Well, do you?


Because I would loooove to have you.

And then email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com to book your spot for February.

Have I mentioned yet that February is going to be HUGE?
We're talkin' huuuuuuuge.
Like so big I can't even put enough "u's" in huge.
I'm squirming now from excitement just thinking about it.
If you only knew friends, if you only knew...

You don't want to miss out.
 That's all I'm sayin'



  1. Just wanted to let you know that I looove your blog! :) You're super adorable and inspiring :D

    Thanks for having such a fabulous blog! :)
    (i follow you ;))

    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway!
    Please stop by my blog and say hi sometime, it would make my day :D


  2. I love your blazer, that's such a gorgeous color for you!


  3. SOOOOO excited to be part of your BIG month!

  4. I too love your blog! You know what makes this blog so special? It's your touch of cheerfulness that spreads a smile acroos every reader's face!! :)

    Simply lovin' your blog! And so glad that though I'm a newcomer to blogosphere ,found some really good bloggers! :)

    I'm following you for sure!:)

    Do peep into my blog once in a while!! :)

    Lotsa luv.


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