Short Story.

Yesterday morning I was driving along minding my own business.
And then, all of a sudden I felt my car acting a little funny.
I remembered my husbands recent drilling of my head saying
"If your car ever acts weird..tell me right away"
{instead of  waiting a solid 3 weeks like I normally would do...}
So, I did what any good girl would do.
I picked up my phone and dialed.
"Hey hunny--you told me to tell you right away when my car acts funny"
"Okay, so what's going on?"
"Well, every time I turn..my car slides and its weird"
"Uhhhh...there is ice on the road."
{insert hard, hard laughter from the Mr}
Hang up.

Dear husband,
You are never, ever, finding out again if something goes wrong with my car.

The End.



  1. This is something I would definitely do! It should be a rule that no one can laugh at your or use your mistakes when it happens in the morning. I always use the excuse "well I'm really tired".

  2. This sounds like something I would do! And shame on your hubby for laughing at you! Seriously though, you took his advice and called! :)

  3. lol aw I'm sorry he laughed. And I'm sure he'll never hear a single thing about your car ever again!
    Lauren @ Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees

  4. Erin you crack me up! Lately me and my coworker discovered you at work and can't get enough! You're a daily topic! Anyways you're amazing and have given me the little push I needed to start my own blog. Check it out at letmebecreative.wordpress.com


  5. Crap! Thats funny!!! I read this to my husband...he says that your an idiot...and then he told me that it sounds like something I would do, cuz I'm an idiot too!!! Dont worry, I'll kick him later for ya! Thanks for the laugh! You always make my day!

  6. Haha that's great.
    I would totally say the same thing!
    You are just too cute!


  7. hahaha i love this. my hubs is the opposite... he always downplays while im freaking out.

  8. Lmbo....Oh hunny....Im sorry he laughed, but I prob would have too. We do live in the midwest doll. That being said, my hubs was once able to convince me there was some sort of liquid in headlights. So not cool.

  9. Erin, I felt the same way yesterday morning! It was sliding weird. I thought I had a flat tire!!! You are not alone on this one!

  10. LMAO! This is hilarious and so something I would do!!! :)

  11. I got one word for this situation: BUTTFACE!!

    That is too funny, My Mum would -kill- my Dad if he did that!!

  12. hahahahah MEN!!! I drove with a flat tire for apparently longer than I should have. I got reamed out about how I could have damaged the rim. It turned out, it was fine but now I know what a flat tire feels like. Oops.

  13. My car is always acting up. My fiance always thinks I'm silly when I call to tell him and its because of something like water on the road or the fact that I FORGOT to turn my air on and that is why it isn't working. Man, I feel you pain.


  14. Tried your lemon water thing by the way -- works like a charm :D
    You may count me as a digestive system helped. Go tell your husband that, maybe it'll help the icey road blunder

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  16. HAHAHA.
    i am sorry, but that totally sounds like something i'd do.

  17. And that is when you have a giant "F-YOU" across your face when you see him next... stupid men. ;)

  18. haha this is great! sounds like something I would do. and my husband would do the same thing as well!


  19. Uh, have you never driven before?

  20. Hahahaha story of my life. I am so oblivious when it comes to cars. I LOVE your blog because I can so relate. I think, I hope we would be the best of friends! :)


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