Share That Love Girlfriend.

So here's the deal--
I've got about a thousand thoughts running through my brain right now and only one hour to write.
These two factors brought together equal one massive headache.
Which is why I brought in my reinforcement, wine, for the writing of this post.
Excuse me while I take a sip.

Okay much better.
Can we just all thank wine for one brief second for the many healing abilities it posseses?
Moving on.
 I just want to share with you what's been on my heart the past while.
You see, sometimes blogging scares me.
Hear me out on this one.

Blogging is incredible.
But sometimes, just sometimes, I think--do I pour more of myself into the relationships I build through blogging/twitter/facebook than I do the actual, "real life" relationships I have surrounding me?
You see--It is so easy to tell somebody online that you love them.
In fact, I say "love ya girl" several times a day on this here Internet.
{My husband finds this absurd. I find it awesome.}
I tell you lovely ladies how beautiful you are.
Inside and Out.
I tell you I will pray for you.

And then I think..
When is the last time I randomly told my friends or family that I love them?
Or that they are beautiful?
Or more importantly, that I am praying for them?

You guys.
This is SO important.
It is great that we are building these relationships together.
Truly, it is more than great.
I get SO much joy from your comments, emails, tweets, etc.
Just last night I opened up an email and I sat there with real hot tears running down my face as I read her words.
The love that I felt from a complete stranger overwhelmed me and I just couldn't shake it.
Have you ever felt completely absorbed in love?
It is a beautiful thing.
And each time this happens, I stop myself and I pray.
I ask the good Lord for two things.
1. I ask Him to bless your life the way that you just blessed mine.
2. And then I pray that you share this love with somebody IN PERSON the way you just shared it with me.

Go tell somebody you know that you admire them.
Thank them for inspiring you.
Tell a complete stranger that they are beautiful.
Just show your love the way that you show it so effortlessly on the internet.

I could go on for another hour about my emotions right now.
Amazing things happened last night.
Which I will talk about later this week.
But all I could do last night is pray.
And thank God for YOU.
Each and every one of you who show up to my space daily.
For your love.
For your inspiration.
And for the joy that you so freely give.
And in that moment, all I could keep thinking about {for you and I both} is:
"Don't let this love be confined to these internet walls.
Take this out out in the real world, and share it."

Anyhow, with all that being said--thank you.
Seriously, from the bottom of my heart thank you.
I know I've told you before--but its true.
I love you.

Now please, go share your love with those that matter most to you.
You have so many blessings to give and so many blessings you have yet to receive.

Just go be.




  1. Incredible post. Such a great reminder. Thank you. Enjoy your wine and your Monday night. :)

  2. Loved this post, a great reminder.

  3. LOVE this, now I need to say all the cheesy things I say on the internet to my real-world friends :)

  4. This is such a great reminder. YOU are such an inspiration.


  5. How encouraging! Thanks for the great post!!

  6. What a beautiful reminder. I find it so easy to get caught up in life sometimes and I forget about the truly important things. I love posts like these!!

  7. Amazing post! This is such a wonderful reminder!

  8. I absolutely love this post! You are truly amazing love! :)

  9. So, so true. I think about this often, actually. Such a lovely reminder :) Ps. I almost died at your most recent posts- beyond jealous of your phone call with G! She seems so sweet!

  10. You are absolutely right.
    THANK YOU for posting this and reminding me...

  11. Wonderful reminder! Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life is far too easy!

  12. I caught the second half of fashion police this morning while doing some school work...listened to G critique the Grammy's...and I thought of you! :) great post, good reminder, awesome thoughts. THANKS!


  13. Well said! I still want to know more about Julianna Rancic! LOL

  14. What a great post! I've been thinking about this a lot lately, actually. I read about a million blogs and I hardly ever leave comments. That mostly is because I'm reading while at work, and that's a little against the rules.

    But I wonder sometimes, for all the time and energy I'm using to read/comment/think about these blogs, am I sharing myself enough at home. In my community. With my husband and family? It's a hard thing, I think. But I love that you just threw this all out there. :)

  15. oh love love love love this. such a great reminder. :) i'm sad that i have only just now found your blog (thanks to you and giuliana!) you are brilliant and beautiful and all those wonderful things! now - off to text a few friends and family and tell them how much i love them! xoxoxo

  16. I agree. and it's not just the internet, sometimes you get lost in the moment... always take time for your loved ones. :)

  17. A much needed reminder to never take for granted the people in your life. We need to love in person as freely as we do in "secret." Thanks!

  18. This is so true and beautifully written! I'm the same way and I feel that it's actually easier to get to know friends online. I value my online friendships just as much as my IRL ones and I actually talk to my blog friends more than my own friends. Thanks for the reminder! "Love ya" :) XO

  19. One of my favorite things about blogging is the people I meet. I've met so many awesome people through my blog and through Live Journal. That's why I do this. And also to show off my photos. ;)


  20. So, So, So true!!! Thanks so much for the little reminder and reality check.

  21. Thank you for this... Did I make you cry? If it wasn't me (and I imagine it wasn't!), please know that you have been this same inspiration to me as the person who did bring those little tears to your eyes! You are a GOOD person!!

    Fondly, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  22. You read my mind!!!!! I thought about this a lot this past weekend. I wanted to make sure I was still giving my IRL friends the love and attention they deserve from me as well. I spent Saturday night writing cards to each of my close friends thanking them for our friendship and how much they mean to me. I wrote one to Billy too. It made me feel so much better!

    XO loveyyyy

  23. You're so cute, this is a great post and I entirely agree. It is easier online somehow, but probably more important in person! Thanks for the reminder!

  24. This is such a beautiful and well wrote post...I will def. take your advice and go share the love.

  25. What a fab post, you are so right and I'm gonna do it! I'm so grateful for finding your blog, you are an inspiring person, truly.


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