Roses Are Red..Violets Are Blue...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When you smile at me,
I want to jump all over you.

Your muscles are so big.
But your brain is so bright.
And because you are so smart,
You know better than to fight.

Cats are weird,
But babies are cute.
My heart would be sad,
if you ever went mute.

Our living room walls are brown,
Your car is tan.
I will forever always be,
Your number one fan.

Your teeth are so white,
And your eyes are so blue.
If I didn't have you in my life,
I wouldn't have a clue.

We met when we were young,
Ten years later we are now old.
You are my favorite person to cuddle,
when I get cold.

Maggie is our dog,
And when you sleep you sometimes act like a bear.
You are so much cuter,
Than any pair of my underwear.

Daisies are yellow,
the grass is green,
You make me happier
Than a Mexican jumping bean.

The opposite of happy is sad,
The opposite of love is hate.
When I met you,
I knew it was fate.

I love that your name is Shawn.
And not something boring like Rod.
With all this working out you’ve been doing,
You’ve got a rockin’ hot bod.

The work days can be long.
But on Friday's we get paid.
I love the weekends,
Because it means I can get......
{haha sorry--it was too easy}

You like to drink coffee in the mornings.
And if you don't you are in a fog.
I like to press my limits,
With you on this blog.

Your birthday is in June.
And the month before that is May.
I guess all I am trying to say is..

Love you baby.

PS. If you are dying to know what our Valentines plans are, you can find out here.



  1. awwhheeee!!! and you are ROCKIN' that swimsuit!!!

  2. you are way too cute! This was absolutely adorable! so original and so perfect. I hope you and your love have a wonderful valentines day!

  3. so sweet! Love that you dated when you were so young. I just posted a picture of my husband and I from high school. what a fun valentine's post!

  4. so sweet! Love that you dated when you were so young. I just posted a picture of my husband and I from high school. what a fun valentine's post!

  5. Ok this awesome. You are so creative and talented. Love. :) Have a great day!

  6. omg this was super cute. I sortof teared up a little bit at the last photo when I was reading that quote :)

  7. Now that is so poem talent! This is so cute! Have a great Valentine's!

    Bennett Love

  8. This is so so sweet! I love all the pictures of the two of you =)

  9. This is so so sweet! I love all the pictures of the two of you =)

  10. This is so awesome!! You two are adorable together, and I think it's so sweet that you came up w/ this yourself! Enjoy your V-Day plans!! :)

  11. You should have a book of poems. Ones that I can copy and quote as my own. My fiance would be impressed.

  12. Girl can rhyme! Lol love this poem, so cute and you and your honey look great in all your pics!

  13. Oh my gosh, could you two be any cuter! Love seeing all the photos of you guys throughout the years.

  14. Hahaha girlfriend that had me laughing out loud. You two are too cute! Love this!

  15. you are the cutest ever! this is adorable. he's a lucky man ;)

  16. This is adorable!!! Such cute poems - you and your hubs are so cute together :)

  17. SO ADORABLE!!!


  18. This was.... ADORABLE! You are quite the poet!

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  19. this is SO sweet! & the fact that your husband used to have an earring made me chuckle :)

  20. This is adorable! I just died of all the preciousness goin' on in this post. I hope me and my future husband are as cute as you and yours are

  21. Um...ya'll are both workin those hot bods! Happy v-day, love birds!

  22. this is absolutely presh. i LOVE it. you look gorgeous in the bright blue top + blazer and the bright green scarf!

  23. Aww this was so cute & creative! lol
    Hmm...I wonder what word rhymes with "paid" hehehehe

  24. Great rhyming skills!
    What a great post, you two do make the cutest couple!
    Have a fantastic valentines day.

  25. I LOVE your poems!!! Crackin' me up! I'm sure your hubby loved them too...even if you pushed your limits on the Friday getting paid one. :)

    MAN! 10 years ago you did look like a couple of little baby faces!!!!!

  26. This is the best, made me giggle, but it was so genuine! Happy V-Day!

  27. best valentine's rhyme ever! You guys really are the cutest! And Chick-fil-a for dinner, I'm kinda jealous :) Enjoy your love!

  28. Made me laugh out loud. Have a great V day!

  29. Hmmm, you've inspired me to give poetry a try! Nice!

  30. this is the cutest thing of all time!!! Happy Valentines Day!

  31. Haha I think this poem tops the Chick-fil-a date you have later. Have a great day!

  32. haha too funny, this post made me giggle

  33. Well said, lady! Despite your desire to "push the limits," I think he'll appreciate this post, especially with the weekend comment. ;-)

  34. Ha! I almost died when I read this... especially the part about getting paid because that means that you can get...MARMALADE!
    Who doesn't love some good ol' jelly?!

  35. This was too cute! You're a super awesome wife! Happy Valentine's Day to you two! xoxo

  36. super cute poem! looking at all those cute pics of you and your hubby made me realize he looks like Miranda's husband(did they get married?) from Sex and the City.. his real name is David Eigenberg, you should look him up see if you agree! The funny thing is he is married to a girl that kinda looks like you!

  37. Awwww this was the best post ever! Good writing and hilarious!! You two are just too stinkin cute and you're made for each other. Love this!

  38. omg! you are just way too cute! and super funny! this is amazing. love love love this! and you guys are the cutest couple.

  39. hahahah that is soooo cute! I especially love the part about going mute. haha....I'm still laughing...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubs!

  40. If your husband didn't upgrade your Chick-Fil-A meal after this poem I'm disappointed. BTW we don't have such an AWESOME restaurant so I had to google about the yumminess. Hope it was tasty!!


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