I Don't Mean To Brag But....

My sister has some mad talent kids.
Like, she can do everything that I can’t.
Which is a lot.
Like she not only spends hours and hours looking at Pinterest,
she legit brings those ideas to real life.
I personally find more satisfaction is just wasting several hours of my time and never using those darn pins.
But hey, as they say—to each it’s own right?
Anyhow, before I get into full out brag mode—
Let me preface something first.
The girl is like 8 ½ months knocked up right now.
Knocked up in the sense that her and her husband were planning on getting pregnant with their second child and it worked.
Some may not refer to this as “knocked up”.
However, some would.
And I fall into the second category.
Sorry mom—I know you think that term sounds crude.
I can’t help it she got knocked up though.
Some things in life are just too cute to not document on this blog.
And well.
These things are way too cute.
You see, I recognized my sisters talent when she put together her first little daughters nursery.
Not only did she put the entire room together on her own, she made nearly everything in it as well.
I mean really.
Who does that?
And then-there is the nursery she just completed for baby girl number 2.
Again, 100% done by her.
Okay, and her muscle man husband who painted all those stripes.
One word.
Last but not least, let us not forget about the birthday party she just threw together for that first daughter of hers, which just so happened to take place this weekend.
Three words to sum that little ole’ party up:
Cute. Cute. Cute.
Speaking of that first daughter ….
She happens to be the cutest girl in the whole wide world.
Aside from my other niece of course.
So there you have it.
A post dedicated to the most talented woman I know.
Love you sissy pants.

PS. Dear unborn baby Amelia,
Between your mom, big sister, and aunt, you have some big shoes to fill.
No pressure or anything but I expect nothing but 100% awesomeness out of you.
Don’t worry though, I have faith in you girlfriend.
Now get your cute butt out of your moms stomach and make your arrival already.
Kissing your mom’s stomach is not nearly as cute as kissing your sweet cheeks.



  1. that baby room is just too cute and your sister is gorgeous, as are you. i can't even do that much cool stuff and i have way more free time.

  2. 3 girls! that's the best.

    and those nurseries look straight outta pinterest.

  3. Love it all!! Where are those curtains from in the living room from the birthday party? I want!

  4. OH my goodness! She must have more talent in her pinky toe nail than I have at all! Jealous!

  5. Can I just say I LOVE your blog? I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but it is so great!

  6. Can I just say I LOVE your blog? I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but it is so great!

  7. Amazing, what a talent! Absolutely love the yellow room, so bright and cheerful!
    The Minnie party looked like so much fun, I love all the attention to detail that was put it!
    You can tell your sister a great big WOW on all of that from me :)

  8. Oh man - I love those yellow stripes! I gotta get me some a those!

    And she just whipped up that awesome party and she is THAT knocked up? She is talented.

  9. i agree, she's amazing! and so humble, when i talked to her a day ago, she's like, "i'm just having a fruit salad and sloppy joes...nothing big" haha, it looks fantastic!

  10. she has talent. i'm with you on that

  11. Your sister is bursting with talent! Holy crap, that baby room? To die for! Love it! Hope the rest of her pregnancy goes by quick and you get to meet your niece soon!

  12. wow! she is really talented with those nurseries.

  13. I highly approve of the Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! :)

    It's cool to see someone using the Pinterest ideas and applying them to real life. :)

  14. Gorgeous nurserys! And what a fun birthday party! :)

  15. She is good! I love the new baby room, the stripes are great!

  16. Way adorable!! I love both the nursery and the birthday party! Great ideas for sure!

  17. Seriously?! That room is precious!! I spend so much time pinning that I have no time to actually make or do the pins ;)

  18. First off- the name Amelia is AMAZING because that's the name of the town I live in -HOLLA!

    Secondly- You make me sooo excited to be an aunt! Hope my sibs get KNOCKED up real soon ;)

  19. I love the chandelier light! It looks like a wishing dandelion. MAZEL TOV to your sister. Wishing her and the baby all the best.

  20. CUTEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!! I especially love that it was disney themed, obviously! : )

  21. Cute!!! Funny thing is, my name is Emily Claire.. :) good choice of names!

  22. Those are the cutest nurseries ever. I love the Minnie Mouse party! Your sis is as awesome as you are...that is cray cray. Love it

  23. Oh my gosh, I love it all! Chelsea, you are so stinking talented!! Please come decorate my house immediately. You should start your own party planning/decorating business. Seriously.

  24. your sister is seriously talented. the nurseries are to die for and the birthday party was soo cute.

  25. nursery is darling, the Minnie Mouse cupcakes equally darling. :) your sister rocks.

  26. that room is ADORABLE! and lemme tell ya, sister friend is going to POP soon. holy baby belly. when's the next full moon? i'd say soonnnnnn. best of luck to her!!

  27. Not only is the nursery adorable, that party is too! Wow, she is amazing :)

  28. What an awesome party!!! And that nursery is to. die. for.

  29. Oh my gosh that birthday party is ridiculous! That is a kid's dream come true. Your sister does have some mad do it yourself talent!

  30. um that room? i die! too cute! & that party? your sister is pretty amazing!

  31. how sweet!! here's to an easy delivery and a happy, healthy baby :-)

  32. OH MY GOODNESS! That second nursery is adorable! I love the bright cheerfulness of the room! And the minnie party! SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!

  33. Oh my gosh that is all too cute!!! I especially love the birthday party deets! Mad talent, yo!
    I totally use the term "knocked up" all the time. Intentional pregnancies or no.

  34. too. cute. makes me want a baby stat. can your sister come decorate for me when i get pregnant someday?

  35. Holy cow, your sister has talent! And she can actually pull off a baby bump too.

    Anyway, I'm your newest follower. Cheers!



  36. SOOO Stinkin cute!! Love all of these pics and that nursery is adorable!

  37. Love those stripes!!

    Your sister has MAD talent!

  38. Aww I just love all the decorations! One of my friends need to get preggers so I can throw a super cute party like this :)


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