I Believe.

I am not one to throw my beliefs at you left and right.
I think I’ve indicated more than once on this blog that I am a follower of Christ, however it’s not something I mention a lot on these here parts.
That probably has to do with the fact that this blog is a true reflection of how I am in real life.
And while I love me some Jesus, I don’t talk about Him all that much.
I write that and then I think “Crap. I probably shouldn’t have said that..” but it’s the truth.
And heck, He knows I would be lying if I said otherwise.

Anyhow—with it being Easter weekend and all, I figured now would be a fitting time to talk about my homie. Yes, I just referred to God as my homie. He's gotta have some gangsta in Him right?
You are right. Probably not. But I like thinking God is a little bit hood.
You can step away from the blog now if you would like, however I hope you don’t.

I’ve never been one to really doubt God and His existence.
I blame the following—

First off, it petrifies me to believe that without him, I would be the biggest person in my world.
I mean seriously.
If I was all I got..I would be a disaster.
No doubt about it.
My heart breaks when I think about those who don’t believe.
How do they do it?
If I knew I had nobody to turn to when I felt down, helpless, anxious, happy, excited…
My life would suck. No doubt about it.

You guys, let’s face it.
Life is not easy.
It wasn’t intended to be.
Even as a follower of Christ, I am going to experience moments that I would rather not (obviously), but knowing that I have Him on my side definitely helps ease the blow.
And trust me, I’ve been blown.
That sounded weird but I am going to trust you know what I mean on that one.

Secondly, have you ever looked around at your surroundings?
I mean my gosh.
Beauty is at our fingertips constantly.
I am such a sucker for beautiful things.
Because of this, when I see a sunrise//a sunset//oceans//birds//your mom (haha) I cannot help but think “Dang--He did good. Real Good.”

I am sorry yo—but I am not one that can even begin to buy into the fact that all of this amazing beauty just happened out of nowhere.
That there was no real Creator.
I’d like to think I have a pretty open mind…but on this one, my mind refuses to think that it was something other than Christ creating all of this splendor.
Just sayin’.

Last but not least,
I have experienced God in ways that I know were no coincidence.
Say for instance, the time when my father was in the hospital and was going downhill in a hurry.
Out of nowhere, I started feeling like I needed pray hard and pray fast.
I remember saying repeatedly “Stop the bleeding. Stop the bleeding..I will mark the time as 10:30 am that the bleeding stopped and give You all the glory. Just stop the bleeding.”
At this time—I didn’t even know if he was bleeding, but I knew I needed to be praying for that.
Hours later I showed up at the hospital and they told me that he was in fact bleeding but right around 10:30 am it all stopped.
Glory be to God.
Along with this, I have experienced grace and forgiveness in ways that are not humanly possible.
I don’t even understand how or why I have been given second {and third} chances, but I am so so grateful for His unfailing love.

Anyhow, all this to say..I am fully celebrating the fact that Christ is Risen and Alive this weekend…preferably with a big ole glass of wine.
You know how I do.
{Mount Soledad in La Jolla, CA}

One last thing. Can we all just agree that Religion has gotten way too complicated? I don’t care if you cut your hair—have attended church 7 years straight without missing a service—or know the top 20 Christian songs at the moment.
It is about a relationship.
Between you and Him.
End of story. Amen.

Love you all.
No matter what you believe.
And that my friends, is no lie.

Happy Weekend Chicken Heads.


  1. I call him my homie on occassion....and I know He's there. Otherwise, what's the point? Im taking Boomer to an Easter pageant at my old college in TN....that is one religious child.

  2. Yeah I have realized over time He must have a sense of humor or I would have been a lost cause may many moons ago! lol :) Love this post!! Happy Easter Weekend Erin!! :)
    -Meesh :)

  3. The ending is so true. It is all about the relationship YOU and God have. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Besides, you are God are like the bestest friends, God knows things about you that everyone else doesn't!


  4. I think he's probably a little hood, and if he's not, then he's probably having a nice little chuckle about this. Great post-full of personality, heart, and honesty! I really enjoy stopping by here and reading! Thanks for sharing your life!

  5. Very nicely said. And I've always believed God has many facets to His personality, if yours is "hood," that's great. Because I like to think the God I talk to is also a little bit sarcastic, He's sure played some good jokes on me in my life.

