Dear Erin,

The time has come and I couldn't be any more excited.
As you may {or may not know} today marks the beginning of my new series:
Dear Erin,
My hopes is that this series will happen every Tuesday from now til' eternity.
I know, fat chance since my previous "series" have lasted a month.
Maybe two depending how good of an idea it was.

So anyhow--here is the deal.
The goal of this series is to get YOU the reader to ask me a question {Dear Abby style}
and then I can answer it in true Living In Yellow style.
Today, I have three lovely readers who have submitted questions.
Lets jump in and take care of business shall we?
Oh and just a side note-
I found out yesterday from a dear hater of this blog that I am not "cute enough" to give out advice.
Sorry people.
Ugly or not, I am giving out advice.
More on that brilliant comment tomorrow though...
Lets do this thang.
Dear Erin,
Is it bad that I have shopped bargain stores and the clearance rack my whole life and think that $20 is too much to pay for a normal t-shirt?
$20 Dolla Make You Holla {aka Hannah}

Dear $20 Dolla Make You Holla,
Let me tell you what a problem would be—
If you spent MORE than $20 on a “normal” t-shirt.
Let me tell you why.
If a “normal” t-shirt has a price tag of $20 or more it means one {or all} of the following:
1.It is hand wash only.
Which really means “buy this shirt—wear it a couple of times—never wash it because who in the world knows how to hand wash—and then retire the shirt because it now smells and/or has armpit stains"
2. It has sequins or some type of glitter all over it that will end up Lord knows where.
 It is an awkward moment when you get taken for a stripper.
Not that I would know or anything...
3. It has bows on it.
Bows that you will have to be smart enough to know how to tie properly.
Clearly a daunting task if your bow tying abilities are anything like mine. 
4. It is made out some type of expensive material
{ie: lambs wool, cashmere, goat thread, etc}.
This will most likely make you break out in allergic reaction which will send you to the ER.
Combine your ER bills with the price of shirt, and you have one hefty unnecessary expense.
So no, you do not have a problem.
 It is everybody else who looks all fancy that has a problem.
Stick to plain ole’ cotton.
Your life will be much less complicated.
And less expensive.
And a lot less itchier.
Dear Erin,
How come frogs don't have hair? I mean seriously...poor little things!! I think they should have hair! Not all over their body just at the top of their head like we do.
Not long either, just a neat and well managed hair style, even a military cut would work.
Maybe you can help.
All I Think About Is Frog Hair
{aka Teresa}
Dear All I Think About Is Frog Hair,
What do you mean frogs don't have hairstyles?
This little guy was sitting next to me at my hair appointment yesterday.
I had to take a picture of that little cutie and it's nice little hairdo just for you.

No but really, if you haven't seen any frogs at your local hair salon, this is what I recommend.
Buy a chia pet.
This way you can have full control over frogs and their hairstyles.
You want it to have a mullet? Make it have a mullet.
What about a nice little bob? Give it a bob.
You make that frog beautiful girlfriend.
But keep your eye open at your next hair appointment.
You may be surprised to see who is sitting next to you.
Dear Erin,
This has been a burning desire of mine to know the answer to for my entire life.
Or at least since I learned how to spell my name.
Why do people always think my name is Laura or Lauren, even when I spell my name out for them or even after I've worked with them for several years? It's mind-boggling.
Say My Name, Say My Name
{aka Laurel}

Dear Say My Name, Say My Name,
You poor thing.
There are two major factors playing against you.

1. America is a an awfully assuming bunch.
We assume we know it all.
Especially when it comes to your name.
You say Laurel, all we hear is Laura because well, we assume that's what you said.

2. We not only assume things, we listen to our Ipods at volumes that should be considered illegal.
Thus resulting in us not being able to hear what you are saying in the first place.
We see your mouth move, but those words that are coming out?
Totally didn't hear it.
So when you mouth say "Laurel" we see Lauren.

Here is what I recommend to get this traumatic problem fixed.
The next time somebody asks you your name, simply respond with:
"Bend over and I'll show ya"
That's all you have to say and trust me, you will have their attention.
This will cause them to stutter and then ask you to repeat yourself.
At which time, you can drop your real name on them like a bomb.
Believe you me, they will get your name correct from that point on.
Easy as that.

And there you have it.
Dear Erin, round one: Complete.

Wanna get it on the fun?
Email me your question at livinginyellow@gmail.com
I will do my best to help you solve all of lifes problems.
Or at least help try to figure out why frogs don't have hair...



  1. Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!! You are the funniest blogger I "know"!

  2. pahaha, "not cute enough to give advice."
    Has this person seen Maury?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH you are the absolute GREATEST. This made my day. And I'll be on the lookout for hairy frogs ;)

  4. HAHA! i lol'ed at every single one. you are a hilarious one.

  5. Ummm....eff the haters. Real talk. You are beautiful inside and out! And funny as all get out.

  6. Love your answers! I totally get the name thing... I am called Diane way too often, instead of Diana!!! So annoying!

  7. I laughed so hard ALL through the frog hair portion. hahaha! So funny!

  8. This is too funny !! I think I am going to love this series !!!

  9. love! and HOW on earth could you have a hater??! RUDE.DUDE.

  10. Oh my gosh, I was laughing so hard I was crying pretty much the entire time I was reading this. I read my husband the frog hair one and he looked at me like a total crazy person. Whatever...

  11. seriously am so excited for this series! I have a feeling I'm going to be laughing out loud a lot! you are fantastic!

