old theatres are pretty much fabulous?
I mean look at the detail on her. Owwwww Owww.
I think I might move into one.
That or a grocery store.
It is all equally amusing in my world.

PPS. Have you seen the preview for the new Chimpanzee movie? Oh my gosh I die.
Somebody take me with you to watch it.
I am not kidding.
I bet you a million dollars I will want to move into a zoo after that one.




  1. i really wish you would have opened up a bottle of wine, while taking your blood pressure, while in the grocery store. i feel like you will do this one day ... one day.

  2. Girl you crack me up! Daniel Tosh? Yea this officially proves that your life is way cooler than mine! haha!

  3. I am obsessed with Daniel Tosh and have been since way before tosh.0 or whatever show he has. He is legit. LOVE!

  4. Oh my goodness. I am absolutely in love with Daniel Tosh and so jealous you got to see him live. He's hilarious! Looks like you had such a fun night!

  5. Imagining the whole blood pressure scenario made me laugh :) Has anyone told you that you resemble Ali Fedatowski from the Bachelorette? It's a compliment, seeing that you are both beautiful ladies. That wine looks so good...

  6. Why are you scared of taking your blood pressure? I have had mine taken twice this week. Not really a big deal. What is your phobia??

  7. have you seen the movie "We bought a zoo"?!? they literally buy a zoo and it's a true story!!! ...plus Matt Damon is in it and he isn't hard to look at! haha

  8. OK, that is exactly how I feel about getting my blood drawn! Scary stuff. And wouldn't you know it, today I went to get it drawn and the lovely (ha) young man who did it could not find my vein. Even though, from my perspective, it was poppin' out just fine. He dug around in my arm for forrreeever (in Whitney time).

    Long story short, LOVE YOUR BLOG. :D

  9. SOOO wish we lived closer because i would TOTALLY be all over goign to see that movie with you! talk about adorable!!! that sweet little monkey face! oh my gosh!

  10. Im going to see Daniel Tosh next Wednesday I can't wait! I have heard he is hilarious live! It looks like you had a great time! Red Moscato is delicious!!!

  11. Hahahaha what is it that you have with taking blood pressure! I would think that's so hilarious if I saw someone repeatedly taking their blood pressure in the store, too funny. And another blogger I follow saw Daniel Tosh last night too! Secretly you had a blogger conference, you just didn't know it ;)

  12. I love the look of old theatres too! Ever since I saw Phantom of the Opera in my teens I have been obsessed with them. I'm off to see a comedian in Melbourne on Saturday for my 30th! I can't wait!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  13. i <3 Tosh.O and all his inappropriateness! Sadly, some fellers are too tight to purchase cable and don't get to watch him often, but he is always good for a deep belly laugh.

  14. So jealous that you got to go see Daniel Tosh live. My husband would L.O.V.E that! Glad you had a good time! I haven't had a ab hurting face numbing laugh in quite some time....maybe I need to work on that?

    Ps- Love the pre-game mini bottles of wine. Classic!

  15. Ah, jealous that you saw Tosh! He makes me laugh out loud every time I watch his show.. immediately going to check out if he's coming to MI anytime soon.. you just gave me a great birthday/father's day present idea :)

  16. I'm the queen of awkward grocery trips. Like going in, purchasing wine, tampons and an entire bag of peanut m&m's. Not obvious how I'm feeling at ALL!!! lol

  17. Tosh is hilarious! Way to dominate at getting your blood pressure taken! Sounds like you did the time, took training seriously and the pay off was all worth it! Go Erin!! LOL

  18. Grocery stores just are kind of awkward...I used to have to go for the day care where I worked and buy 50 bottles of apple juice, laundry detergent, and spoons...people give the strangest looks!


  19. Wait! Do you live in Indy? I've been reading your blog for months and didn't know you could be my neighbor? I don't know why, but I thought you lived on the west coast. You might have just lost some cool points in my book. Maybe.

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  21. I am totally going to the Chimpanzee movie tomorrow with the hurbs! You should come too! except..we live in memphis. But still! we are totally worth it. Oh, and we have wineritas! therefore, it would be UH-mazing. Love your blog!

  22. So jealous you went to see Daniel Tosh! I know he was coming to Colorado and I couldn't get anyone to go with me (Yes I clearly have lame friends ;) I wondered if he would be as funny without a green screen behind him but I'm sure he was!
    Ps. That theater IS gorgeous!! Reminds me of NYC

  23. My face hurts but not for anything fun like laughing. I went to the dentist today. Owwww.

    Your blog design really is cute, by the way. Love the image maps at the bottom of the posts!


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