I Hate When I Can't Think Of A Title. {I Almost Typed Tittle}

I'm having one of those major dilemmas right now.
You see--I can't decide if I should share photos from our Valentines Day..
Or Later.
Thank you for your understanding in how major this is.
Not only that, but I am in the middle of a fight with Twitter right now.
Why Twitter doesn't think I should be allowed to "twitpic" right now is beyond me.
What do you mean "user doesn't exist" Twitter?
This really is neither here nor there so I will shut up.
And because it is technically still Valentines Day up in this hood--
I should probably go tend to husband responsibilities.
Which I am pretty sure will result in yet another night of The Bachelor being delayed.
Okay but seriously, I have somebody cool here today.
She is my featured sponsor {woop woop} for February and quite honestly-
I think she rocks.
See for yourself.
Hey there lovely yellow lovers!
I'm Jamie.
I blog at a little place called Awesomely-Awkward.
Who are you and why am I reading this you ask?
Well, I'm Jamie but I think we already covered that.
I am the girl who got braces when she was 23...
I dance around the kitchen singing to my cat with a wooden spoon and a mic.
Me and my hubs laugh at each other all the time.
(he's a college student... we ran away when we were 18 and got married)
I could eat french fries with every meal... sometimes I do.
I would like to think my blog is funny.
I sometimes say random sometimes inappropriate things.
My grammar and spelling is not always on par with the rest of the blog universe but I think that's ok.
It's filled with tidbits of my life.
Some style posts... some (not so gourmet) recipes...
Mostly it's me sharing my life's awesome and awkward moments.
Come join me wont you?
Now would be the appropriate time to answer "Yes" to her question above.
In that case, get the heck over there.

Oh and hey, did I mention I chose to go with later on the Valentines pictures?
You know what that means.
See you tomorrow kiddos.



  1. I love both of you!! You both make me laugh! :)

    Happy V-day to both of you!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your V-day! I'll check out her blog also - sounds cute!


  3. aw yay!! i had just found awesomely awkward earlier this week so im super stoked to see her on living in yellow!! its just meant for me to follow her!!
    cant wait to see how you and the hubs spent your v-day (especially since my hubby and i havent celebrated yet - i need ideas!!)


  4. off to check out her blog ... sounds like a place i would enjoy!

  5. Hope you had a great V-Day! Thanks for checking our my site and I hope you keep checking it. What a great idea with the brownie mix!


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