  6. I love this! Thank you for sharing your beliefs. :) I am so glad I have a loving Father in Heaven to always look to! He's pretty much the best. :)
    Happy Easter Erin!! I hope it's a wonderful weekend for you. :)

  7. "My heart breaks when I think about those who don’t believe."

    I wish you could see how cruel this sentence is. I appreciate reading about other people's beliefs, but to denigrate those who feel differently by announcing your pity for them? Is a terribly unloving thing to do.

  8. Love this! My thoughts exactly. :)

  9. love this post. i agree. i'm not one to post my beliefs all over a website everyday, but God and i hang out a lot. he is pretty awesome and i would totally call him a 'homie'.

  10. This is such a great post! Thank you for sharing.


  11. Preach on, sista! "Peace be with you." lol

  12. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your testimony about God.

  13. @ Suburban Sweetheart: There is nothing cruel about that statement and to use the word "denigrate" I think is cruel! She has not "denigrated" anyone in this post and this is her blog so she is entitled to place her thoughts, opinions and as beliefs as she pleases. My heart breaks for non-believers as well. Not because I take pity on them but because they are missing out on the goodness of Jesus and God. I want so badly for people to experience this kind of joy in their lives and if you don't believe then you can't experience HIS goodness in life. The bible say that "One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord" and that goes for believers and non-believers. You read way to much into that statement, nothing cruel about it.

  14. Love your blog! Great post!!

  15. Amen. Well said chica. Happy Easter to you and your family! xoxo - Susan

  16. @ Suburban Sweetheart: How do you know that she meant it that way? She loves people enough to know that they deserve to feel something special. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc, something bigger than you exists simply to love you for who you are. And everyone should have the chance to feel that. So yeah, my heart breaks too for the people who don't get to feel loved everyday for simply being the person they were meant to be. I love this post Erin. I love how open and honest you are. It's all about a personal relationship with God. Keep doing what you are doing, because no matter what you write you touch peoples hearts.

    1. The idea that someone who doesn't believe in a higher power does not or cannot feel special/loved/strong/whatever is exactly what's so offensive about this in the first place. There's nothing loving about hearing that someone feels sorry for you because you believe differently than them; that's just judgmental. Whether you feel that way or not, it's the sort of comment that should be kept to oneself.

  17. Christ gives us a reason to think past ourselves - and that is seriously good news for you and I. Happy Easter to you and your family! He is Risen!!

  18. What a raw and honest post, I loved every word! Your authentic faith is very evident, and your last point about having a relationship with Christ being the most important thing, nailed it all together. I am so glad that you chose to talk about what you believe because your words were wonderful to read !! All glory to Him. I hope you have a great Easter :)

  19. I love this post so much Erin. Especially that last part- it IS all about relationship!! Thanks for your honest and real thoughts :)

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  21. I love this post girl! So honest and real.

    @anonomyous - Who says she was saying she felt "sorry for them" she says "her heart breaks for them" it can break for many reasons, not just feeling sorry for them. "The idea that someone who doesn't believe in a higher power does not or cannot feel special/loved/strong/whatever" she didn't point that at anyone. She said that's how SHE would feel. Last - this is her blog, her opinion. She can say whatever she likes. My heart breaks for non believers too but not because I feel sorry for them.

  22. First, I respect everyone's beliefs & I hope no one, especially you, takes offense to what I'm about to say.

    You said, "My heart breaks when I think about those who don’t believe.
    How do they do it?
    If I knew I had nobody to turn to when I felt down, helpless, anxious, happy, excited…
    My life would suck. No doubt about it."

    I would just like you to know that as an atheist (who was raised Southern Baptist) I can understand what you're trying to say but let me try to make you feel better.

    I absolutely do not have no one to turn to. I turn to my amazing husband, my always supportive mom, my sister, my friends, my dogs, my cat. And in a few months I will have a precious baby that will my heart & life complete. So please don't let your heart break for me, there are so many more worthy causes.

    I promise you, my live most certainly does not suck! :)

  23. You are my favorite blogger!! I enjoyed this post because I feel the same way when I take in the beauty of nature. How could this possibly be caused by an accident? Thank you for such a beautiful post.

