I Could Live In A T-Shirt, Boyfriend Jeans, And Heels.

No, but seriously.
I could.
Say for instance--when it reaches 40 degrees in Northern Indiana.
Yes, I wore the above in 40 degree weather.
Call me crazy.
I call it awesome.

Here's the deal though.
When it comes to the above look--you've gotta have the perfect tee.
And I'm not gonna lie-I'm pretty darn particular when it comes to tees.
I like em' soft.
And form fitting.
And downright cute.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found Dressing On The Side.
Oh my gosh, I die.
These are the BEST.
And I repeat the BEST tees.

Any company that revolves their product around food has got their head on straight.
And lemme tell ya-their heads are straaaaiiiggght.
Take a look at their adorable packaging.
You guys.
They send you a freakin' peppermint with your package.
Have I ever told you how giddy I get when restaurants give out peppermints?
Well I get giddy when restaurants give out peppermints.
I get even more giddy when my clothing comes with peppermints.

My closet now has two of their tees and I can't get enough.

So here is where this post gets awesome.
This week only--Dressing On The Side is giving YOU the opportunity to order
 one of their shirts for 30% off.
You must do this.
Just use the code: livinginyellow

The other ones I'm craving?

Now seriously--go get your own.
Let me know which one you picked :)

Happy Wednesday Sweet Cheeks.

**Just fyi--the Love shirt featured above on moi is currently sold out :(
Apparently Valentines Day has a way of selling out anything romantic.
 Be on the lookout though, you may see some more Love in the future from em'**



  1. I think I could live in that get-up too! I love the cupcake tee :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. I love those t-shirts!!! Your outfit is so cute too ;)

  3. cute t-shirt. Makes me want a cupcake!

  4. so cute!! i really like this last one :-)

  5. I have an OBSESSION with all things cupcake... I will be checking them out :)



  6. LOVE those shirts-- they're actually both on my birthday wishlist thanks to y-o-u! Thanks for introducing me to this awesome company :)

  7. These are super cute!! I will be checking them out later today.
    I love getting mints too :)


  8. Love your outfit & especially the shirt -- ADORABLE!!

  9. Thanks for the coupon code. There are so many great ones to choose from! My favorite is Bears love cupcakes :)

  10. SO cute! I will have to go and check them out! Thanks for the code! :)

  11. DITTO! My very fav look. You rocked it!

  12. i TOO love Dressing on the Side!! (: <3

    and p.s. your GORGEOUS!!!

  13. You look smashing darlin'! Those shirts are seriously so stinkin' cute! I definitely need the sweet one because duh, I'm sweet ;) Ha!

  14. Very cute! Their fitted shirts don't come in my size, sadly. Always looking for a good fitted tee!

  15. I wish I could pull off an outfit like that, but... my legs are too short. :-P You look fantastic!

  16. did you order an xs? for boyfriend fit i'm wondering what size to order. i'm 5'5" and 130. maybe a small?

  17. In love with your red heels!!!!

  18. I just ordered the SWEET t-shirt!! So excited!

  19. You're an awesome, stylish fashion model! Love the pops of red, your heels and those jeans look sooo comfy!! :)
    Those tees are adorable - I went and checked out their Etsy shop...too cute <3 Thanks for sharing!! :)

    ~Rachel <3

  20. Just bought the 'Cupcakes make everything better tee'...yay! Thanks for the discount!

  21. Loveeeeeee both of the shirts you have. I also love the one on their etsy shop that says morning buzz. I'm sooooo flipping tempted to hit that buy button. Gracias for the discount code :)

  22. You are too cute!! Love the second cupcake shirt on you!

  23. Such a cute outfit!

    Also for one day somehow google unsubscribed me to your posts and I realized I was quite sad to miss your thoughts...so FYI, i think your blog rocks. Love the red shoes, by the way.

  24. so cute! life is good when you can wear a t-shirt and look glamorous!

    loving your blog.

  25. Love that cupcake shirt - so true!!

  26. Loving the tees. Your blog is so fun to read. =)

  27. Hi I just found your blog through Keep Calm and Carry on! Oh my word you are hilarious!! I love love the way you write! I am really excited to start following your blog. I love that Cupcake shirt so much, I am going over there right now and ordering a couple things!!

  28. Love the cupcakes make everything better and I just had to order.Thanks for the discount code too! Awesome 30% off. That rocks my day plus I have an obsession with cupcakes. Have a sweet and blessed day!


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