For The Love Of Macaroni.

It's no secret that I love macaroni and cheese around these parts.
But sometimes I go in phases.
Like instead of eating it two times a week, I eat it four.
Or instead of making "homemade versions" once every month, I make 20 different versions in about 30 days.
Yes, that happened.
In my defense I legit thought I was going to open up a macaroni and cheese restaurant.
Turns out I don't know a thing about how to cook or how to run a restaurant.
Two things they say you need to know.
To each is own.

Well the past couple of days I have been in one of those moods where all I can think about is where my next noodle dripped in cheese is going to come from.
Which brings me to today.

Today I was reminiscing on some of the better macaroni and cheese experiences I have.
And that is when it happened.
My mind took me back to October 2010.
Siesta Key, FL.
A macaroni and cheese Croquette in all of her glory.

You may be saying "what in the world is a croquette?"
To which I would reply--a ball of deep fried macaroni and cheese.
Preferably with cheese on top.
Yes you read that right.
Macaroni and cheese.
Deep Fried.
Drizzled in cheese.

Yes, I excuse you for the drool running down your face.

Anyhow, I suddenly knew I had to tell my husband of this craving.
So I sent him an email saying something along the lines of
"I must go eat that macaroni & cheese ball in Siesta. Like asap"
So he says {without thinking about where this might lead...}
"That thing was pretty darn good"

Long story short.
Flights and hotel are booked.

All for the love of deep fried macaroni and cheese.

Siesta Key, I'll be seeing you soon.


Real quick--two things that have nothing to do with macaroni and cheese and how I am crazy enough to book a vacation centered around that.

For starters, you can find me over here writing about what makes me excited. Oddly enough, macaroni & cheese is not even mentioned. Where was my head on that one? Anyhow, check it out yo.

And last, I have a special friend who wants to introduce herself over here.
Hurry your buns and say hello.

Peace Out Little Bits.
Love love and love.


  1. mac & cheese is the only thing i can make. not kidding. blogged about it this morning. i have yet to experience a croquette, but i will. tomorrow.

  2. I had BLT macaroni and cheese in Boston this weekend and I am pretty sure my life will never be the same.

    I am right with you on the m&c addiction!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. i hate you. i hate that you can just casually book a flight to one of my absolute favorite places in the WORLD!!! screw macaroni and cheese. i am so dang jealous!!!!!!!!! i hope you have so much fun!!!!!!!

  4. mac and cheese is the absolute best!

  5. I LOVE Mac and Cheese, so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets a little crazy about it! When I make it, that is seriously all I eat for about 4 days, haha.. I hope you have fun on your trip!

  6. deep fried macaroni and cheese? omg this looks uhhhmazing!!!

  7. Have you ever had the "twisted mac and cheese" at the Hard Rock Cafe? You can get it with grilled chicken or without, but either way it's just the right amount of spicy (and cheesy of course). Mmm...the nearest one is just a two hour drive from me...

  8. The furthest Ive gone is Velveeta Mac and Cheese....lol....my daughter LOVES this stuff!!!

  9. i loove mac and cheese w/ truffle oil drizzled over it! yum!!

  10. I can completely understand this love of Mac and Cheese. There's a hole in the wall bar in my hometown that makes fried mac and cheese... at first, I was a skeptic... but dangggg. Melts in your mouth!

    I just conquered homemade mac last week. And the leftovers... yumm!

    Now, I'm craving Mac and cheese... and it's 9 in the morning. #fail :)

  11. I was seriously laughing so hard at your post. A vaca around mac - LOVE! I may have even gasped when I saw the culprit pic...Ha!

  12. I wish it was that easy for me to convince my husband we need a vacation ;) ~ Andi

  13. Have you tried Cheesecake Factory's fried mac & cheese?! To. Die. For.

    aaand I'm super excited I found your blog...I seriously can never find other Indiana bloggers!!! :)

  14. That looks/sounds SO good. I think I may need to book a trip there to try it out!


  15. I would make love to that mac and cheese and make little cheesy noodle babies with it....nom nom nom...and obviously then eat said babies.

    I flippin love me some m&c. :)

  16. That sounds amazing!
    and props to you for making a trip based on food bc honestly that is the most important thing!

  17. wow that mac & cheese sounds DELISH!

  18. What the what?!!!!!!! You'll be in Florida? GET OUT OF TOWN (but don't, because you'll be so close!!). I seriously might die. Can I crash your vacation just so I can see you for like .2 seconds?!?!?!! It would make my life!

  19. I haven't had Mac and Cheese in MONTHS. If it wasn't strictly forbidden in the lead up to the wedding, I'd make some right now. :(

  20. I don't know why I kept reading this when I'm doing a diet that has me eating only tomatoes and chicken (or, in my case, tofu "chicken") today.
    P.S. Last summer I lived in St. Louis, MO and went to a mac and cheese restaurant called Cheese-ology. It was sort of disappointing though...I'm sure yours would have been better.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  21. oh my holy bajeesus mac and cheese is my favorite, ever. i went to new york last week and we went to this place called s'mac, it was the literal best mac and cheese i've ever eaten.

  22. It's extremely embarrassing that every single time we enter the grocery store, my boys start yelling, "Mac and Cheese, Mom! Mac and CHEESE!" Of course, if I don't give in, they throw a hissy fit... and if I DO give in, then we all win, cause the stuff is awesome and a quick meal. Win-win.

    Enjoy your fried mac!

  23. 1. That croquette sounds amazing. We've got a homemade m&c recipe that we LOVE, and I think the next time we make it I'll be trying it in croquette form as well. Yum!
    2. I feel that way about Greek food. We went to Greece a year ago, and can. not. get over how incredible the food was. I want to go back. And go back while we still live in Europe, so it's not as crazy expensive. I need more gyros and spanakopita!

  24. Does that restaurant have a name? I live not far from Siesta Key and might need to try that!!

  25. My dear Erin. I love me some mac and cheese too. Just another reason I loves ya so much....have you had the croquettes at Cheesecake Factory. They come with this creamy marinara thats to DIE for. When I discovered them I pretty much stopped ordering everything else.


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