Lets Talk Weddings & Lotions.

Ahhhh, Jamaica.
The place where all of my dreams came true.
You do know what they are known for don't you?
Yes, marijuana. You would be right.
While I hear that does make some peoples dreams come true, that was not was I referring to.

As you may or may not know, Jamaica is where Shawn and I tied the knot.
You know what, that is a complete lie--we did not tie any knots while in Jamaica.
We did however say our vows and have the most awkward embarrassing wedding video to ever be produced while we did it {I meant while we said our vows, not did "it"..just clarifying that one}.
Remind me to never show you our wedding video.

I was 20 years old and 10 pounds lighter.
He was 22 and still afraid to touch his eyeballs, hence the glasses.
Regardless of our ages, weight, and fear of eyeballs, the day was magical.

I will always remember the moment I saw Shawn for the first time waiting for me on the beach with the ocean behind him saying out loud "This is the most amazing thing ever..."
Word to the not yet marrieds---Go to Jamaica for your wedding.
You will not be sorry.

The day went like this: Woke up, got ready, married by 10 am, cake and champagne following, couples massage soon after that, nap immediately following, and then dinner with the whole gang who came to Jamaica with us to cap off the evening.
Stress free is the way to be gang.
Remember that.

I am going somewhere with this, sometimes it just takes me a while to get there. My apologies.
The other thing about Jamaica I will always remember {and that will bring me back again...} is the scent.
I know that sounds weird but hear me out.
They had the most amazing lotion that was made up of lemongrass and some other addictive additive.
Probably marijuana, you are right.
Regardless, it was to die for.
I have been longing for that scent to enter my life again. Literally longing.
And then...I saw this.
Are you kidding me?
Coconut AND Lemongrass?
I was sold.

Every morning now as I apply this stuff, I am transcended back to that sunny, sandy, paradise.
But it gets better.
Not only did I find this scent in body lotion and hand cream, I found it in these two products.

That would be washer whiffs and dryer disks my friends.
Now not only my body smells like deliciousness, my clothes do as well.

Even my husband has noticed and that is saying a lot.
It is amazing how our towels went from smelling like wet dog to paradise in no time flat.
Here is the deal--I don't care if you have ever been to Jamaica or not. You need this.
Your body/closet will never smell better.

And lucky for you, I can tell you where to get it.
Right here.
Yes right there.
My homegirl Amanda works for Scentsy and sells these wonderful goodies along with amazing other products.

I may or may not be obsessed with their warmers and scents as well.

Today Amanda is offering you a couple of exciting treats.
For starters, any order placed with Amanda will get a free gift.
You can not pass up a free gift, that is like throwing money down the toilet.
You just don't do it.
And she is also giving away TWO of you your choice of body lotion/shower cream or gel
AND Body Spray in whatever scent you would like.

All you have to do is this (leave a comment for every item you do)

-Visit Amanda's store and leave a comment telling me which item you would buy.

Additional Entries:
-Like Amanda's Scentsy page on Facebook
-1 entry for every item bought
-Follow Living In Yellow
-Share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.

Winner will be selected and announced on Monday, April 9th.

Don't be alarmed if people start nominating you as "Best Smelled" at your workplace, school, or grocery store.
Happy Winning.

...Speaking of Winning, one final word from a special someone in honor of tonights game.



  1. I LOVE scentsy! I want one of those scentsy buddies to give to my niece! (or keep for my future children.)

  2. i'm a follower of your blog!

  3. Awe! We got married when hubs was 22 and I was 20 :) Such babies then!

    Love Story body butter sounds like a good one to try :)

  4. The scent you mentioned (coconut lemongrass) sounds like a great scent! :) The fragrance foam sounds cool.

  5. I would for sure get the coconut lemongrass!!! sounds wonderful!

  6. Coconut lemongrass lotion, please! That sounds amazing.

  7. I follow her page on Facebook

  8. I follow LIY via blog lovin!

  9. I LOVE the Cemental Full Size Scentsy Warmer. :) That would look great in my craft room!

  10. I am in need of some great body wash and you make the Coconut Lemongrass seem like heaven - I visited her store and I'm still going with that. ;)

  11. I like Amanda's Scentsy page on Facebook.

  12. With your glowing recommendation I would have to try the Coconut Lemongrass lotion or washer whiffs.

  13. I follow you and am so delighted I found you.

  14. Liked Amanda's Facebook page!

  15. Just recently found/follow your blog!

    (I also laughed that lemongrass reminds you of Jamaica, because for our honeymoon, my husband and I went to Negril, and in our room was a nice little package with lemongrass lotion in it... I still have it! It smells awesome!

  16. I bought a few Scentsy warmers and scent bricks last fall, and LOVE them.

    I didn't know they made the body and laundry products!! Is it weird that this made me so excited?

    I would love to try the Washer Whiffs. I've been using homemade laundry soap from my mom, which is awesome, but she makes it unscented. Those would be perfect!

  17. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous wedding images. we also did destination. smart girls we are. :)

  18. I visited her store. I like the little Taro warmer.

  19. I have been wanting to order something from Scentsy forever now, and this post pushed me to take that leap ;) I ordered the Taro plugin and boy do I love it already, so excited to add it to our kitchen! I ordered two scents for now, the lemongrass one you mentioned and a vanilla one!! I also liked her FB page :)

  20. I awnt to try the love body butter - yum!

  21. I follow your blog on google reader!

  22. First off- totally wish I'd done a beach wedding. I loved ours of course, but I could deal with a much smaller, oceanside one in my next life ;)

    We brought back as MANY of the lotion bottles from our Mexican resort as we could. They smell like heaven. I'm wondering if they are similar to your fave scent?!?! We are almost out of the final bottle-- it will be a sad day!!

  23. We are going to Jamaica for our Honeymoon in July! I can't wait! Maybe I need to get us prepared with some of these awesome scents!

  24. I just ordered the Coconut Lemongrass lotion and room spray from your party! :) I cannot wait to get it :). I love tropical scents!

  25. You should go into sales. you had me sold on this product even though i've never heard of it!

  26. Dude. That sounds like my dream combo. Ordering. Now.

  27. omgosh i need this in my life!

  28. I need to get a warmer, so i would get the Victoria full size. So cute!

  29. I love me some camu camu :-)

  30. I follow LIY :-) I had no idea Scentsy had the layers line and I hope I am a lucky winner so I can try it out!!!

  31. Awesome giveaway!! I follow you blog!

  32. I would love the Luna Layers Shower Gel!

  33. I love the Baked Apple Pie Shower Gel! Sounds heavenly!

    madhatterqueen at gmail.com

  34. I follow your blog!

    madhatterqueen at gmail dot com

  35. I would buy anything in Havana Cabana! It smells awesome!

  36. Following Living in Yellow on bloglovin and GFC!

  37. i need a beach vaca right about now. dang. that looks so lux!

  38. I follow you and LOVE that scent! YUM!

  39. I would definitely buy something with the coconut and lemongrass scent. I love the smell of sunscreen for that same reason...makes me think of beaches and summer!

  40. Your wedding was beautiful!! I agree that stress-free is the way to be (that's NOT the way I did it and if I could, I'd totally go back and change it)! I cracked up about your husband's eyeball phobia...my husband is 30 and STILL won't get contacts! Psh.

  41. You got me all excited! My wedding is in Mexico, so same relaxed, beachy vibe... in 8 days!! :)

  42. oooh LOVE this! there is nothing better than beach smell. I wear coconut lotion all year round because I love the beach so much and love that smell. :) I would loveee this!


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