Here, There, And Everywhere.

So I know that I promised I would share with you how I came {this} close
to beating the living daylights out of Siri the other day.
But that’s gotta wait kids.
I came to a genius conclusion yesterday.
I’ve done enough writing for today.
You see-I am being featured on 3 other blogs today.
All with completely different and new posts.
And yes, it took me 4 hours to write them all.
Thankfully wine was in the house.
And leftover pizza.
And Pandora Radio.
So we’re all good.

Anyhow-you know what this means right?
You must click on each and every post below.
It will only waste an hour of your time.
No biggie.
I mean really, is time that precious these days?

First one up for bid—
I finaaaallllly had the opportunity for writing on my best blogging friends blog-
The topic?
How I envision our initial meeting going.
Which is going to happen sooner or later.
Preferably sooner.
It’s a funny read {or so I think}.
Check it out.
Oh, and stay around on Katie’s blog—she is the best.

Second blog post to get to—
I’m writing over at The Momma Bird sharing all of my health and fitness secrets.
Which is pretty miraculous since I am not a very healthy or fit person.
But hey, whatever works.
Anyhow—I highly recommend checking this out.
You may learn something new.
Or you may realize “I could teach her a thing or two”
In which case, teach away.
Michelle’s blog is another one you must become acquainted with.
And oh my gosh, watch her Vlog from the other day.
I was laughing so hard it’s not even funny.
Okay your right, it was funny.

And last but not least—
You can find me over at The Creative Coastal Wife where I talk about….
Valentine’s Day.
And what kind of gifts my husband gives {or doesn’t} give to me on that special day.
Again, I kinda chuckled my way through this post.
You must read this one just so you can hear what he gave me last year.
Trust me, you will gain a lot more confidence in your significant others gift giving abilities.
If I could sum her up in one word it would be this: wonderful.
And I know we are all down with wonderful people.

Can’t wait to see you :)

Peace out lovers.



  1. new follower! lovin' the blog!

  2. I'm still chuckling after reading your posts. That belted snuggie photo is the best!
    Hugs xx

  3. I HUGE pink puffy heart Katie over at Keep Calm - I think she is amazing. Since she featured you, I figured you had to be pretty awesomesauce yourself. SOOOOO here I am checkin' you out and LOVING the content. You're such a doll!
    PS: I definitely think you need to try the belted snuggie!! hahahaha

  4. New Follower! Loved your post over at Katie's and your blog looks uber cute. So hi! :)

  5. Your post about valentine's day is *hilarious*! Such an real description of the de-evolution of a romantic holiday when you've been with someone for a long time. So cute!

  6. you are so goofy. and I mean that in the best way possible. we would get a long/laugh a ton if we ever met.

  7. You seriously make me laugh so much! And smile! And sometimes even snort laugh. So hot, isn't it?!

  8. Your blog always makes me smile.


  9. Loved your post on Katie's blog! Now, a new follower to Living In Yellow! I love your space!

  10. Loved your post on Katie's blog! I hope you girls can fit me in during meet-up day! Ask Katie about my sweet dance moves....

  11. Hi there! I found you via Katie's blog, and I'm now a follower of yours!

  12. Loved your post on Katie's blog - I then realized she and I live in the same city and went to the same college. Small. World!

    Thank you for making me smile on a day I needed it, lady!

    jacmaries.wordpress.com {i moved!}

  13. Shall start clicking in T minus 10 seconds.....
    : )

  14. I loved your guest post, and your blog! It's great!

    I'm a new follower!

  15. you have been busy, lady! i love your guest posts... especially on katie's blog. how funny!


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