  24. Erin,

    Thanks for your honesty to such a large audience. To Him be the glory is right. Have a great Holiday!

  25. haha this is SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I have been a pastors kid my entire life but when I tell everyone that they get intimidated by me or they just shove me to the side "knowing" that I am going to be religious. But I approach God EXACTLY how you approach God. I mean you could have took the words right out of my mouth lol. And my dad "the pastor" he is the same way, he is an old guy who just loves Jesus and walks around saying "yo" all the time, lol the teenagers always love him. We have our church in the hood and I feel like in order to really minister to the wonderful people who live in the hood you just gotta be "real", they would laugh you off if you tried the whole religious thing on them haha. Anyways just wanted to say your post totally made my night!

  26. It is so refreshing to see someone explain their relationship in this way. I am much the same in that I go to church on occasion and I understand the importance of all the religious holidays but no, I don't go around quoting bible verses in my everyday life or feeling the need to discuss my beliefs with every tom dick and harry on the streets. this is perfectly written.

  27. i just have to say, i absolutely adore you :) i'm fairly new to blogging, and haven't been following you very long, but i ALWAYS look for new posts from you first in my blog roll every day :)

    my blog is set to private (we adopted a little girl and it's to protect her privacy....a whole long story...) but if you'd like to follow me, i'd be happy to e-mail you an invite.

    just let me know! emmendenhall@hotmail.com

    ps - LOVE this post....agree with ALL of it!!!!

  28. To the writer - well worded. And Happy Easter! Christ has risen and that is a great reason to celebrate.

    To the negative comments - just a thought. I dont think "my heart breaks" was meant to be offensive nor as a big old pity party.

    I am a Christian with lots of Athiest friends. And my heart breaks for them at times but not because I pity them or because I dont think they have support in their life.

    Nope my heart breaks for them because I am unable to share something near and dear to me with them and them fully appreciate/experience it. Have you ever had a favorite something you want to share...a favorite experience or food or even something as little as a book? But the whom you can share it with has limitations? Maybe you are pregnant and you want to share your excitement with your friend but shes been trying to get pregnant for years and so you really cant? She wont get it, in fact it will hurt her. And your heart breaks because you cant share this experience, this feeling, this moment?

    My heart sometimes breaks for my atheist friends because I have experienced something in my life that is so wonderful that I want to share with people I love the most and even people I have never met. Just like I hand out restaurant recommendations to random patients :-)

    So take it as a compliment people. Erin has chosen to share herself on this blog. And we read because we think she has great things to share! Because she is authentic. So let her be authentic, even when you disagree with her!

  29. Nicely done, Erin. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  30. If Jesus is our Savior and we experience the ULTIMATE LOVE and SACRIFICE he offers us, then how can we NOT share it with others?? I love this post - so well worded and honest. And can I just get an amen for celebrating Jesus with a big glass of wine? I mean he DID keep the party goin at the wedding! :)

    I'm a long time reader - first time commenter. I love you and your blog. It is so refreshing to read and get an honest p.o.v. out here where some just post to please their readers. You are awesome. Can we be best friends? ;)

    Have a wonderful Easter Erin! xoxo

  31. Can I just throw out there that you make me happy and I don't even know you? yes, that sounds a little creepy and maybe stalkerish? Trust me, I know nothing more than your blog lets on, but this is an amazing post and I find myself completely relating to so much to say and even hearing myself say it. You're one special child of God! Enjoy your Easter weekend! I'll be indulging in some nice wine celebrations too. :)

  32. I LOVE this post. I feel so many of the things you described in this post. When I feel overwhelmed, I turn to God for peace and I immediately feel better. I agree - I don't know how someone can go through this life and think this is the end all be all of things. I would be a HOT MESS without Him to guide me!
    Happy Easter Sweets!

  33. What a GREAT post Erin, truly...and you are correct....it has gotten WAYYY too complicated, and unfortunately these days you are sometimes judged by what you believe...wishing you and yours the best Easter

  34. Thanks for this. I've always wanted to address religion on my blog but wasn't really sure how to. This was the perfect combination.

