I Just Set My Alarm For This Shaz.

Are you serious right now.
I just woke up 30 minutes earlier than I usually do so I could write a post for today.
Who does that!? {my arm is so ashamed to be raised right now...}

You know how there is a first time and a last time for everything?
I just mastered both.

In case you were ever wondering what 6:00 am looks like in my parts..
here you have it.
If you thought for a second I was going to show you a picture of my face...you would be wrong.
My face and mornings don't fare well together.
No but really. They don't.

Well, now would be an appropriate time to expand on how I am not a morning writer.

Instead, I am going to go crawl back into bed like a normal human being.

So sorry...no real post for today.
Just a well rested, much happier, Erin.

Oh shoot, before I can go drown myself in sheets again, I have two winners to announce.
If your name is Dana you just won a TJ Maxx gift card along with a free ad space on Aunie Sauce.
And if your name Stephanie is you just won $50 store credit to Kiki La' Rue.

PS. Do you know how hard it is to count to 98 at 6 am? Consider it almost impossible.

PPS. Is it weird to be thinking about deep fried sushi at this time of day? Yeah, didn't think so either.
Good night. Or good morning. Whatever.

Love you oh oh oh so much.




  1. I dream about chocolate 24/7 but not deep fried sushi! P.S. How do you stay in such great shape? What kind of workouts etc do you do? I need some inspiration!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. You are too stinkin' hilarious! Thanks so much for posting-- always get a kick out of you!


  3. you are crazy!!! i would never get out of bed early to write a post... it's why you're awesome...... probably look like a million bucks with bed head!!

  4. Totally was thinking about Olive Garden on my drive into work this morning around 7:30am, so I think sushi is totally normal ;)

    I woke up early today bc it's my birthday. You'd think I was 7 and it was Christmas Day, I jumped outta bed this morning like a crazy.

  5. Mmmm deep fried sushi. No judgement here. I was up blogging at 7 am with a chocolate bunny in hand.

  6. I wake up a bit early to do posts or edit one I wrote the evening before (but not always, sometimes I just hit the darn snooze button lol).

    Have a great weekend!

  7. You are cray. I wanted to see an ACTUAL post you hussy. jk. get your beauty sleep..I don't need you getting grumpy on me ;)


  8. First of all, this is just hilarious. I know the feeling. and 2nd, I WON! I never win things! Thank you so much! I have been following Kiki La' Rue on Facebook and see something I want every day. Thanks Erin!!

  9. No, it is never too early to think about fried anything.

    I wake up and think about what I'm eating for dinner. Or pizza or fried mozzarella. You know, all the good for you food.

  10. i hope you have a fabulous friday! and i dream of deep fried sushi all of the time

  11. My name IS Dana. And I love TJ Maxx and Aunie. Yay!!!

  12. ...I slept til 9 today - clearly you are a stronger woman than I am! Make sure to take a nap today.


  13. there is never a wrong time to be thinking about deep fried sushi

  14. You are a much stronger person than I am to get up early just to write. :P


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