Turns Out I Also Hoard Shoes.

What you are about to read is a real email conversation that took place between my best friend in Nashville and I. It was not intended for uses on this blog.
However, intentions can change, and in this case--it has been changed.
Yes, that would be her. The one I am crushing.

Me: How are you chicken nugget?!? Is it warm there? If you say yes, I will bash your cute face in.
Friend: Haha it is--but it's raining cats n dogs yo!! How's your day?!?
Me: I wish it was raining babies and lollipops. That would be cuter. My day is good here-
I bought three pairs of heels at Kohls on lunch. WOOPS.
Friend: Shut up!! I need a pic stat!!! What do they look like and do I need them??
Me: Yes, you probably need them. Colors are as follows—coral, turquoise, and nude. Clearly nude being the most fascinating (based solely on the name) And you know what, I will put up pictures tomorrow on my blog. Just for you. I would text you a picture but my phone picture quality is that of a cat. Aka it sucks. A whole freakin’ blog post on shoes just for you. How does that sound la cucaracha?

So here I am, keeping my promises to that little chicken head.

Heres the deal guys--
This homegirl needs to stop shopping.
Its either that or divorce papers will show up on my doorstep any day now.
And y’all know that can’t happen—word on the street is divorce is expensive these days.
Expensive means my shopping trips would end abruptly.
So really we’re looking at a lose-lose situation here.
Stay married-stop shopping.
Get divorced-stop shopping.
And because I like his butt, eyes, smile, and everything else about him--
I suppose I’ll stay with the man ;)

Today it’s shoes.
Turns out I’ve been stockpiling over the past few weeks subconsciously.
Some people think the necessary items to stockpile are canned goods, gas masks, and iodine pills.
I opt for shoes.
I mean seriously, who wants their feet to get dirty when the world is ending?
Can you imagine getting to Heaven and having to ask where the bathtub is so you can clean your feet?
That’d be awkward.

Anyhow, after your response on the dresses {holy comments yo.}
I figured you’d enjoy meeting these new friends of mine.
I am so glad to know you beloved readers get a “kick” out of material goods every now and again.
{White House Black Market--Thrifted}


Mark my words—I am done shopping.
Until Kohls is having another sale....
Which I think is right now.
Peace out.

Happy Saturday Sole Sisters.



  1. I love all your new shoes! Shoe shopping always makes me super happy!

  2. oh my. carrie bradshaw would be so proud. :)

  3. Oh my! I love all of them. Seriously!
    I need to stop buying shoes, as well.
    I'm not married, but I'll stay broke. :/
    no fun! thanks for putting a smile on my face with this post.
    I adore the photo of you crushing your friend. ;)
    PS. I just came across your blog tonight, and I'm so glad that I did! Have a wonderful weekend.
    much love, colie


  4. Love all the colors! If it's cute, AND on sale, there's no reason NOT to buy!! I'm still trying to convince the Mr of this widely known fact.

  5. i love each and every one of these pairs of shoes. i love kohls... they're always having a sale.

  6. I am going to come raid your closet and borrow some shoes because all of those are too dye for. Sound good?! Thought so! :)

  7. I'd get divorced for those shoes!!! too cute!!!

  8. Kohls is amazing!! I love the coral cut out heels you bought!

  9. Seriously a girl can NEVER have too many shoes. Love the Elle pair from Kohls and the Old Navy pumps are so cute too x

  10. so apparently i'll be heading to kohls because i NEED those nude pumps (heheheheh) to match a belt that i'm planning on buying on monday! i have a shoe "problem" too (it's only a problem to those who don't have as many cute shoes as i do!). :)

  11. You should tell the hubs that its vital to the health of your relationship that you stay cute. Hence the shoes and dresses. He would be equally dismayed if you started going around town in burlap sacks and slippers :-)

  12. You should tell the hubs that its vital to the health of your relationship that you stay cute. Hence the shoes and dresses. He would be equally dismayed if you started going around town in burlap sacks and slippers :-)

  13. Its okay to go through occasional shopping bouts. You seem to have a good handle on things and what you've purchased are gorgeous and spring AND summer appropriate. Getting two seasons out of the shoes just seems economical to me! Have a lovely weekend.

  14. i'm trying to shop less too! i always find good deals but I don't need more things! i'm embarrassed sometimes with how nothing else will fit in my closet!! and the nude shoes are my favorite. i want them.

  15. I had just been thinking to myself...I will not shop today, I am having a clothing swap tonight so there is no need...and then I saw this post. Gee thanks. Off to the thrift store I go!

