Dear Erin,

Dear Erin,
When do you know it's time to leave your current job and pursue something new?
I am stewing and stressing over a job situation and would love an opinion!
Thanks Erin!

Dear Too Legit To Quit,  
Let me tell you when you know it is time to quit your job and do something different.
When you find yourself wondering if you should quit your job and do something different.
Listen girlfriend.
Your heart isn’t in it. Or so it sounds.
Along with that, you are pretty young. Or so I am assuming.
{Yes, the remainder of my answer is based solely off of sounds and assumptions}.
Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said about staying at the same job for years and years. People refer to this as discipline and contentment. Well at least I think that’s what they call it?
I wouldn’t really know.
However, there is also something said for trying new things when given the chance.
My life motto goes something like this
I am only going to live once (unless I turn into a cat which Lord willing I won’t), I might as well try everything once
Except marijuana. That stuff I never want to try. Unless I develop a severe case of glaucoma.
Eww, and tomato juice. Definitely don’t want to try that. \
Anyhow, what was I saying?
Right. Your job.
You only live once.
Why waste it away doing something that you “kinda” like?
Experience a new job and you will experience new thoughts. New skills. New ways of doing things. New people to go to Happy Hour with. 
{The last one mentioned being the most important}
So here you have it—you think you want to do something different? Do it.
The worse thing that could happen? You don’t like it. Well guess what.
You can then do something different.
Try enough jobs and I believe you will find the one that is the perfect fit for you.
Best of luck.

Dear Erin,
Hi. My boyfriend and I just started living together and I'm wondering if you have any advice for this particular problem--he brushes his teeth weird. It's hard to explain, and he has really nice teeth so his method must be working, but it's the messiest thing I've ever seen. We're talking foam all over his face. We've been in the habit of brushing our teeth together, and so I've even watched him to figure out how he does it. I'm still clueless. And kind of grossed out. He's pretty confused, too. We've talked about it, and he's admitted it's a problem. We're both in the dark about how to fix it. Perhaps a tooth brushing tutorial? Recommended best practices?

Dear Foaming with Frustration,
What a horrible problem this must be in your household.
I can’t imagine being a messy tooth brusher. How disgusting.
Okay. So I feel his pain. Here is what I blame the above “situation” on.
As in you and my husband.
The people that we brush alongside.
If you both weren’t so darn cute, we wouldn’t salivate so much over you while we have a toothbrush in our mouth. 
So no, it is not our technique that it is wrong.
And no, it is not because our dental hygienists have told us that we have the most saliva they have ever seen in ones mouth {although I did take that as the biggest compliment ever}
It is because of your smokin’ good looks.
So you want us to be better, cleaner, more civilized brushers?
Don’t be near us.
Easy as that.

Dear Erin,
My husband just realized he lost his wedding ring and he has no clue where or when he lost it. I am not at all happy about this and he  thinks I am overreacting. He thinks we can just go buy a new one and it will be just the same but to me it is a symbol of our marriage. So what is your thought on this am I overreacting or is he taking it too lightly? Thanks for your input.
Dear To Ring Or Not To Ring,
My first question to you is—where did he lose it?
That was just like asking you what your first name is right after I used your first name.
We will ignore the fact that this ring could’ve went missing at a strip club. Kidding.
Married men don’t go to strip clubs.
I do not think you are overreacting, nor do I think your husband has the right to just waltz into a jewelry store, act like nothing happened, and buy a new ring because he couldn’t keep it on his finger. I have come up with a solution. A compromise of sorts. This idea will prohibit him from buying a new ring, and it will also ensure that he never loses his ring again. 
My solution you ask?
A tattoo around his ring finger that says “I lost the first one.”
Problem solved.

And there you have it.
More of lifes ever so important questions solved.
Have any more you would like to ask?
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com
This world will be a better in no time.
Or at least we'll know not to brush our teeth around each other.

One last thing that has zero relevance to this post. Here is a snap shot from last night.
Isn't she beautiful?
If that doesn't make you want to leave your place of employment immediately, or lock your kids up in a closet for a solid hour, I don't know what will.
Cheers friends.



