I'm Not Going To Lie-I Love To Shop

Oh shopping.
The cure all.
{aside from wine, vacations, slippers, and prayer of course}
You see-yesterday was one of those mornings that the only thing I could say was
"I swear it has to be a full moon tonight or something...."
It means that everybody and their mom was acting like an idiot.
Every single one of em'.
Well except you.
Your obviously cool and wouldn't think of acting a fool.
But for everybody else out there in the human population--
they were acting all full moonish on me yesterday.
And this girl can only handle so much full moon if ya know what I'm sayin.

So after secretly praying that I could bash my head into the cement..
I decided "A-ha. I know just the trick."
And that's when I found myself in the center of pounding music, cropped tees, and necklaces for $4.80
In other words, Forever 21.

I don't know what it is about handing over that credit card in exchange for 3 dresses,
 but dang it feels good.
Anyhow, to make a long story short--
I came out of my full moon
"I swear I am going to knock your teeth out" coma
and felt much better after I returned home with these brightly colored beauts.
{Okay so I would never actually think that I want to knock somebody's teeth out.
That's just mean. Unless they are acting like an idiot.
In which case I would totally think that.}
{Husband--Hi hunny. It may appear that I bought one cardigan, three dresses, two necklaces, two bracelets, two rings, and a set of earrings..but remember--that is just how it appears. Silly picture.}
You know what else makes me happy?
Women who trust me and my blog to help grow their readership base.
aka sponsors.
I mean seriously, anybody who puts their future in my hands has got some balls.
{am I allowed to say that?}
And you know what makes me happier yet?
When you lovey dovey readers prove to them that they made the right decision.
Those girls and their balls..
I'm now laughing like a 12 year old.
Before I get too carried away, I will let them introduce themselves.
And then.
Then is when it is your turn to go formally introduce yourself to them.
How fun.
Oh, I just love meet and greets.
Especially when they involve lots of champagne...
Cheers to poppin' the bubbly.
Hi there! My name is Leanne and I blog over at Fresh-Season.com.
My blog is all about exploring life and trying new things {from the closet to the world!}.
It is about looking and FEELING your absolute best {check out my beauty related and how-to posts!}, getting a little creative in the kitchen, and there's even a little bit of travel in there
{check out my posts fromlast summer-- I spent two months living in Russia!}.
So stop by and say hi, I want to hear about your adventures in life!
I'm Nicole- the author and creator behind the blog Miss Mommy.
I'm a wife, a mommy, a worker, a writer, a TV junkie and a wanna-be photographer.
  I also create Leather Wrap Bracelets and jewelry.
Please stop by and visit:
PS. You remember that one time when I wore this fancy schmancy bracelet?
Nicole totally made it.
Talented with a capital T that one is.
So there you have it friends and foe.
I mean friends.
What the heck is foe anyway and why would anybody want to be one?
Now would be the appropriate time to click off of this blog and onto theirs.
Catch ya later homeslices.



  1. I may just have to be up there next month ;)


  2. Love the bright colors - let's see them all styled up!!

  3. Love your clooottthes! Like really. I have not shopped in Forever 21 since I was, well, 21. But I am going back!


  4. you got such great things at forever 21. that store stresses me out! but they do have cute clothes!

  5. I love your blog! I am a new reader through Alycia's blog. Thanks for all of your tips!! Have a great week!
    PS: I went shopping this weekend, and after looking at your purchases, I need some tips!! Your clothes look great!

  6. AHAHAHA. i think i'll use the excuse of a shopping trip next time my brother gets on my nerves. ;)
    you have the best sponsors!

  7. I think we need to see these dresses...outfit post!!! :)


  8. Erin, you have fashion sense, girl. How do you find such awesome deals and not to mention sweet clothes and jewelry?!! Love your blog - it seriously makes my day everytime I read one of your posts. <3 :)

  9. I've been totally into bright colors this year! Can't wait to take this preggo belly off and wear a cute spring dress soon :)

  10. Uhhh retail therapy cures everything. Period. Love your finds :)

  11. Nothing beats a shopping sessh.

  12. You seriously make me laugh. out. loud. everytime I read your blog. You're so funny!

    Love the clothes you bought. I LOVE bright colors.


