Weekend Ramblings & Delightfully Darling.

Darn it Monday.
You always insist that you show your face don't you?
You guys, I must admit something. This was the best weekend ever. Well, the best weekend since the last best weekend I had. It was everything I didn't know I needed. Here is what it consisted of:
  • sushi with friends
  • Lunch date with my father, sister, and niece.
  • Wine tasting with my bestie
  • Ordering pizza--going to pick it up--and then realizing I ordered it at a location 20 minutes further away from the location I was at. You should have seen the looks on these peoples faces when I had my "aha" moment that I was at the wrong location. Whatever.
  • Girl talk over that same pizza and cocktails while the guys were consumed with basketball
  • Sunshine and laying out. Well at least for some of us.
  • Motorcycle rides. Or playing dress-up as an astronaut. Really, its one of the same.
  • Spray painting for my first time ever. More pictures to come. Obviously.
  • Grilling out with the husband, friend, and her babies.
  • Shopping. Not just any shopping though. Shopping for my new office to be. Holler.
  • Wearing yellow shoes two days in a row. I think I could live in yellow shoes. Yes, yes I could.
Anyhow. You get the point. It was beyond perfect.
You know what else is beyond perfect?
This girl below.
Teresa is one of the very first blogs I read. And still read. The girl knows how to dress. Something I consider a real talent. She has this awesome thing she does where she gets inspired by an outfit she sees elsewhere and then makes her own version of it.
You can check out what I mean here.
But not before you read below.
Trust me. You will love her blog. You just will. I know it.
And I don't know very much so that's sayin' a lot folks.
Howdy! Some of you may know me from various comments on Living In Yellow posts, and maybe even a few of you read my blog, Delightfully Darling (once called Teresa: Life and Style) but if you don't know me, then hello, its super wonderful to meet you!
I am really excited to be able to sponsor LIY this month, its truly one of my favorite reads and I just adore Erin and her amazing sense of humor.

As a looooong time reader of Erin's blog, Living in Yellow, you can imagine my excitement when I saw the above photo on LIY, originally posted here I kinda felt like I "made it" ya know, like Mickey Mouse and the Tooth Fairy called and told me I won the lottery!

Over at my little corner of the blogisphere, Delightfully Darling, I write about a lot of things. I used to try to focus on just keeping my blog about my daily outfits... then I realized I was shopping for the sake of outfit posting and knew I needed to make a change.

Now my blog is about EVERYTHING! I still write about outfits but learned how to REMIX (see example above) and I have also added things to my blog like: my daily life, things that inspire me, I spotlight other blogs I find that I fall in love with, I write about thrifting (a lot) and also school since I am a full time student. Its a jumbled mess of randomness but its laid out beautifully, at least to me, complete with purple text and lots of photographs.
I hope that you will check out my little world over at Delightfully Darling, and if you like it, stick around... I am always on the hunt for new blog buddies.
Okay kids.
Have fun ooohing and aaahing at her amazingness.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well.
Come back tomorrow for the second round of Dear Erin,
It's gonna be good. I got a feeling. And you know what they say about feelings..
Your right. I don't know either.



  1. the moto helmet picture reminds me of this...http://www.extremekids.com/Reviews/behind%20wheelblendedflat-1.jpg

  2. this just made me laugh so hard. where did you get that helmet girl?


  3. Love those pink chevron pillows:)

  4. Teresa is great!! Sounds like you had a super busy amazing helmet wearing weekend......love the pic!!!

    Enter the June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening Giveaway!

  5. that paint brand rocks!! we jusst used it on a kids tableandit only needed 1 coat!

  6. I cant wait to see the finish product on your adventures in spray painting... and of course the completed new office! Its going to be beautiful, I just know it :)

    Thank you for my guest post too! I feel like a shining star m'lady love!

    xo Teresa

  7. i adore yellow shoes and have recently realized that i do not HAVE any! i used to have this amazing pair of peep-toe wedges... i don't know where they went. anyways... it's cosmic or something that i stumble on over here and see yours. i'm obligated to get some now.

    also, the way you write rocks.

  8. Dang girl, I'm loving your weekend just as well!!!
    Did you meet back up with your mother ship ? Hehe ;-)
    Your dog is also the cutest thing.
    I'm gonna check out her blog!

  9. Sounds like a PERFECT weekend! A bike ride sounds glorious!

  10. love your blog!!! i must have this candle - where is it from?

  11. You are so cute!! Loving your blog hun!! Happy Monday.

  12. sounds like an amazing weekend. did they make you drive the 20 minutes to get your pizza??

  13. Love your yellow kicks!! such a cheery color :)

  14. Yellow is SUCH a happy colour. Just the name of this blog perked me up. Now I want to go and put on my yellow shoes and paint my nails like a sunflower. Looking forward to reading more :) :)


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