A little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Do you realize my title is a line right out of a classic Alanis Morissette song?
Did you also realize that when I was in second grade, I bought the Alanis Morissette CD
just so a boy would ask me out?
Hey, it worked.
He somehow looked past my haircut that was chopped clear above my ears,
and fell for me because of my taste in music.
{I have told you that I used to get asked as a child "Are you a boy or girl" haven't I?}
Anyhow--you gotta do what ya gotta do people.
With all of that being said, here are a few things to start out your Monday morning.
1. Friday night was deemed
 "let's stay in and make a romantic dinner and then do absolutely nothing"
in our househould.
I love when we have incredible ideas like those.
So that's exactly what we did, and it went a little bit like this:
I mentioned it was incredible right?
2. I have decided to make it official--I am writing my own column.
The name?
"Dear Erin,"
Please tell me you have read "Dear Abby" before.
Here is the deal though--I need YOU to make this happen.
Every Tuesday I am going to answer 1, 2, or 3 reader submissions.
Yes, this means that you need to submit questions.
They can be funny/serious/random, I don't care.
All I promise is that I will answer them in true Living In Yellow style.
Say for instance you want to ask:
"How do I get my man to view me as a sex kitten and not just as a woman
who makes his dinner every night?"
"I can't stop dreaming about giraffes--
What do you think causes this and what should I do to stop?"
or heck maybe you are battling this in your life--
"I am addicted to Twitter. Help a sister out!"

You ask. I will answer.
Easy as that.
One of my genius guy friends suggested I do this back when I started this blog.
I figured it's about time to listen to that genius suggestion.
Please tell me you like this idea because well, I kinda do.
And seriously.
Who wouldn't want to take advice from this girl?

3. I didn't wear pants most of the day on Saturday.
That is really here nor there, but it was fun and that's really all that matters.
I did however, wear this on Sunday to run in.

4. While I was wearing no pants, I thought I should probably clean out my closet{s}.
Yes, closet is plural.
I use 4 in this household.
"That is ridiculous"
I know, tell me about it.
All you local readers--be on the lookout.
I will be begging asking politely for your clothes in the next couple of months so we can tackle our 2nd annual clothes drive.
5. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you knew all of the above.
Minus the no pants part.
Oddly enough, I didn't put that on any type of status update over the weekend.
I really need to stop spoiling all of my blog posts.

6. Last but not least--three fun facts for your Monday.
1. I have the cutest niece ever.
2. My "I'm talking to a two year old" voice is rather annoying.
3. Side profile shots are my worst nightmare.

Okay, my job is done here.
Yours has just begun.
Email me your "Dear Erin," questions pronto.
This is going to be fuuuuuuuun.
Happy Monday Kitten Britches.



  1. I love this blog so much. You are truly a unique voice in the bloggosphere. Not even kidding.

    Anyway, I wish I did have a question to submit, but things are going rather well in my life besides one or two ouchies. I'll think hard of something though. :-)

  2. Your Friday night sounded fabulous! There's nothing better than a night in with the one you love. I'll try to think of something questions to submit! Have a great week girl!

  3. LOL! I <3 the Dean Erin column idea! I wish I had a question to ask you but it's only Sunday so I will let you know ;)

    Marley And Me

  4. i love that your closet is color coordinated - my husband makes fun of me because i have my closet has to be organized or i feel like i can't find any of my clothes!!!

  5. A very important note: "Bitch" was originally a Meredith Brooks song, not an Alanis jam.

  6. i loved alanis moriseette back in the day.
    your dinner looks delish.
    pants are overrated.
    your niece is adorable... love that video!

  7. I just recently started following your blog and I really enjoy reading it! If you are curious how I found you, well I must tell you! I found you by following Giuliana Rancic on Twitter! I love her and Bill..Anyhow, I will be sending one of my random questions to you for your Tuesday Ask Erin column. I ask these random questions all the time especially to my hubs who most of the times ends up just shaking his head and giving me that look. hehehe.

  8. I don't have a random question (at least not yet) but I wish I could think of one, simply to see what you'd say about it. I also organize my clothes by color, it's so much easier to find stuff that way and I would love to have four closets! Right now, I'm getting by with two. ;)

  9. I loved that Alanis CD growing up!!
    I think the Dear Erin column is a GREAT idea- I am curious some of the questions you will be asked haha.
    I definitely color code my closet too- makes it SO much easier to find something when you are looking for it!!

  10. "It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife..."

    So you do have one adorable niece, I wish my niece could talk, fluently. Soon enough. Right now we are working on book, puppy, and thank you. They sound like ouk, poopy, and tutu. Good times, good times.

  11. I saw G answered your tweet last night! Bet you were happy!!

  12. Cute post, peace out! Hahaha.
    I love the dear Erin idea...I'm very tempted!

  13. I need to do that with my boo... that's such a lovely date idea!

    ps -- here's your blog gawker sunday feature from yesterday: http://onedaysdreams.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-gawker-sunday-living-in-yellow.html

    *tries to think of random question*

  14. Your blog is too cute and made me crack up! Your niece is adorable too :)

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  16. Erin I love you. In other words.... SCUM BUCKET!


  17. 1. Your photos from Friday are fantastic...so artsy :)

    2. I am way jealous of your 4 closets! Love that you are doing the clothes drive again!

  18. Bahahaha, I love this idea so much. You are a blog genius.

  19. Oh man, I too had the "Boy or girl?" question thrown my way during childhood. Particularly after I decided to (tragically) cut my own hair and ended up with the shortest, grossest, nineties-ish pixie cut you ever did see (nothing against pixie cuts--I usually rock one every other year or so).

    No joke, I was done with my bangs so I figured the best way to get rid of them is to cut as close to my scalp as possible. I still have nightmares.

    Also? That's totally the best way to do a date night. Last night my mister and I walked down the street for burgers and settled in for Star Trek reruns and Lego Harry Potter.

  20. Your niece is adorable! I loved that you tried to teach her to say scum bucket, haha. I thought my dad was the only one to use that term!

    Also, I look forward to reading your Dear Erin column! Always good to get someone else's point-of-view...even it includes some funny or random questions :)

  21. Aw...what a sweet date night! Can't wait to read your Dear Erin column.

  22. I love date nights at home. So sweet!

  23. SO glad i followed you over here from your guest post on Alycia's blog!!!

    um....your night in looks fantastic! filet mignon and asparagus AND wine? yes please! and your running socks? you're my hero..

    loving it all! can't wait formore!!! :)

    p.s. i was DYING over your post about giuliana! way back when i first got twitter (which i never even use cuz i am lame), i tweeted bobby deen (paula deen's son?) and OMGWTH??? i got a direct message back from him and, cuz i was about 3 glasses into the wine and about fell off the couch, i spazzed out and immediately tweeted him back some insanity...i can't remember how it ended but....i feel ya sister....that's some seriously exciting stuff!

  24. Okay, seriously, I know I said that I'm so glad I found your Blog in my last comment - but really, you are hilarious! I LOVE the idea of "Dear Erin" and I cannot wait to see your upcoming posts! And your date night at home, looks absolutely perfect! Definitely my kinda night!

  25. Oh look at that closet! I'm jealous :)
    Your personality is so loveable! It really shines through in your posts that I have been reading these last few minutes :)

    Oh and I'm visiting from The Crowley Party. Just wanted to say that you did a fabulous job on your guest post over there...I agree whole heartdly with everything you said.



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