Toga Girl

Dress: Miss Chic
{Champagne jello shots: Found Here}

By the end of the night, my name was no longer Erin.
Instead,  I was referred to as "Toga Girl".
Good work red dress.

PS. For the record, I decided to switch it up and act like a civilized adult this New Years Eve.
I'm still trying to decide if that was a good decision or not.
Based off of last year's January 1st morning, I'm gonna go with yes.



  1. TOTALLY diggin' your dress AAAANNNNDD your accessories!!!


    Happy New Year!

  2. happy 2012! beautiful dress :)

  3. #1-Love the dress. It's not a toga, it's cute!
    #2-I've got to try the champagne jello shots, they look delicious!
    #3-Where in the world were you that served the huge chicken on a stick like that?!?

    Fairdale Diaries

  4. Love that dress!!!! And the champagne jello shots?!!? Totally need to try.

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. First of all, you looked smokin'!

    Second of all, that one guy that you're standing beside? Either you are a midget, or that guy is the tallest man in the world!!!

  6. Cute dress chica!

    PS - I see the whole 'eat less meat' thing is really panning out for you well :)

  7. I think you shine in that red dress!

  8. Happy new year (from one Erin to another). I love your dress!


  9. love the dress!!!
    Happy New Year!

  10. I LOVE YOUR DRESS!! You look gorgeous! Glad you woke up feeling better than last year. haha...


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