Bras Are Overrated.

I just realized that I worked out several hours ago and still haven't showered.
Oh wait, I normally don't shower after I work out.
The thought just popped in my head and as you know, my thoughts have a way of making their way to this blog.
Silly things.
You know what else is silly and disturbing?
This dog toy that is gracing our kitchen floor currently.
You know it's true love when you let your animal play with such a thing.
And true love it is.
Okay seriously--I am not suposed to be talking about dogs right now.
I am however here to talk about birds.
Not just any bird though.
The coolest bird in town.
Michelle--show em' what you got.
{Speaking of showing what you got--I happened to not be wearing a bra in that picture above.
Well lets just say, the other pictures that did not have my arm covering that "region" turned out a little...
uh, what would you call it--exposed?}
Here's the deal.
I know you all are probably totally bummed that Erin isn't giving you one of her hilarious posts
so I'll make this quick & easy.
{thats what she said}
the Michelle {pre} kids:
totally awesome - fun - outgoing
spent her free time running & working out
spent her evenings indulging in various tv shows
taught elementary school & worked way more than her paycheck showed

the Michelle {post} kids :
totally awesome - crazy - "mom-ish"
spends her free time cleaning poopy butts & picking boogers
spends her evenings doing dishes & catching up in the blogging world
is a work-at-home momma caring for 2 cute boys & making blogs beautiful
If you'd like to learn more about me - and the hairs that grow on my face - pop on over to my blog -
 The Momma Bird.
I'd love to meet you! Plus, if you're ever in England, you could have a free place to stay.
As long as you promise not to murder my family.
Cause that's only fair.

Just a little treat for you all.....
I'd love to give one of you luckies a Medium Ad Space for March!
{"Like" me on Facebook and tell me you came from LIY}
Plus, if you're in the business of getting your blog re-done - I'd love to help!
Shoot - I'll even give you 25% off!
Just head over to check things out & mention the code: YELLOW25
{Momma Bird Design Services}
You guys--believe me when I tell you something.
Michelle is talented.
The fact that she just recently self taught herself how to do complete blog design is mind blowing.
I am still trying to figure out how to properly space sentences for crying out loud.
But seriously--a clean, pretty, appealing blog design makes a HUGE difference when it comes to growing your readership.
That might sound silly but the truth isn't always serious now is it?
And if you don't need a new blog design--
at least check out her personal blog.
You will not be disappointed.

Now if you will please excuse me I have some serious TV to catch up on.
Have I mentioned that I have yet to watch Monday's episode of The Bachelor.
I mean who am I anymore?



  1. omg. please watch it now and give me your thoughts...I mean, really.


  2. That picture of the dog toy looked like a fetus at first and so maybe I was slightly disgusted, but also slightly intruiged. So I clicked on the post. And then I was slightly disappointed that it was only a dog toy. The end.

  3. Dude, I never shower after workouts either. You're not alone. And I'm not even ashamed about it. I do what I want! :)

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  4. fun as always! Love Momma Bird thanks for the post and awesome discount!


  5. Two of my favorite people working together. Nice!

  6. is that dog toy an octopus? because our dogs has one too and she's completely obsessed with it. it's disgusting and adorable all at once.

  7. That dog toy is rad! It looks so well loved and I just love Michelle! Plus who wouldn't want to read this post based on it's title?

  8. That dog toy is rad! It looks so well loved and I just love Michelle! Plus who wouldn't want to read this post based on it's title?

  9. Michelle, you've officially become my favourite person, with the use of that one little phrase "that's what she said"! My hubby and I have some hilarious little anecdotes of that beauty! LOL

    Erin, I love your blog! New follower for sure! :)


  10. Ha ha. I know all about very loved dog toys gracing the floors :)


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