That Time Of The Month.

No, No, No.
Not that time of the month Thank God.
Because you know if it was I would probably be crying while writing this post.
And then kicking the monitor for no reason at all.
And then groaning because that little man inside my stomach is tearing my insides to pieces.
Oh, and I would be refusing to speak an actual word to anybody in sight.
Because that's what I do yo.

Instead of acting like a hormonal freak of nature, I am letting you know it's that other time of the month.
The time to officially say "I am accepting March sponsors"
Although lets be real.
I'm accepting sponsors for 2014 if that's what your in to.

You know where to find all of the options.
And if you don't--the appropriate place to look is here.
Email me if you want to get signed up.
Remember, it is a first come first serve basis.
So hurry your buns.

As you know...
{that was kind of awkward maneuvering those words I'll have you know..}

I look forward to hearing from you crazy cats.

PS. Can we just all come to an agreement that these posts are always kind of awkward?
Thanks for your understanding.

PPS. Ten minutes after the writing of this post, it became "that time of the month"
What the ?!?!?!??!??!?!?!
A whole week early none the less.
I am not kidding you on this one.
I have hate emails to my husband to prove it to you.
And no, not hate towards him.
But towards how messed up this whole scenario is.
It's a curse.
A freakin' curse I tell you.
Last time I ever say that I am not a hormonal freak of nature.
Let's face it.
I am always a hormonal freak of nature.I am off now.
To cry.
And refuse to speak to anybody.



  1. Is ti bad I love all your posts? Including "that time of the month"?!

    I think we are pretty darn close on the awkward scale. I work REALLLY hard to not sound as weird as I do in real life when I write. Lame.

    xoxo Meghan

  2. lol you're a mess girl...but I love it! :)

  3. I'm on board the Erin train for march! Woo!
    Oh that's so odd about Tom. I hate that little devil too...


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