Awkward And Awesome.

I know I know.
Awkward & Awesome Thursdays has kinda been a thing of the past around here.
My apologies.
However, today it is back.
Insert cheers, high fives, and booty smacks.
Let’s dive into these finer moments of my life shall we?


1.   Pulling up to a stop light, windows down, blasting {and I mean blasting} Ice Ice baby. And then turning your head only to find a car on each side, with their window down, staring at you with those concerned “Oh no you are not blasting Ice Ice Baby right now” eyeballs.
Yeah, like so.
The only way to mend this situation? The awkward head nod while simultaneously turning down the volume.  And by mend I mean increase the awkward level by another 80%.

2.   Having somebody notice and call me out on the fact that my work pant’s hemline was being held together with paper clips and staples. “Are those paperclips on your pants?!?!?” And instead of a normal response like “Oh my gosh, how in the world did paperclips and staples get on my pants?!?” I say “Crap. I knew I should’ve colored those black so they would blend in.”
It’s called making your office supplies work for you people. And really. Who knows how to sew anyhow?

3.   Calling somebody on the phone and asking “Is this Sheila?” “Uh. No. This is Dan”. Woops. Sorry. I bet you feel like a real man right now huh Dan? Tell me friends—how does one recover from that situation? Simple. You don’t.

4.   Phlegm. Enough said.

5. The fact that my husband and I find it necessary to have 10. Yes, I said 10. 10 drinks on the counter at one time. Just for the two of us.
….and the best for last {you need to read this. Seriously. Read it}

6.   Having a waitress ask a friend of yours if he would like another beer. His response “I’ll have one with dinner”. Waitress “I’m sorry, what?” “Oh, with dinner. I’ll have another one with my dinner.” Waitress leaves and comes back probably 5-10 minutes later. In a very confused state says “I’m sorry—we don’t have any wood thinner. I asked my manager though and he said we have paint thinner”. I kid you not friends. Those exact words came out of her mouth. At which point I fell off my chair from laughing so hard {true story}. Surprisingly enough, this paint thinner serving restaurant is no longer in business. Shocker.


1.   I’ve mentioned it’s been mid 80s and sunny for like two weeks here in Northern Indiana right? Okay. Just checking. Tan lines in March? I'm down with it.
2.   My husband. For putting up with me while I made him paint my new office to be three nights in a row this week. Husband, You rock. Just fyi. And yes friends, pictures will be coming once it is all complete. Patience people. Patience. {That was really more of a reminder to myself. Not to you.} Okay fine. You convinced me. Here is a small small sneak peek.
3.   The fact that this weekend involves friends, Chicago, RPM Italian {my homegirl G’s restaurant}, our favorite band, dancing, and lots of unforeseen amazeballs moments.
It’s going to be epic I tell you. Epic.

4.   My little pony. I really have no idea what this picture is all about, but clearly in that moment it had my heart.
5.   And of course, you. Even now when I recently became the self proclaimed champion for “Worst Blogger To Comment On Other Blogs” you still pull through in the clutch and show me love.
Good grief. How do you do it? Sometime I will get better at that. Maybe?
Anyhow, congratulations on being not as sucky as myself. Job well done.

Hap Hap Happy Thursday Kitten Britches. Go make it a good one.


  1. ah ha ha ha. the my little pony literally threw me off the couch. you are obviously awesome.

  2. I just had a Cadbury Cream Egg for dinner. I wish I saved room for some paint thinner though. That sounds delish...

  3. Where did you get that MLP? Did you buy it or is it vintage? I am dying. You are hilarious and I want to ride shotgun next time you are jamming to Vanilla Ice. We would own it.

  4. Paint thinner?!?!?! Really? I can't believe that. How hilarious. I would have peed my pants laughing.


  5. I think I need to just come spend a day with you and I will walk away with sides hurting, great memories & lots of awkward and awesome posts! ;)

  6. The paint thinner story is so absurd it actually makes me angry. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT SERVER'S BRAIN??

  7. Love the sneak peak pictures of your office!! and the my little pony picture is also phenomenal :)

  8. haha! I am so glad that someone else uses staples to hold her pant hemline together! I tried the sewing thing and the dang thing just keeps coming apart. Why don't they just make pants that stay together? My skirts and jeans don't seem to have this problem!

