Hypothetically Speaking.

If I said to you "I think I want to write a book..."
Would you think I am crazy?
You know--
Like one of those funny ones.
With all sorts of short stories. And Dear Erin, questions. And advice. And any crazy little tid-bits I feel like throwing in there.
It'd pretty much be my blog on steroids.
Think along these lines...
Except it would have my face on it.
Or I could leave hers. I mean shoot, she is a Cover Girl after all.

Anyhow, I kinda want to write a book.
As soon as I find time that is.
Which may be never....it seems to have escaped me lately.
But...if I do find that thing called time, expect it to happen.
As soon as I find a publisher.
And then people to buy it.
So somebody, please...I need time, a publisher, and readers.
That's all I need.
And maybe financing too.
Yep, that's it.
Easy right?

You know what else is easy?
These ladies.
Haha, okay that was a joke. {Is it just me or does writing "haha" on a blog post seem weird?}
Well shoot, maybe they are easy? I have no idea.
Kidding ladies.
Regardless of how easy they are, I know one thing.
They are awesome.
And you know how I feel about awesome...
I'm Tiffany and this is who I am: I have crushes on video game characters. I talk and have sung in my sleep once. I'm married to a military man and constantly learning how to make my marriage the best it can be. I go through my day planning out a playlist of songs that would make my life into a wicked cool movie. And I have the coolest job ever, which is throwing pamper parties with Perfectly Posh products. I'm a beautiful mess, but that's how God created me ;-)

Tales of Grace is about a little girl called "G" and her crazy mama, Rachel. G was a surprise baby, but a welcomed surprise non the less! Rachel's a bit of a wildcard and constantly struggles with not punching strangers in the face. Cake decorating and crafting are a few of our favorite things, but we'll settle for a few Real Housewives reruns any day. The adventures of a stay at home Momma aren't always graceful at Tales of Grace, but are always hilarious. Come by and see whats shakin'. 
G herself.
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K peeps.
Time to go visit those wonderful lady friends of mine.
And seriously.
Should I write a book?



  1. I definitely think you should right a book!!! I can see it being a Jen Lancaster style book... (she also has a blog). Jennsylvania.com and she has multiple books out... memoirs. Bitter is the New Black was her first one and she has had multiple others come out but her books are hilarious as well and I can definitely see you writing something like those!!

  2. You should DEFINITELY write a book, even start with an e-book. Shoot I'd be the first to buy it, I love supporting my fellow blogger-turned-book writers!
    I plan on beginning my own in the next year after doing more to develop my blog/following.
    Let us know how things progress, we're here to support you!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about your book! I just read the hilarious Mindy Kaling book and I fell in love with the style. I'm on Bossypants now and maybe I can do Ellen's book next!

  4. Just happened on your blog today and I adore it!


  5. You should totally write a book! I would buy it! I love your blog and your writing style. You have the makings to be an amazing author!

  6. Please, please write a book. I think its a fabulous idea!!

  7. I've thought about it too! You're definitely on the right track with your blog and growing it, who knows what you can find from here. But you should hit up some blog conferences and network like crazy. I bet you can do it!

  8. Yes, write a book! Since I was little I've always wanted to write a book, but I just don't know what to write about. A book based on your blog would be totes hilarious! I'd read it :)

  9. I've got a book in the works myself so YOU should definitely get one started. The biggest challenge is getting started- but seriously, just get that CRAP down on paper/laptop whatever and go from there!!! :)

  10. I would buy an entire box of your books like they were the next Girl Scout cookie. Seriously, I would. I would devour every word like it was a thin mint. I would stay up late at night, reading, just to get out the next belly laugh or chortle. GIRL! you MUST write this book!!!!!

  11. I wrote a book when I was 16 years old, and it was no easy feat. I, myself am no master of self-discipline, but it was hard to stick it out beginning to end. Novels are only fun to write when you're starting them and when you're ending them. Right now it is a slow side project of mine to rewrite it and get it ready for publishing eventually.

    You also don't need money to publish your book, unless you're planning on publishing it yourself, which is not reccommended. It's expensive and time consuming and not very profitable.

    You write your book, then you get an agent, and then your agent gets you a publisher. It's not super easy to get an agent, and then it's not easy for them to find a publisher, but it is possible!

    Also, from what I've learned, only about 5% of novelists can live on their writing income alone. Unless your book becomes Hunger Games huge, you're probably only going to make $5-7,000 for your first book.

    Don't want to be a downer or anything, just want to share the knowledge I accumulated when I was obsessed with being an author! :)Good luck!

  12. I can guarantee if you wrote a book I would read it!! It would be the only book I would read that wasn't required by a professor!! You're hilarious it would be amazing!

  13. I think it's safe to say that a large portion of the blogging community would buy your book! If you can make it as awesome and funny as your blog, I'm sure you'll be a shoe-in to get it published too.

  14. Write a book! I will if you will :)

  15. Adorable outfits, and loving the blazer with the shorts! As for the book, GO FOR IT! I love reading what you have to say every time I open a new post from you. As for the Ellen book, does it leave you in stitches? Have a great weekend!


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