Living In Yellow + The Daybook = Happiness.

You guys.
I am so excited.
Today marks the day that
"I've officially spent a lot of money to be featured on my all-time favorite blog, The Daybook"
Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness is lying.
Because today I am freakin' ecstatic.

To make myself sound half sane, I will not admit that I check Sydney's blog more times in a day than I brush my teeth.
And I would never even think about losing sleep over the thought of being featured on her blog.

If you are here from The Daybook, Welcome.
Every bone in my body is so happy that you decided to stop by.
First things first--
if you made your way over here in hopes to enter
My Favorite Things Giveaway....
{Or, you can just bribe me with money to end the giveaway now and choose you as the winner.}

And if giveaways aren't your thing..I've got ya covered.
For starters--you can learn everything you need to know about me Here.

Or maybe you would rather hear about how I pee my pants in the grocery store?
Or maybe you are more into eye makeup.
In which case, once again--I've got ya covered.
Better yet--maybe it is blogging tips that tickles your fancy.
In which case, scroll your booty down to yesterdays post.

And heck--if you want to cut to the chase and just vote for me for President.
Feel free.

But seriously, you should probably first enter the giveaway.

Thank you for stopping by.
Stick around for awhile.
I think we are going to get to like each other real quick.

Peace Out Daybookers.
And regular readers.
You know I love ya.



  1. Adorable blog. Love your energy. Just found myself reading like ALL of your posts. Made me smile. Especially the peeing in your pants in grocery store one, but ONLY bc I CAN RELATE! Embarrassing. Can't wait to read more!

  2. great blog! love the blogging tips and how cute is your bubble gum photo! xx kristen
    mikie and kristen

  3. Found your blog from The Daybook! Love it! I came over to look at a few posts and found myself here for 20 minutes :0

  4. Lovely blog! I've so much fun reading your posts and think I'll spent some time here today. :o)


  5. Hi! Visiting from The Daybook and absolutely adore your blog. I'm definitely a new follower!! Excited to read more :) xoxo, eliza

  6. Hi, I popped over from the daybook! It is nice to see your blog! Congrats on one year!!

  7. good morning....popped over from daybook......and in love....another great blog to make teise late night new baby feedings a little less exhausting with something fun to read,,,,,yahoo!!!

  8. Your blog is adorable... and so are you... you actually look alot like the actress who plays britney on Glee... looking forward to following you!


  9. You are hilarious girl! Congrats on one year!

  10. glad i found you via the daybook! i like ya already!

    xo the egg out west.

  11. came here from the daybook! you are now one of my regular blog visits! I would vote for you if you ran for president!! I especially like the mandatory 2pm nap time!

  12. Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I love your whole little blurb about The Daybook. I too would love to spend ridiculous amounts of money to be featured on there, haha. There's probably a year long waitlist to sponsor anyway.

    Great blog! You're a funny gal. I think we'd make great blog friends. New follower :)

    Along Abbey Road
    Sprightly So

  13. New to your blog (via The Daybook). I love the personality in your blog and all the posts I have read so far make me laugh out loud (not a good thing at work). I am excited to read more!

    P.S. Naptime everyday sounds amazing. Supporting Girl Scouts by eating cookies, I am totally in.

  14. I love the Daybook too! congrats! so lovely

  15. well hello there! i, like many others, found you on the daybook and i must say i am super excited! While reading some of your blogs (because as soon as i finish one, i want to read more and more!!) i found myself wanting to have more fun because you have such a great energy!! Being new to this whole blog world, i can only wish and hope that i can bring such an energy to readers! Thanks so much and i look forward to reading your blog!!!

  16. I came over from Daybook-and have already spent close to a hour on your blog! I am loving your content and your blogging tips are spot-on! Great work!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  17. SUPA excited for you lady!! i mean who cares how much you spent, that information doesn't necessarily HAVE to be thrown in there, right? bahaha. regardless i'm pretty sure i need your autograph now. being featured on her blog is pure blogger fame. lol.

  18. The nosy girl in me wants to know how much you spent.

    Congrats on your feature, Erin! :) I'd never even heard of Daybook before this. (don't hate me!)

  19. Congrats on being featured on The Daybook! I'm already a reader of yours, because you're great!

  20. You're too funny. And your legs are killer.

  21. Loving your spirit and enthusiam. Great blog!!! I'm happy to start following you;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  22. I've officially spent a lot of money to be featured on my all-time favorite blog, The Daybook" hahahaha YOU CRACK ME UP!

  23. I'm going to have to spend some money to be featured on my favorite blog. - Yours!

  24. Well what a little treat! Glad I found your fun loving blog via the ever fab Daybook. I'm going to have fun exploring here. Love your blog tips too. :)


  25. That is AMAZING that you did a guest post on Sydney's dream... Literally A. DREAM. But, I'm sure an expensive dream :] Love your cute little blog! Can't wait to revisit!


  26. Yes, I am clicking from Daybook. Yes, you are witty and your posts are rad! I just became a Living in Yellow devotee. Love your blog here! :)

  27. Well aren't you festive!! :) visiting from the daybrook.. May just stick around to read more!

  28. okay i found your blog from the daybook and i love it - can i dare ask what it costs to get sponsored on that? and i love how excited you are...but not even the least bit surprised about it :)

    now for some blog exploring :)

  29. Fantastic post, as always!
    I haven't been around here for that long and hadn't come across the peeing in the grocery store story, thanks for the directions, hahahha.
    Think I might start and read this lovely blog of yours all the way from the beginning, every one of your posts seems like a gem. Cuddles xxx

  30. You did shell it out girl!! :) How fun to grab some new followers!!

  31. Your blog is the BEST!! So glad I found you...I'm now hooked:)


  32. Your blog is super fun, also found you through the Daybook! And I'm also wondering how much it costs to do a guest post, haha! I wouldn't have thought of capitalizing on guest posts, but you learn something new every day.. ;)


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