Your Questions Answered: Part Two

We're just going to get right down to business today folks.
I've got plenty of questions to answer and not a lot of time to make it happen :)
Here goes nothin'....

1. Lisa asked
"What does your husband think of your blog?"
Well, Lisa--let me tell you.
I received your question and I just so happened to be sitting next to my husband at the time.
So I exclaimed all excitedly "Oh look--here is a question that you can answer!"
And then I thought "Maybe you could even Vlog your answer"
{except fat chance because we now all know his feelings on Vlogs}
Anyhow--I asked him if he would be kind enough to type up a response.
But...some of us are apparently wimps behind the computer and want to remain anonymous.
His response
"Why can't you just tell them that I like it?!?"
So, I guess there is our answer.
He likes it.
Except when I type really embarrassing stuff
{which he then makes me delete. I did mention the word wimp earlier right?}
Or when I post pictures of him that he isn't too fond of.
Except I would never do that.

2. Lindsey asks
"If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be and what would you do?"
To be honest with you Lindsey, most mornings I wish I was my neighbor who lives across the street.
She is old, retired and sits on a recliner reading the newspaper with her slippers on all morning.
Yeah, that sounds about Heavenly.
In case my feet would get too hot being in slippers all day though, I have a back-up plan.
I guess I wouldn't mind being Jennifer Aniston for a day.
Or for life.
She is pretty hot.
And seems to be pretty down to earth.
And I am sure can travel to about anywhere anytime.
Not to mention she has slept with Brad Pitt.
Oops, did I just say that?
So yeah--My ideal day would be to be Jennifer Aniston-travel-and sleep with Brad Pitt.
The third part to that answer is a joke.

3. Katie asked
"How many hours per week do you put into blogging and do you have a certain day you prefer to write and/or look at blogs?"
Well Katie, great question.
I just asked my husband and his response "A LOT"
If I had to guess--I would say I probably spend at least an hour or two a day on this shaz.
Probably at least two if I am being honest.
It takes time writing these posts yo.And answering emails.
And editing pictures.
And reading other blogs.
And checking Facebook and Twitter.
And as far as my preferred day to write/read?
It's called Monday-Sunday.

4. Susan asks a very important question:
"Should the toilet paper roll go over or under?"
I was hoping somebody would ask me this Susan!
If I find it any other way--I will remove the toilet paper and flip it the other way.
Some may call this OCD.
I call it being concerned about our bathroom well-being.

5. Jamie asked
"If you could live somewhere for the rest of your life,
where would it be?"
Oh, Jamie..this was so easy for me.
Can I get a "Hollllller" from all you San Diego-ians.
This is assuming I could get my family, friends, co-workers, basically everybody I know to move with me.
I absolutely love it there and pray to the good Lord on High that someday my husband and I will be fortunate enough to have a vacation home there.
Even if it is in the lions cage at the San Diego Zoo.
I'd go.
I am pretty sure I was supossed to be born there.
Just my mom and dad didn't get the memo.

...And there we have it, round two: complete.
Don't fret children--if you have asked me a question, it will be answered.
Just on another day :)

You can find round one to this whole Q&A business right...here.

Any additional questions for me--leave em' in the comments or email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com

...And because no Monday post is complete without any pictures from the weekend,
 I'll leave you with these.
Peace out.



  1. ohhh i wanna go to san diego... when you go, please take me with you! :)

  2. in my opinion, you do have a small resemblance to jennifer anniston. :)

  3. Hahaha that picture of your husband is AWESOME.

    And the San Diego pics are so gorgeous they don't even look real!

  4. bahahaha. Hubster looks real happy in that picture!
    Also, who wouldn't want to be Jennifer Aniston? I mean, COME ON! haha

  5. Have you ever seen the San Diego LDS temple? You see it right off the 15 freeway, I got married there this last year. GORGEOUS! I'm from Corona, a city about 45 minutes north of SD and I'm proud to be a So-Cal girl! Anddd I would tell anyone that they should live there. It's amazing. And warm :)

  6. I like those questions! And your old neighbor across the street - sounds like a really nice way to spend my day. : )

  7. Toilet paper roll goes over!!! I am making my husband read this... he put it under the other day, I almost had to shank him.

  8. Ha! LOVE your answer to my question!! Definitely love me some Jennifer Anniston. She is kind of my lady-crush.. Is that weird? lol

  9. Im so flattered that you are following my blog, I'm in the photo inset of your blog stream - 3rd picture down :)

    Personal victory, woot woot!

    Have a wonderful night, love your site as always!

  10. Hooray for a shout out! You made my day! :) And yes,the t.p. ALWAYS goes over! I have been known to secretly change them if I am at my parent's or boyfriend's house! :)

  11. Just found your blog--so cute! And I had to leave a comment simply to hollaaaaaa for San Diego! :)

  12. I just stumbled on your blog from bnfunky and girl, you are a RIOT! I am also a big time member of Team Jen - I would not mind looking that smoking hot all the time ;)

  13. i wouldn't mind living in san diego either-- but i think you should come live in seattle too. i promise it doesn't rain that much. :)

  14. I dont remember how I found your blog but I am glad I did! I love your sense of humor!

  15. I didn't think I could enjoy your blog more but when you said 'OVER' for the way the toilet paper roll should go, well....HOLLA!! Agreed. Can you please tell the rest of the people in my household? ; )

  16. Oh Erin, I just HAD to comment on the toilet paper one. This one has actually started ARGUMENTS with the hubs and I. He is so on your side and also goes into other people's bathrooms to change it if it's "wrong". Why does this cause arguments? Because I like to annoy him and put it the "wrong way" just to make him mad. I think it's hilarious. He thinks it's mean. Pretty sure he's just way to sensitive.


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