Lets Talk.

I'm sure you have all seen by now the "lets meet for coffee" type of posts.
You know the ones where the blogger sits down at the computer, and acts like they are face to face with you over a coffee date.
I've always kinda liked these posts because shoot, I love meeting for coffee.
I love meeting for cocktails even more but that's besides the point.
Anyhow, because I like reading these posts, I thought I may enjoy writing one as well.
So what do you say?
It's time for a little one-on-one chat session.

For starters, since I have never met you before, the first 20 minutes of our conversation would most likely be centered around you. I prefer it this way. I kinda pride myself on asking people questions. Sometimes people get annoyed by this--which leads me to ask more questions on why they don't like answering questions, but most of the time it works. Oh, and chances are good that I would compliment you on something. Compliments are the most exciting thing to give in my book. What a cute shirt that is, oh my gosh--your eyes are beautiful {yes I said this in a bar to a girl this weekend. Yes I was concerned she thought I batted for the other team}, love your hair, blah blah blah.

Okay phew, enough about you ;)

First thing I would talk about is this blog, because well--that's how we know each other. I would tell you that I absolutely love writing it. I would also tell you that sometimes, as in recent times, I have felt somewhat overwhelmed by it. Working 40 hours a week plus trying to keep this baby up strong can be a challenge. Hypothetically speaking, I would love to work part-time at my "real" job and part-time at blogging. Realistically speaking, I don't see that happening.

You would most likely ask me about my husband. I would tell you that our love is fun. He gets me. I get him. He is my best friend. He makes me laugh. He knows to laugh at me when I cry to get me to stop crying. Without him, I would be lost. Really I would.
From there the topic of children would get brought up. I would have to confess that watching my niece this past weekend for 24 hours straight, was one of the best 24 hours I have ever had. That experience gave me hope that I can handle being a mother. I am ready for the responsibility of a little creature. I want a sidekick--somebody to mold, teach, and experience life with in a different way than I ever have before.
You would probably ask me about my "real life friends". I would tell you that the number of really close girlfriends I have is less than the number of fingers on one of my hands. I like it that way. These girls are my friends for life. Sure, I have a lot of acquaintances, but that is not what makes my soul excited. It is the real, loving, know they would do anything for you and vice versa relationships that I adore. All four of em'.

From there we would move on to much more serious topics of conversation.
Like social media ;)
I would tell you that I am almost 100% over Facebook. Yes, I still get on it and yes, I still do status updates. But it doesn't excite me. I am addicted to Twitter. Addicted. Like wake up to let my dog out in the middle of the night and turn on my Ipad to check any new Tweets. It's stupid really. But I love it. You know what I don't love? The fact that Pinterest was blocked at my work place. Meaning, I hardly pin a darn thing anymore. Which reminds me..this coffee date needs to end soon so I can go on a pinning spree.

I would then realize that I have a ton more to talk about.
Like fashion, traveling, wine, music, and dance parties.
And because my allergies are kicking my butt, I wouldn't feel like continuing this conversation much longer. However, I would love to get together again to discuss the above items and more.

Talk soon buttercups.



  1. I'm with you--- pretty much over Facebook and totally in love with tweeting (@Emags55) ;)

    Also- my allergies are kicking my butt too!!! Good luck with yours, they are a pain!

  2. SHUT UP. Pinterest was just blocked for me too. I called the guy in charge to complain and he said he would unblock it for teachers if he could, but sadly its all or nothing. :( Who knew I would miss something so much when I didn't even know I had it like a year ago????

  3. COMPLETELY over Facebook. I got turned off by it when I received 1 bajillion random high school people friend requests when i got engaged/married/had a baby - SHAMELESS STALKERS! Also, super mad hate for the timeline. Twitter and I are besties. Thanks for the post - you are a doll!

  4. i'm LOVING your blog girl! and would totally dig meeting ya in real life!

    i feel like i only have a handful of really close friends too, but i think its definitely about quality over quanitity!

  5. It's seriously crazy how OVER facebook I am since I started blogging. I used to get on it god knows how many times a day & now a whole day will go by & I realized I haven't even checked it once. That is unheard of for me! It's pretty boring once you discover the blog world :) Loved this post!!

  6. I'm over facebook too. So glad you joined us in the twitter world :) I mean you did surpass my twitter following in like 5 days. is that a record? it should be. anyways, I liked meeting for coffee today! My husband loves to ask questions too. lots of them. He's kinda got me doing that too. so with us talking it would question after question hahaha xoxo

  7. I agree. I'm like totally done with Facebook, and LOVE Twitter. I mean, I haven't stopped tweeting since '08. Facebook is just...there... because people are like, "oh did you see xyz on my facebook?" and I'm like, "No." and then they act like the freakin' world is ending.

    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

  8. My work recently blocked Pinterest AND Facebook, in the SAME week. It puts a real damper on my social media life, and it blows majors bubbles! Guess I am supposed to "work" allll day, when I'm at "work". Whateves.

  9. Pretty much love everything you write. I love your blog and your twitter :)

    Thanks for keeping your blog up so strong because I love reading it all!

  10. I would cry if my job took away pinterest. They can have facebook. They can have yahoo mail. They can even have blogger because I can get that on my tablet. But pinning. Pinning! No, don't take my pinterest. Sorry for your loss. :-(

  11. totally agree on the FB thing. i've been done with it for awhile. blogs and twitter tho.. they give me some Content baby! and i Love it. like i love your blog. :) cool take on the "over coffee" posts..

  12. I love this post and your blog is so cute!

    Wouldn't life be just awesome if we could all just get paid to blog??

  13. I feel like everytime I am on pinterest I get hungry, want to make something, or want something I can't have. So I stopped getting on every day!

  14. I too would much rather prefer Twitter. It just updates so much more often which I love. Follow me @danielle_framed

  15. Girl. If we met for Dr. Pepper we would be soulmaes, I tell you. But coffee's good too ;)

  16. So, I hadn't seen the "meet for coffee" post yet, and I was totally excited that you were planning a group Google Chat or Skype or something... I'm a dork! I like it, though, it's a fun "get to know you". I'm intrigued by Twitter, but I have a very basic cell phone since I hardly use it, and I'd feel silly updating Twitter from my computer... maybe. I've thought about it, though! I love your blog, thanks for the "coffee"!

  17. Youre cute and your writing style is unique. And I like you (compliments). Thanks for coffee. It was great to "meet" you! Let's be friends. Now following...

  18. Your comments about Facebook and Twitter? It's as if you read my mind! I've been on it since 2005, but I'm so over facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, I cannot get enough of.

  19. I've always said I'd rather have five friends or less that are honest & true, than a 100 "friends" who pretend to care...I also have about 4 friends I keep close. That's enough for me :)

  20. What a great chat! So happy to meet you.:) I just can't get into the twitter thing (apparently I'm waaay behind in this aspect) but am obsessed with pinterest. If only they would lift the ban for teachers!

  21. Love this post! Great getting to know you :)

  22. if you want to get on pinterest at work simply type "https" instead of the normal http and it wont be blocked :)

  23. You and your hubby are so dang cute :)
    Dude, Pinterest got blocked at my work too which means, I actually have to do the projects I've been putting off. SO. LAME.
    I deleted my FB a little over a year ago and it was the best decision I've ever made! :)


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