  35. Great post and beautiful pics! Happy Easter weekend!

  36. Wonderful Post! Love that you make sure to mention it's about a relationship not religion!

    Happy Resurrection Weekend

  37. AMEN!
    I for real got goose bumps reading your post. You are so real and down to earth about it and that is what's up! I love your genuine attitude about it but also your undeniable and unashamed love to say what you believe. As a fellow believer in Christ, props to you, yo. :)
    awesome post. SERIOUSLY.

  38. Man Word to anyone who as a different opinion then the blogger... DONT LEAVE A COMMENT. Apparently the other readers will jump to attack you and tell you why you are wrong because the poster has the right to her opinion however you do not. I love this blog, I am not a believer, my life is fuffilled and supported, Erin and other readers have a right to their opinions, so do I. These are facts so is that people have a right to be offened and people have a right to love the blog and dislike the post. When you talk about beliefs you are bound to offend someone. Also I can not help but wonder if someone said they felt sorry for believers because they are putting their faith in something that does not exist(not saying thats what I think just trying to put the shoe on the other foot) if none of you would have felt offended. I just think it is a tad hypocritical.

  39. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog Erin. I happen to share the same feelings as you; my heart also breaks for those that do not believe. I'm not sure how they handle life but perhaps they place their faith in other areas. Their choice.

    As Christians, we know that it isn't our father, mother, brother, sister, friend or pet that will get us into the Kingdom of God, but our faith in Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him. What a blessing this is...and, our opinion.

    I once heard a singer by the name of Marty Goetz, such a beautiful voice and great message in his songs. Google him and be blessed.

    As you celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, may you be blessed.

  40. You are like a funnier, more articulate version of myself, LOVED this post and related so much! I also love me some Jesus but don't share that love enough with others. He is a totally chill bro, though, so I think we're still cool.

  41. i likes this and i totally believe that Bible is only enjoyed better with a glass of wine. (You know Jesus liked His wine!)

    way to put yourself out there lady. you are amazing. :)

  42. Such and uplifting post and exactly what I need at the moment x

  43. Love this post- those pictures are gorgeous! I'm with you on believing that nature is one of the surest signs of a god.

    And re: God being a little bit 'hood' - someone shared this with me once - hope you find it funny and not offensive:

    Big Daddy Rap (aka The Lord's Prayer)

    Yo, Big Daddy upstairs
    You be chillin
    So be yo hood
    You be sayin' it, I be doin' it
    In dis here hood and yo's
    Gimme some eats
    An cut me some slack, Blood
    Sos I be doin' it to dem dat diss me
    Don't you be pushin me into no jive
    An keep dem Crips away
    Cause you always be da man

  44. Wow......I just clocked on your link on Deuce and Oh My Goodness is all i can say! I too am a follower of Jesus and a blogger. I don't like to push it in people's faces because i know not everyone feels the way i don't and i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I am only a "new" Christian (2.5 years). I say that because i am the "newest Christian in my family and feel sometimes that i am judged by my family, like my views and opinions don't matter because i haven't been a Christian as long as them. Then i saw this...

    One last thing. Can we all just agree that Religion has gotten way too complicated? I don’t care if you cut your hair—have attended church 7 years straight without missing a service—or know the top 20 Christian songs at the moment.
    It is about a relationship.
    Between you and Him.
    End of story. Amen.

    You made my day and made me realise that all that doesn't matter its about my relationship with Him. Thanks.

     She's Got Heart{s}

  45. Hi Erin, I just started following you today (better late than never I have to say) this post gave me chills, made me smile, and it makes me want to hug you! Ok, that was going too far for a first intro...te he. Anyway, hi, nice to meet you I'm Rachel, new owner of this blog :)
    Crocheting Cures Mental Illness!

  46. I've been working on mine for about two weeks noe, coming up with a list, creating/finding the right graphics, etc. I'm too late for the link-up but here's my "I believe": http://madwoman427.blogspot.com/2012/10/i-believe.html
    This was a lot of fun. :)

  47. word. i especially respect this because you have a huge following and weren't afraid to just put it out there.
    i love the last part especially, people created 'religion' ... all that matters is your relationship with Him.
    and yes, when i pray, i talk to Jesus like we are out havin lunch somewhere, drinkin some diet cokes. :)

  48. I love this and I totally agree with you! He is good.


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