  12. Fabulous per usual! Boo to the haters! U r he-lari-ous!! :)
    -Meesh :)

  13. Funny series! Found you about a week ago & have been having fun catching up on your bloggity-blog!

    Annnd since when did looks become a criteria for being able to give advice? Haha!

  14. As always, absolutely hilarious and true to yourself. It's so refreshing reading your blog. Always good for a laugh! Awesome dear! :)

  15. Who would think of these hilarious and helpful answers? Only you. I mean seriously, the frog chia pet? classic. You are hilarious AND BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to kick that hateful hate in the gnads for saying such a nasty thing. hatin is bad

  16. Erin - I started following you because of the RT from Guliana. I read you everyday because you make me laugh, even after a sucky, sucky day! Thank you for the smiles.

  17. People are so rude. Especially when they can hide behind their little computer screens. But your advice is tha bomb diggity. The cream of the crop (what does that even mean)and any other weird sayings that mean you're the best. I think you're awesome. And hilarious

  18. DEAR ERIN,

    I am sitting on my couch all alone (husband is working...I'm not THAT lame OKAY?) Anywho...this is HIGH-STERICAL. LOVE it! Like really...I laughed out loud the entire time.

    From the bow tying abilities to "Dear Say My Name, Say My Name"...you, my friend, are a hoot. And I'm darn glad to know ya!

    Ok but foreals...who the hell asks about frog hair. FROG HAIR?? REALLY???

    Ok-the end. I need to think of something to ask you. Like STAT.

  19. Dear Erin,

    You are so cute I've tried to be more like you. Even practising pouting in the car when my husband puts the petrol in. :) Maybe if I practise enough I can be YOU! Just the British, short haired with specs version of you!!


  20. Dear Erin,
    Your answer to my question just made my week. You are the bomb.
    AKA Laurel


  21. Hahaha! So glad we have you to answer all our questions and give us sounds advice! I hope this series continues forever!

  22. Bahahahahahhahaha! Whenever I need a laugh I know I can count on you :)

  23. funniest.post.ever. for reals, you had me dying!

  24. LOL, hilarious!

    totally love your blog miss!

    and am happy to be your newest follower! 1300th in fact!

    happy tuesday!

  25. This post made me awkwardly laugh/snort/gasp for air in my silent office at the computer screen.


  26. I have a feeling I'm really going to be loving Tuesdays from now on. Hilarious! That frog is rockin that hairstyle!

    Oh, and you're not cute enough to give advice? Really? Someone needs to lay off the haterade! Have a great day girlie!

  27. Hahaha "the bend over and I'll show ya" just made me crack up for like 5 minutes straight.

    Thank you for improving my crappy day at work :)

  28. I think I love you. Will you move to Ohio so we can be best friends? I promise to always lend you eggs & sugar!!!

  29. Lady you are hysterical, for serious! (and I'm a science geek, lol)

    Frogs are amphibians. Only mammals have hair, it's one of the features that makes up mammals instead of other warm blooded things (like birds)

  30. Argh.... where is the G+ button so I can share this (on the only network not blocked at work)!

  31. since when do you have to be cute to give advice? I guess Dr. Phill, Maury, Orlando, and Oprah are so succesful because of their daunting looks. People got no shame. Geez.
    This was funny. I absolutely love the first one. Keep 'em coming!

    I'll think of a question for you soon.

  32. Boooo to the person who said you are not cute enough to give advise!!!!

    I live on Laurel Dr so I promise if I ever met you I won't say it wrong and you won't have to ask me to bend over. lol!!!

    Love Dear Erin!

  33. From one "not cute enough" blogger to the next, very great post! As hilarious as all the ones previous.

  34. LOL dying!

    And don't listen to that anonymous B...she's just jealous of your awesomeness

  35. I wonder if this frog girl would have been among those to try licking a frog to find out what it tastes like, to only find out it's poisonous! It lives in water, it doesn't need hair!

  36. I really enjoy your blog! This is the first place I have found information on how to grow a blog and make it successful. I kept looking for answers ("How do I get sponsor's?") and couldn't find it anywhere. I really appreciate your honesty in helping others and for supplying information to other bloggers. Thanks so much!

  37. I really enjoy your blog! This is the first place I have found information on how to grow a blog and make it successful. I kept looking for answers ("How do I get sponsor's?") and couldn't find it anywhere. I really appreciate your honesty in helping others and for supplying information to other bloggers. Thanks so much!

  38. I know you turned off your comments for the mean girl post, but I seriously had to respond. First of all, girls like that really only have one feeling that is the root of the comments made about you, which is Jealousy. Plain and simple. I have been wanting to tell you for a while, and just haven't gotten around to it yet, that your blog is one of my favorites to read!! I think you are so funny, original, and just an all around good person! There are always going to be haters, but thank goodness for people like you who just want to be happy and encouraging. Someone who builds other's up instead of tearing them down.

  39. I feel Laurel's pain! People always ask me if my name is short for Marcia or Marsha & on top of that no one ever spells it right!

    Love this & am looking forward to Tuesdays & all the crazy questions people will be asking you.

  40. Hah! Ok the 3rd was my fav! Laugh out loud at my desk at work and pretend that accounting is actually funny! lol.

    My BFF is Lora, but is always called Laura. She was explaining to a guy at a bar one time her name was LORA with an "O" not LAURA and the guy said "with an O?...(long pause)..like LORO?". Ugh. Next! lol


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