The Night I Had To Pinch Myself

Once upon a time there was a girl named Erin.
And everywhere that Erin went, her Ipad seemed to follow.
On Sunday, February 19th Erin and her Ipad fell asleep on the couch together.
Those two sleepy heads woke up around 10 pm and naturally--
Erin had to say hello to her Ipad.
So she turned it on--
opened her email--
and thought
"Hey that's weird. Why is Twitter blowin' up my inbox?!"
So naturally--Erin clicked on a random email from Twitter.
And this is what she opened it up to:
This caused Erin to only be able to yell one thing.
{Because whenever Erin gets excited--she tells whatever made her excited to shut up}
And then she proceeded to yell to her husband
"Guess who is following me on Twitter!!!"
"Seriously. Guess"
"No like oh my gosh, you will never believe who is following me on Twitter"

But then it gets better-
Erin opened up her Twitter account and wham bam thank you ma'm.
This is what she saw:
Miss Queen G just tweeted--me?

I'm over the 3rd person talk for the remainder of the post--
we are now referring to Erin as me.
There is something about 3rd person talk that gets creepy real quickly.

Okay back to that tweet--did you catch the part that said
And then the part that said "I'm hooked on your blog"
but what about the part that says
"You have the sweetest "About" I have ever read?!"

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Instantly I freaked.
And then I exclaimed "Oh my gosh, I have to tweet her back!!!"
So naturally--I grab that Ipad and I start writing all sorts of things to Giuliana.
I think my first tweet went a little bit like
and then I switched it to something a little freakish to--
but then that husband of mine saw what I was typing and piped in instantly
"No. No. No. No. You can not act like a obsessive freak about this"
"You need to act cool, calm, and collected"
I need to act like I have A-list celebrities follow and tweet me everyday.

So then being the smarty pants that I am, I said to that husband of mine
"So what? I should respond with something like--
 "Oh. That's neat."
or maybe something a little simpler like
or heck, if we are playing real calm and collect maybe I should just say
"I am sorry--Giuliana...Giuliana who?!
 I don't think I am quite sure who you are?! Please introduce yourself."

After much debating and thinking, my tweet back went a little something like this:
The remainder of the night was spent blaring old school Juvenile--
"Move it slow motion for me..."
Bouncing around like the biggest freak of nature you've ever seen--
and pinching myself.
Yes, this was the first time I've ever pinched myself.
But people--it was a much deserved pinch.

Kids--this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me.

Needless to say--
Sunday, Feb 19th marks one of the top 5 moments of my life.
Right behind:
 The day I discovered mac & cheese--
Oh and the time that I found a chunky necklace at Banana Republic for $4-
Can't forget about the day I became potty trained. That's pretty important stuff-
And one other thing. What was it? Yes, I remember now--

Okay your right--I might have been more excited about this than any of the above.
Minus the wedding people, calm down.

Now if you will please excuse me, I am off to continue floating on cloud nine...
...and picking out my outfit for the first date I have planned for Giuliana and I. 
I'm thinking shopping--pedicures--cocktails--and some type of red carpet event.
G--your life just got a lot more exciting ;)



  1. You are probably one of the cutest, most adorable bloggers ever. And you are a phenomenal writer! G obviously has great taste in friends! Super excited for you!

  2. Haha I loved this. Congratulations! That is sooooo amazing!

  3. Michelle's so right- you're adorable and this entire post made me smile and FREAK out at the same time!!! I'm obsessed with G & B. Maybe it's because she's a Terp alum, or maybe for just about every other reason... whatever it is, I am beyond jeal that this happened to you! So exciting!!!

  4. Yea, still jealous here Erin- thanks for rubbing it in. Really, thanks.

    I'm joking! I am so super excited for you- I mean come on this is like such an exciting thing- I wish she was following me :( And um your life just became 99% awesome and 5% awkward (opposite of what you tweeted me the other day!!) Can I have your autograph before you get anymore famous? Maybe G will endorse you for President!!!!

  5. You are adorable! Love this (even if I was clueless from the beginning). Awesome to know you IRL, even better if you'd work out with me over lunch. :)

  6. Ahhhhh! I'm so thrilled for you! I would be over the moon, crazy excited too! You are hilarious girl, no surprise G is lovin you!

  7. O.M.G. seriously???!!!! That is the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER, She is so amazing! But so are you and you deserve it, you have an awesome site!
    I got a reply tweet from Maria Menounos a few months back (I LOVE her too) and I also took screen shots and blogged about it.
    haha.....That just doesn't happen!! I needed evidence for all posterity.
    You rock, I am SOOOOO excited I have to read your post again....

  8. This. is. amazing. Absolutely amazing. I seriously see dates with G in your near future... Come on G!! Take our girl out on the town!!!

  9. holy smokes. Just started following blog, but man did I time that one right?! :) Congrats on your new friendship with G. Can not wait to hear all about the pedi/shopping/cocktail date.

  10. Hahaha you are too cute! I saw that tweet the there day and knew you had to be freaking out!

  11. That is SO LEGIT!!!! I'm so excited for you :D

  12. Can not WAIT to read your post about your date with G...better would be if you were to bring ME!! ;) haha Seriously though, SO awesome!! I always thought she would be down to earth and nice, goes to show she is! :) Congrats on your new follower!!