  9. paint thinner?! hahahaha.

    i love the sneak peek. your office looks so pretty!

  10. The weather has been AMAZING here in Northern Iowa too!! Loving it!

  11. You're posts make me happy.
    I wish this was a link up.
    I heart My Little Pony.
    At any given point in time I have approximately 6-15 half full water bottles on my bed side table.
    That's it. that's all i got.

  12. thank you for cracking me up on a daily basis!

  13. Omg great post. I found I little lost my little pony at work the other day ( I work retail) and brought it home to my daughter. I so played with it more than she did. I had loads of them as a kid. Bak when they were my "pretty" little pony!

  14. pah ha ha! This was awesome! Awkward and Awesome Thursday has been on hiatus on my blog for some time also! You have inspired me to bring it back next week!!


  15. You make me laugh. Out loud.
    Thank you.




  16. I get those same looks at lights...oh well, right? Rock on sister!!

  17. When I was a grad student the curtains in my apartment were held up by duct tape and those industrial strength staples (totally stapled a curtain to my wall by accident). My mother just shook her head when she visited.

  18. I am a dedicated reader ; not so much a commenter until today when you said you live in Indiana. Just another reason to make you a favorite ; I'm in Indianapolis !! :)

    Just a cool coinsidence...maybe my slightly akward moment, myself. :)

  19. oh my haha! where to begin?!?!? Ive actually STAPLED my work pants hem but noone noticed! and i recently found a pair of troll earrings that i used to wear as a kid...im thinking of bringing those back into style...maybe like your ice ice baby song.
    happy thursday!!

  20. I've been following for a little while now, but didn't realize you were an Indiana girl. I'm in Ohio-- yayy for being neighbors!

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure every morning I scare people at stoplights bc I'm jamming to Spice Girls, any boy band possible, Michael Jackson, etc before 8am.

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  22. Be sure to order Mama DePandi's Bucatini Pomodoro pasta at RPM - delish.

  23. i am always cleaning up leftover cups all over our house! i swear, i don't know how they accumulate like that!

  24. Love love love the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the finished room:)

  25. Just passing through...I Love your post! Not too long ago I was caught at a stoplight seat dancin' to Justin Beiber! *eeps!*

    Will definitely check back to see the finished room!

  26. Love this! Your number 2 awkward is awesome. I tagged you today in my post!


  27. I hope you see G! If you see Bill try to get him to put some socks on with those loafers. Sweaty feet are such a turn off! xx

  28. I have done the staple the hem on my work pants trick too!! hahah Someone noticed it as well so next time around I attempted double stick tape. It was not as successful as the staple.

    The new office looks EXTREMELY cute!! Can't wait to see the rest.

    I'm sure there will be a G Rancic post soon. I will be back to read it FOR SURE!! Jealous!!

    p.s. I tagged you in the post I did today. When you get a chance you should check it out!!

  29. Wood thinner??!! That is so frightening. And incredibly hilarious! What on earth???!!! haha...I'm still laughing.

    OMG PLEASE please PLEASE for the love....let us know how Chicago goes (and G!), take tonnes and tonnes of pics!
    Have fun!!!

  30. Saying “HI” from the Blog Hop! I’m already a follower and LOVE your blog. ^_^

  31. You had me at my little pony. Love then.


  32. yesssssssssssssss you have a shine pillowwwww!:)

  33. LOL....the paint thinner comment is hilarious. The things people say...

  34. You blast ice ice baby too? I knew there was someone else out there.I pretty much think I am the coolest person I know when I do that. Not to brag or anything but I know all the words (i'm sure you do to) and I sound pretty dope rapping it.

  35. The awkward pant moment made me laugh so hard! It sounds like something I would do!

    XO Lourdes

  36. This is my first time on your blog and this was the first one I read and nearly cracked up laughing ar your awkward moments...especially that last one. *Priceless*. I actually found you through the "I Believe In" link up that someone else I follow had done. And now I'm following you because I'm already loving your blog! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! Happy Friday!

  37. Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving exploring it! I love in Northern Indiana, as well! Fort Wayne, to be exact! I'll be sure to stop by again real soon!


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