  13. You have no idea how long I have waited for a free day to go splurge at F21. You've officially made me so jealous!


  14. Love your Forever 21 finds! Looking forward to checking out your sponsors - always fun to find new great blogs :)

  15. I dig your new threads. I am glad you were able to walk on sunshine in the midst of a full moon. The store does have some cute stuff. However, when I walk into Forever 21 I tend to look around for the rack labeled Forever 21...25 Years Later. I never seem to find it but I never give up. I feel somewhere within the chaos of racks, shelves and dispays one will turn up. Fingers crossed, but not to long as they tend to cramp up these days...hehehe:)

  16. Who doesn't love a good forever 21 visit! You definitely scored when you went! Retail therapy makes any day better! :)

  17. SO psyched to be sponsoring you for March! Can't wait!

  18. I find that going to the mall often makes me in a worse mood, but online shopping...that's for me :)

  19. Love your forever 21 choices! And those bracelets are awesome! I.must.shop.

  20. gorgeousness! love the bright colors <3

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  21. Just so you know...I totally feel like shopping now. Thanks Erin! ;)

  22. after you posted this picture on twitter yesterday I haven't stopped thinking about how I want every single thing in it.
    and I'm loving your note to your husband. hahaaa :)

  23. Seriously? Do you know how BADLY I wanted to go shopping yesterday? Too bad for me... we just moved to the middle of nowhere with no shopping. And I can't do online shopping... I'm cursed and HAVE to try on clothes before I buy them. It's going to be a full moon kind of day for me... I can already tell.

  24. Ahhh- shopping is totally the cure-all. I've been withholding from shopping until I get back to my "goal-weight" and it's just about killing me to pass up cute clothes!! ;)

  25. Why must you torment me with those adorable duds?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? And why did I think giving up shopping for Lent was a good idea? BTW it's not a good idea. Don't do it. EVER. Just don't. For your sanity and full moon days.

  26. Love the new clothes! I love all the bright colors this season. They make me happy!

  27. Dear Erin,

    Upon reading this blog I made the decision to go shopping...

    I am now nearly $200 poorer..thanks a lot!

    No seriously, thanks! I found some great stuff!! :) Yay for shopping!

  28. There are days I feel like forever 21 is a sea of never ending clothes and I get overwhelmed. I really have to be in the mood to go in there!

  29. Forever 21 is the best place to blow off some steam and come back with your wallet still fairly full. Did that the other day...jeans, top, and bangles galore!

    Love your blog. First saw you from Guiliana Rancic's twitter post:) So jealous of that interaction, hehe! I secretly think we should be friends and apparently, us too! Do you live in Chicago too? Have you gone to the new restaurant?

    xo Taylor

  30. I love shopping too! I always come out of Forever21 with more than I plan. It's one of my favorite stores and very affordable. I always take hours in that store too. Just walking and looking. (I think the one here in Arlington, TX is one of the biggest we have.)


  31. I just discovered your blog and already in love. If that isn't weird. I am loving all those clothes too. Glad to have found you.


  32. I just discovered your blog and already in love. If that isn't weird. I am loving all those clothes too. Glad to have found you.


  33. retail therapy is the best therapy :-) I almost bought that orange and pink maxi dress yesterday too

  34. Oh girl! F21 is my fave! Definitely a cure all! And you probably got ALL of that for under $100! Awww... I sure do love that place! Super cute finds my dear!

  35. there's a reason they call it retail therapy! i swear an hour and $100 in forever 21 and better for me than any time with a shrink.

  36. Love the stuff you got at F21, it all looks yum-tastic!

    xo Teresa


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