Weird. My Eyeballs Get Heavy When Tired.

Have I mentioned I am tired yet?
Oh right.
My title gave that away.
But seriously--Lord knows what may come out of my mouth right now.
One thing I've learned--never write a blog post when half asleep.
Also never record yourself dancing after a few cocktails and think you should post it on the Internet.
On second though--do post it.
Just don't let your husband see it because he will delete it like it's hot.
All because you were droppin' it like it's hot.
Oh husbands, they can be so silly like that sometimes.
But seriously--I am really tired.
Insomnia has decided it should be my best friend all of a sudden.
I'm not really diggin' its friendship, but hey--you take what you can get right?
Because of this fact--I'm letting other amazing people do the talking for me today.
Please oh please get to know them.
You know my life motto--you should become friends with at least 3 amazing people a day.
Your right, I just made that up but it has a nice ring to it doesn't it?
Now go live out that motto.
Hello friends!
I'm Natalie and I blog at Living & Learning 
My blog is a place to share all of my moments, the good and the bad, with the world.
It's filled with tons of happy, crazy, ridiculous things, and the occasional sad post, but mostly,
 it's full of me.
I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, and a huge goofball. 
 I'm from the great state of Texas
Currently, I'm an interior design student at Texas Tech 
As for the rest of it, God has given me a pretty great little life and I couldn't be happier. 
 I hope to see all of you soon!
Hi Y'all!  My name is Susan!
You can find me and all my adventures over at 2 cats & chloe.
{Yes, I have two cats and a Chloe.  All of which are proud rescue animals!}
So you may ask what kind of adventures I partake in... 
I travel.  
A lot. 
 Road trips, mission trips, backpacking trips, business trips... lots of trips, sometimes falls.
I eat. 
 Paleo foods mostly.  No, I don't eat dinosaurs.
I craft.  
Usually as my creative release at the end of a stressful day.  (Along with red wine!)
I blog.  
About life with my 2 cats and chloe.
(And my friends, family, and boyfriend - don't worry,
I'm not some crazy cat lady who only talks about fur balls and litter boxes.  Eek!)
I would LOVE IT if you took a little trip over to my blog, looked around, and dropped me a line!  
Oh, and did I mention I have an awesome giveaway going on?  
But you have to stop by the blog to see what it is! :) 
Hello lovers!  I'm Rachel from My Happily Ever After!
I'm a puppy lovin doggie mama and a major Hubby lover, who adores crafting, dressing up, drinking wine, wasting endless amounts of time on Pinterest and taking ridiculous amounts of photos.  I'm also totally and unequivocally obsessed with my slow cooker and love to put together simple, cheap, delicious recipes that are ready to wow the Hubster and I the moment we get home.

I recently opened the My Happily Ever After shop,
which features handmade home decor for the wine lovers like moi. 
I use corks, bottles, labels and other mediums to make fabulous custom decorative pieces, just for you!

So stop by, say hi, and let's be friends!
Told ya they were amazing.
Have fun getting to know them :)

PS. The other reason I'm so tired?
This girl and I have spent the past hour tearin' it up on the dance floor.
Or office floor.
That little girl loves to back her thang up.
Can't say I blame her.

Happy Tuesday Maniacs.



  1. Lovely group of gals - I'm lovin the Happily Ever After shop! Anything wine - related is up my alley! :) Get some rest girl!

  2. hehe, I love that you have dance parties with your dog. You are officially wonderful.

  3. Awh dance parties with the puppy! Love it!!

  4. Ahhhhh, your dog looks exactly like my beloved Baby Bear. It's like looking into the past and all the great times we had together...


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