  1. The wedding ring tattoo idea is BRILLIANT!! :)

  2. HAHAHA. Erin. You should totally give out advice for real.

  3. I kinda scared my puppy from laughing so hard reading about the tattoo ring idea! you're too funny.

  4. I love the tattoo on the ring finger...Brilliant! I think you should do this for a living!

  5. "I lost the first one." hahahahahahahahahaha....priceless

  6. My gosh. I love your fabulous self!

  7. The tatt on the ring finger is a winner.

  8. You're amazing. You should probably write for an advice column in like Cosmo or something. Loving this!

  9. Gotta say, I'm so confused as to why anyone would give a damn about how her husband brushes his teeth.

  10. Oh my gracious, you are so dang funny! Love that teeth brushing picture! Hilarious!! :)

  11. BAHAHA! I lost the first one! Love it. But are we talking about losing the ring or the wife? Kidding. You never disappoint. Hilarious!

  12. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across this blog and it has MADE my day!! I have just spent nearly 30 minutes of my night creepin' around your blog. I LOVE IT! I have already added you to my list of blogs to follow and I cannot wait to follow along :)

    Ps-- the tattoo ring idea made me LOL!


  13. lol too funny! my favorite is the answer in regards to brushing teeth haha

  14. Foaming with frustration, is this what he looks like when he brushes?? =) http://iseeahappyface.com/upload/how-to-brush-your-teeth-like-a-manbTlI3k.jpg

  15. HAHA my fiance asks me all the time "can I just get a tattoo on my finger instead of a ring?" He hates wearing jewelry but I told him absolutely not- he will wear a ring & LOVE it lol.

    That picture of the wine glass=AMAZING.

    I agree with some of the people above- you definitely should be writing for an advice column or something...even your own book compliled of questions people ask you. You are hilarious!

  16. Erin,

    I'm not sure I was ever quite sold on your blog.
    (I'm perhaps just as honest as you.) ;)

    But, truth be told.
    I'm sold now.

    This blog was amazing. :)


  17. I noticed in one of your blog post you posted a picture of your IPad and on that IPad you were listening to Boyce Avenue. I was amazed because not a lot of people listen to them. Aren't they fabulous? Great blog by the way.

  18. LOVE the wedding ring tattoo idea!!

    The job advice is really going to help me, I'm content wear I am, but I don't want to be content, I want to be happy to be there. I think it might be because I work with all guys, yuck.

    xo kay

  19. funny funny funny. Love this!

  20. Oh my goodness Erin! You literally are cracking me up. I'm going to have to email you with my questions now, just for the sole purpose of seeing what type of hilarity you can come up with!

  21. Kinda' hoping he goes through with the whole tat on the ring finger thing. Makes for a good story anyway!!

    PS- I'm an Erin too so I often answer along with you... because I'm weird like that!

  22. Your toothbrush segment!! I'm rolling!!

  23. Okay... Seriously? "Too legit to quit", "Foaming with Frustration" ... and the tattoo? I am dying laughing. Its sad because I just snorted.. Out loud... at work... and had to pretend I have a horrible sinus issue for the moment. Thanks. But love this

  24. Lol I love the ring idea. I'm still laughing. Great post. I might have to ask you a few questions.

  25. I just found your cute little blog through your guest post at Two Hoots and a Holler, and I am loving it! I am definitely a new follower - this post was hilarious!
    I hope you'll check out my blog, Cupcakes and Candy Canes, sometime.


  26. This is so funny. Seriously... highlight of my day yesterday.

  27. My dad lost his ring before I was born and never replaced it...I never thought it was weird that he didn't have one - it's not like I ever thought he wasn't married - until I was about 20 years old!

  28. looove the ring tattoo suggestions! that will show him! haha

  29. You are a HOOT. Like, for real. You remind me of me. But funnier.

  30. HAHAHAHAHAHA. My husband lost his wedding ring three times before it went missing for good.

    1. OUR WEDDING NIGHT. It fell off in the car because apparently it was too big or something, and I found it a week later while I was at work.

    2. Laundromat. While he was in AIT he wasn't allowed to wear his ring so he put it in his pocket, forgot that he did, didn't tell me, and I found it in the dryer at the laundromat.

    3. He went to the field and lost it.

    Third times a charm I guess. We actually talked about getting rings tattoo'd so he'd stop losing it!


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