  16. Love all the colors!!! I've been on a spring shopping binge too!! Next weekend we are going to Chicago, I will DEF be in trouble there! Haha

  17. Hahah sole sisters. Nice one. :-)

    So did you choose a dress? I love how girly you are, you will love the posh samples I'm sending you soon!!! Sorry for the delay, but I've been waiting for some more goodies to arrive before I send them out to you!

    Have a great weekend, not being divorced. ;-)

  18. Im a shoe lova too!! Those little striped numbers are toooo cute!
    Cmon now....how much is "too" much? (the answer is :question not applicable) lol

    Happy weekend!

  19. Love them all, especially the coral ones.

  20. Love every one of those purchases! Too cute :)

  21. Shoes are my kryptonite. No joke. I love love love them. Especially heels. That way I can intimidate all the short guyes. But really. I worked at Kohl's...and now I work at Payless. I can tell you right now it is not good for my bank account. But oh so great for my wardrobe. :)
    I love all of the ones you bought recently! I need all of them. :)

  22. Amazing Shoes!
    I think the coral are my absolute FAVORITE!

  23. Those are some killer shoes! I had to give up shopping retail... Now I thrift as much as possible, and it has significantly helped the status of my relationship.

  24. Yup I need the yellow ones RIGHT NOW! i love them. great finds. I wish I could go shopping that much! How fun!


  25. i am normally NOT a shoe person but i am crushing on all your obsessions!

  26. stop it right now. i think we are kindred spirits. those old navy flats? I've been eyeing since they were put out on the shelf. i'm into anything 4th of julyish. like... i change my shoes multiple times on that holiday because you can't just wear one riiiiight??
    and I went to kohl's yesterday and legit picked up those nudey heels and coral ones but guilt got to me so I did not purchase. But now I'm jealous that you got them so I might have to.... for realsies.

  27. Love the new shoes! Now my hubby does not think my 4 pairs i bought today are to many. :)

  28. I am making plans to head to Kohls and get those heels. LOVE!

  29. Ahhh you're making me want to go shopping! Kohls always tempts me with their coupons!! your old navy flats & the turquoise heels are my faves but they are ALL adorable!!!

    And your text convo with your friend cracks me up!!!

  30. I must be the luckiest lady on the block because my hubby buys shoes for me ALL THE TIME, just because he likes the way my legs look in a good pair of heels. Sad Day is that I rarely get to wear them being that I stay home with the kids. Yep, date night and church are pretty much the only times I get to whip them out!

  31. I am in love with the coral shoes... I so want to go out and by myself a pair... just got to figure out how to keep them hidden from the man so he doesn't freak out that I bought yet ANOTHER pair of shoes lol

  32. I am obsessed with your new shoe collection! If I wore heels, I would totally come to your house and steal them, however you do not want to see me walk in heels. So instead I may be going to Old Navy this week to buy those adorable blue and white stripped flats. I am literally in love with those, and your convo's between friends.

  33. I NEEEEEEED those coral shoes!!!! Excellent purchases, mah friend!! Maybe we wear the same size and I could borrow? ..you know...size BIG...kidding. How in-efficient would it be the ship shoes back and forth across the country ha.

  34. I NEEEEEEED those coral shoes!!!! Excellent purchases, mah friend!! Maybe we wear the same size and I could borrow? ..you know...size BIG...kidding. How in-efficient would it be the ship shoes back and forth across the country ha.

  35. Found you through Beautiful Mess.
    Oh Man! I need to get to Kohl's stat. And, totally get what you're saying about having to stop shopping. I'll have to really think about that after a successful Kohl's trip...

  36. Should have got your pizza @ Rulli's...they would have delivered it to you! :)

  37. Whoa....Uh...Wow!!

    The shoes are all amazeballs. : )

    but my absolute favorite part of this blog post...and there are A LOT of favorite parts...is when you said, "picture quality is that of a cat. Aka it sucks"

    Bahahahaha....awesome!! YOU GOT IT!!

  38. Oh great, thanks for nothing. You've forced my hand. The coral heels have just been purchased. I'll be forwarding you my bill.

    I'm not sure if loving shoes classifies me as a hoarder, but lets hope there are no interventions in my future. I'm loving yours and can't wait for mine to arrive!

    xo Elisabeth

  39. "And because I like his butt" Hahahaha I seriously just LOL'ed people say they do that but I actually just did!! Your hilarious! I feel like if I knew you you would be one of my closest friends!! I think I'm going to stay up all night and read all your posts! Officially in love with your blog that's all!! Xo


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