I Break Rules {And I Need Your Help}

Right now I just had all thoughts of what I am supposed to write about escape me.
It may because I just woke up from an "almost" nap that I was taking on the carpet in my office.
At 6:30 pm.
I consider it an "almost" nap because no drool had escaped my mouth yet...proving that I couldn't have truly been asleep.

Thank God earlier today I had written down in my planner what I need to talk about.
Oh planners, what would we do without you?
Take more naps. Good call.

First item up for bid...several of you asked if Giuliana had actually read my
"I am creepy in the most adorable way" post from yesterday.
{thank you for that comment Mr/Mrs Anonymous..I appreciated it. Seriously. It was cute. So stop being anonymous. It reminds me of having an egg for a head on Twitter. And I don't like egg heads.}
Anyhow, to answer your question...
Yes indeed she did. And she "luved it!!!" Proving my point that we are in fact soul mates.
Or whatever you want to call it.
Your right. Soul mates just sounded way too weird.

Next item--a lot of you have asked me where I purchased this dress--
To which I have to reply "a maple syrup festival"
Not kidding.
It was some booth selling kids hair bows...but for some reason she had this dress.
I awkwardly had to ask "Is this for people my size or am I an idiot and should know this is for little kids?"
Because she wanted a sale, she informed me it was for people my size. So I bought it.
And I could care less if it is intended for a 9 year old. I kinda love it.
So sorry---this one you can't rush off to Kohls to buy. But you can indeed try your luck at your hometowns next maple syrup festival.
Good luck.

Speaking of Kohls, I received an email from them informing me that I should use links to their website when I am talking about what I purchased from them.
So here you have it.
Because they are sweethearts, they gave me a discount code to pass along to you awesome LIY readers. Just use BLOGGER10 for 10% off your order.
That code can be combined with one other discount code you already have.
You can thank me now for breaking "link" rules which scored you a sweet discount.
You are welcome.

Third. If you have emailed me in the past 7 days, your response is coming. I don't know why I think all of a sudden I can ignore those puppies. I really do love them. But I also love naps on my carpet.

Last but not least, the whole point of this post....ladies, it is time for the
2nd Annual Clothes Drive and I couldn't be more excited about it.
If you are local, this paragraph is for you.
You may recall last year when I did the first ever clothes drive at The Post.
That evening was one of the best moments of my life and I am not kidding.
To see these young girls eyes light up when they realized they were getting to choose whatever items they wanted for FREE was something I will never forget.
And because I want to make sure I don't ever forget it, I want to keep experiencing that moment.
Year after year.

This year the date is set for Wednesday, May 16th and it is going to be bigger and better than before.
We have girls coming from The Post, Bashor Childrens Home, and Merit Learning Center.
To make this happen I need your gently used clothes//purses//shoes//jewelry.
Please email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you have items you would like to donate.
Not going to lie--this event keeps me up at night. I worry. I get nervous.
And then I turn it over to God.
I pray that we will have more to give than what they can take.
Please help if you can.
These girls appreciate it more than you will ever know.

**If you are not local but are interested in how to do something similar in you area you can see this post I wrote on The Shine Project last year, or email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com.
I would love to help. Just give me a week or so respond to that email ;)

K. That's all I've got for now.

Keep on keepin' on homies.




  1. Your blog posts kill me. People think I am so weird when I am just sitting at my computer laughing out loud. I also love your charity idea. I wish I was closer so that I could help. I will have to find something to do closer to home. Thanks for making me laugh everyday!!

  2. What a great event! You are even more fabulous than I imagined.
    You should see if you can get someone to donate shopping bags, so the girls can feel like they were really at a boutique!
    x Hilary

  3. That's such a great charity idea, you truly do some inspirational stuff!

    And it's a good thing you broke the link rules, because not only did you get a great discount, but you also know that Kohl's pays attention to your posts! ;)

  4. do you use a tripod when you take your pics of yourself? does the hubby help? either way they are always perfect! I think what you are doing is amazing!!! I want to raid your closet!!! I'm happy to see that its going to a good cause!

  5. I love your Clothing drive :) I wish I were local to you so that I could participate... I did however take 6 giant bags of quality clothing to my Goodwill this afternoon.

    xo T

  6. so you lost me at "maple syrup festival". but you totally got me back at "10% off".

  7. You are so funny, I smiled multiple times reading this post. I hope the clothing drive goes well!

  8. I got the same email from Kohl's once. They're funny.

  9. You pull that dress off so good, psh who am I kidding, I think you could pull off just about anything you fashion diva you! ;) Yay for a discount code for Kohls - I {puffy heart} love kohls!

  10. Haha - you are amazing! I love the Maple Syrup Fair Dress, i'm going to be scouring for that fair to come to my town! I'm so happy G tweeted you back, not going to lie...I shed a tear (or 5) when I heard the news.

  11. Sooo awesome that G read your blog and tweeted to you! Pretttty darn awesome!

    Love that you're doing a clothing drive. Some girls I went to college with started one last year and it was SO much fun to work alongside them and see how much we could accomplish! Good luck with yours this year!! :)

  12. Thanks for your mess up with Kohls! & YAAAY for Giuliana tweeting you back! Awesomeness!

  13. you rebel, you!!! ha ha.....
    love this charity. what a great idea!

    anna @ www.wishdesignshop.com

  14. I nominated you for a Sunshine award. Come on over to my site to see what this means!

  15. i love the idea of the clothing donation .. totally want to start one up in my area!

  16. I'm 1000% jealous of your soulmate relationship with Giuliana. Please, stop hogging all the cool for yourself and share some! (I kid, I kid)
    Those are super cute dresses! Someone is going to look fantabulous this Spring and Summer!

  17. You couldn't have broken the rules last week, Erin? I just bought two pairs of ballet flats from Kohls after not shopping there since roughly 1996. Oh well, I guess I can buy more. I'm not on a shopping sabbatical, after all.

  18. I love your maple syrup dress! It's adorable! Iam visiting from Everyday Mom Style, I'll be back :-) Laura


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