  13. My blog initials are G&B. Now I feel connected to G.

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett blog

  14. What's even more awesome is the fact I decided to be a sponsor next month before all your crazy stardom.
    Yes. For the win!!!!

    Enjoy it girl!

  15. No freakin way!!! You are clearly famous!

  16. G is amazing and so are you! So glad you guys are practically BFF's ;) Now don't forget about us little people.. haha.. just kidding!

    I seriously need to call and make my reservation at her restaurant. Did you make one yet?

  17. I was excited for you and I don't even know you! Your about me is the most honest I've ever read and that's why I read your blog!!! Have fun on your date with G ;)

  18. You're famous now. I sure hope you can still find time to blog upon all this new found stardom. Haha. But seriously, that is awesome. Jelly (Jealous).

  19. Color me jealous! I adore Giuliana! Maybe I need to get a twitter so I can get some famous friends, ha!

  20. I would have to pinch myself also. That's so cool!

    check out my GIVEAWAY

  21. HOLY COW! This is amazing :) I must admit. I am kinda jealous (but in a good way!)

    Congrats on the new BFF ;)

    xo Teresa

  22. Girl this made MY weekend! I was freaking out for you when I saw the tweet! That video was HILAR! I want to be invited on one of your outings with G! I'm thinking we meet for lunch and massages? or maybe take a weekend trip? Wine country? a cruise? Soo many possibilities but I'm totally inviting myself! BOOM!

  23. Seriously amazing, but you are the funniest and cutest blogger so does not surprise me! Love it.

  24. i am soooo THRILLED for you. how freaking exciting. so glad G is recognizing how awesome of a blogger you are ;)

  25. Awesome!!

    Btw...that last photo you posted of you walking away....can I have your legs? For real. I have cankles and get super jealous of terrific legs.

    Not to be too creepy or anything.

  26. my favorite part is that you texted back with the hashtag amazeballs... haha LOVE you

  27. As I follow you both on twitter I saw that she wrote something to you and I was Like WHATT?? Is it possible that this is really G talking to living in yellow. JEALOUS!!!!!

  28. That is beyond AMAZING!!!!
    I'm so happy for you!

  29. Girl--You just need to realize that you are da bomb diggity!! Keep it up my new dear friend!

  30. I am a little ashamed to admit that I didn't know who this G person was before reading this, but I am seriously SOOOO excited for you! You sucked me in with your happiness, and now I feel like something really cool just happened to me, too! :) Also, I read your "about" for the first time and I love it. I love your attitude and perspective on life, and your joy.

  31. OMG! That is so exciting. Thanks to G, I immediately went and read your "About Me" You are ADORABLE. I'm so happy for you! :) Y'all are BFF's in the making!


  33. this is awesome! how exciting! Tell her we all say hi!!!

  34. OMG, i would be peeing my pants too! So awesome :)

  35. Ahhh! That is amazing! I'm so excited for you! Eeeeek! You are too funny my friend! heart you tons! YAY you and your new friend G!

  36. This is seriously SO COOL! I love Guiliana... and am more than a little jealous! HAHA :)

  37. Holy crap this is exciting! You are too FUNNY!! I LOVE IT. :)

  38. When I saw that on Twitter, I said "OMG she's seriously gonna die when she sees this". How cool are you now? Can I be you please? haha! :)

  39. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love the energy and the excitement behind this post. You can't fake that enthusiasm! Congrats on your new social circles! You're taking over the world!


  40. Haha!! This is hilarious. I would definitely have reacted the exact same way. So happy for you, love!! xoxo, eliza

  41. Visiting from the blog hop a little late, but I made it! Seriously, love Giuliana, and you are seriously one lucky girl to have her as your new bestie. Love your blog!

  42. Pretty sure I would be freaking out too!! Bouncing around like a freak of nature is a must!!! G tweeted you!!
    I loove their show. I love I love a lovin you....I get that stuck in my head everytime I watch it. She is hilarious, but I also cry with her for all that she has been through. So sad that stuff like cancer and fertility problems happen to such a good person.

  43. HA HA HA, girl you so crazy.

    But I understand. I get the same way when an author I really admire follows me back on Twitter AND THAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER DAY.

  44. that. is. re.dic.you.lous!!!! you realize this means you're practically famous right :)? congrats on the popularity of your fabulous blog!

  45. Yeah! Love it! Excited for you!

  46. No idea who this is, but cute that you got so excited!

  47. I just love this post!! I would totally react the same way and you captured in words exactly how I would feel. I just love your blog and I also have a similar passion for Mac and cheese! I am pretty sure it was my number one food group in college (it totally counts as one right?)

  48. I had to go back and see what Guiliana tweeted you. So exciting!!!

  49. Dying laughing! You're hilarious! And even more famous than that time she called you on the phone (or something like that). ;)

  50. Happy 3 year anniversary of Giuliana following you! :) Just found your blog (off of a Pinterest pin) and was reading through "The Best of", and thought "Hey, that's TODAY!" :)


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