Crap. I Almost Forgot To Write This.

Oh you guys, I screwed this one up.
You see, I had this grand idea to do an Awkward & Awesome post today...
And then I realized, I don't have the stupid document that I keep all of my A&A moments on with me.
I do know that I had written something down about how awkward it is to watch people eat bananas in public, and now that is all my brain can think about.
Eating a banana in public.
Oh, act like that isn't awkward.
And no, I do not need to expand on why I find this to be one of the more awkward things in life.
If you can't figure it out, go ask your dad.

Which brings me to my next awkward point that I just remembered.
I wore this dress to church on Easter.
And if that isn't bad enough--I sat across from my dad at Easter brunch in this dress.
Why is this awkward you may ask?
Let me tell you.
It was the girls.
Sometimes they just don't know how to stay put.
And those little ladies did not want to stay anywhere on Easter.
So church and father if you are reading--I apologize.
It was not my intention to flash those suckers at ya, it just kinda happened.
I now remember why it took me 10 years to break that baby out of my closet.
True story.
10 years.
That's one heck of a commitment to a single article of clothing.

Speaking of clothing, guess who went shopping tonight?
I may or may not have hit the jackpot.
And while you will see it all I am sure at one point or another, all you need to know is that I am presently obsessing at my new necklace that is hanging out beside me on the desk.
I suppose I could take a picture of her so you could see how pretty she is.
One second.
Thank you Miss Chic for making all of my dreams come true with that one.
You always know how to put a smile on my face.

I really don't know where I am going with this post.
But I do know that eating bananas in public is awkward.
Along with flashing your church on Easter Sunday.
But somehow, pretty necklaces make all of the above seem tolerable.

I guess that is the point of the post.
Go buy a pretty necklace.
Your life will seem normal for a brief second.

You know what else to do?
Go over here and meet one of my favorite {and I mean favorite} ladies I have met through blogging.
This girl has touched my heart in ways I will never be able to appropriately express. She is one of the most beautiful human beings inside and out that I have never ever met. Okay, so we haven't ever actually "met". But we will someday. And it will be a glorious moment. In fact, it will be a moment of wonderful ;)




  1. i hate the smacking noise that bananas make... pet peeve!

    also. looove that necklace.

  2. You wanna hear about awkwardly flashing a man in the fam? When our son was little, my grandparents used to watch him during the day at their house while we were at work. Gramps would pick him up at our house. Well. One day I didn't hear grandpa walk in (he had a key) and I was putting on my makeup in my bra and panties (hate that word, btw). So all of a sudden I hear a noise and not knowing what it was, I walk into the living room in all my mostly nekkid glory to see grandpa standing there. Staring at me. Yup. Flashed grandpa somethin' fierce that day.
    Good times. :/

  3. Erin, Erin.....flashing your dad, and on Easter to boot! Tell your girls to stay put, that is Jesus' day ;) Thanks for making me laugh tonight, I needed it....I am out of wine, so thank you :)

  4. BTW...that dress is amazing tho!!

  5. You're hilarious (and totally right about everything in this post)...also, that necklace is fabulous!


  6. That dress is amazing for being 10 years old! Wouldn't you have known though that the girls were flashing a little before leaving for church??

  7. i'm eating a banana at home and it's still awk sauce.

  8. Yes, eating bananas in public is awkward but if you think about it so is licking on an ice cream cone...hehe. I can also relate to the girls, they can be rather honorary and the most inappopriate times. I do love the dress I must say and Im digging that bag too.

  9. ok, so your entire website just changed on me in a matter of seconds. colors, shapes, sizes. everything. and now i can't remember what i just read. i had some good comments too!

  10. On the subway one time, there was a girl eating a banana and I had to hide the laughs as a geek-y guy couldn't stop watching her and he looked a tad uncomfortable but he couldn't look away! haha
    also I hear ya, with the girls! Sometimes they just don't want to stay put!

  11. Love ur dress

  12. I totally went followed her :)

    also, your boobs are ROCKIN'!!! If I saw those flashed at me in church, I would hit my knees and thank God :)

  13. Girl I am so jealous of those little mamas! You need to share seriously and that bracelet is adorable. Need that too! Oh and the blog design - SWOON!

  14. Girl I am so jealous of those little mamas! You need to share seriously and that bracelet is adorable. Need that too! Oh and the blog design - SWOON!

  15. heeeeello mamas! also, i love your new layout!

  16. P.S. I totally ate a banana in front of my group in class (3 guys). I totally felt like I was cheating on my boyfriend or something. Holy awkward.

  17. Ohhhhh I love the new layout!
    Great dress and that necklace is to die for, off to check out that website right now!

  18. You're hilarious! How do you come up with this stuff!

  19. I have ALWAYS thought people eating bananas is awkward!!!!! I thought that was so crazy when I read it because I've never heard anyone else say it hahahah. You have gained a follower :) Check out my blog www.yours--truly.com if you have a chance. x

  20. WOAH BLOG MAKEOVER! I'm loving it btw

  21. Love your new blog layout and you're pretty in that dress, as always! :D


  22. Hahaha - Bananas in general, are awkward. I also break off pieces with my fingers and then eat it. Otherwise I feel just weird. I DO love that dress...10 years is a mighty long time, I wish I could fit into my stuff from 10 years ago.

  23. Hahah speaking of bananas. We bought a bunch that were the largest ones I have ever seen. So when I went to eat one...it was so wide that I could barely fit it into my mouth. And I do have a pretty big mouth. So I tried to send my hubby an pic of me trying to fit it in my mouth....and it was just a complete fail! He said, thanks honey, now I know that is not in our future!! LOL, awkward for sure...
    P.s. I had to cut the banana in half to eat it hah

  24. Oh my goodness...your blog makes me laugh! I love the honest and sarcastic way you see life, it's a good reminder to just laugh at yourself. I'm a newbie to LIY and I love it! Have a good day!

  25. Love your blog! The layout really is amazing.

    And you're totally right, eating bananas in public is awkward. I tend to avoid them.

  26. So I just came across your blog today from your post on Natalie's blog @ moment of wonderful... and in a 15 minute conclusion. You are hilarious. This post made me giggle. Eating banana's in public is totally awkward. I love them though & always eat breakfast on the commute to work & try to act like it isn't. But start munching on one of those puppies & accidentally make eye contact with another driver.... AWKWARD!!! :)

  27. i mean seriously. why can't my girls look like that? hot damn.

    i'm totes jealous.

  28. This is hilarious. I have got to know though, where is that purse from? It's fabulous!


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