Sometimes, I have nothing come to mind for a blog post.
And most of the time, it leaves me frustrated.
I act like I should have some “topic” to write about all 365 days of the year.
I’m really not that interesting of a person, so why I’ve made that assumption is beyond me?
So today, no topic.
Just thoughts.

1.    I ate the most disgusting thing yesterday for lunch. It was some noodle bowl that claimed to taste like “Roasted Peanuts”.
A more accurate description would be spoiled, tangy milk.
A little misleading there on the “Roasted Peanuts” you little noodle bowl.

2.    Speaking of spoiled sour milk—did you know I never {and I repeat NEVER} drink milk?
It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.
Now you know how detrimental #1 was to my mental state.

3.    Worship. Do you ever have those beautiful moments where you are gathered among others singing your heart out and your eyes fill with tears because you are so overwhelmed with joy, love, and passion? I do. And it just so happens it happened this past Sunday.
There is nothing like that feeling.

4.    The Bachelor.
Am I sucked in already? Yes. Do I think most of the girls are total nut cases? Yes.
Will I scream and shout during the season Finale? All signs lead to yes.

5.    I should probably mention here who I am rooting for this season so y’all know why I am screaming and shouting in the season finale when he does not choose her:
Team Lindzi.
Get it girl.

6.    I am dying to get away with my lover like asap.
We’re talkin’ somewhere {preferably warm} for 4-5 nights.
Leave me suggestions. And really talk up your suggestions so my husband will read them and think “Ooooh baby, we must go there now.”
Okay, so the chances of the “Ooooh, baby” actually coming out of his mouth are slim to none.
But I’ll settle with the “We must got there now” part.

7.    I’m addicted to caffeine. And green grass. That’s all.

8.    I want to do a Question and Answer session with you guys.
Meaning, you need to ask me questions so that I can answer them.
You can ask anything—Do I like Lima beans, what are my thoughts on children, do I sleep with socks on, you know…all the normal questions you’d ask somebody.
 It will be fun so please, please ask.
 Once I post all those Q&A's you better believe your name with a link to your blog will be included with your Question.
{Yes, that was me bribing you to ask me a question...}
You may leave the questions in the comments or email me.
My email is livinginyellow@gmail.com.
Drop me a line yo.

9.    I switched up my Advertising options. It’s all about trial and error people.
 I kinda came to the conclusion that I was allowing WAY too many individual guest posts in a months time. And as much as I love other people gracing my blog, I don’t want to be known as that blogger who never actually blogs herself.
 I think those blogs kinda suck. Just sayin.

10.  Sometimes the only thing I want to say to my blog is “Leave me the heck alone
so that I can make a cup of hot tea, grab my snuggie, and cuddle up next to my man on the couch for a few hours.
{Like so. Just minus the little girl and add in my husband. You get the picture.}

One of those times being now.

Peace Out Sweet Peas.



  1. I hate when I REALLY want to blog but can't think of anything to blog about. That's how I'm feeling RIGHT NOW.

    I HATE milk. OH MY GOD. It's why I can't stand Greek yogurt. I think it tastes like spoiled, thick milk. Gross. So I'm sorry you had to eat that gross lunch today. Yuck.

    I've never even tried soy milk or anything like that. I'm too scared. And eggnog? Dear God no.

  2. id love to know your best advice on how to meet a guy. i feel like it could be really funny

  3. You've been tagged! http://ashley-lifeunscripted.blogspot.com/

  4. Tangy spoiled milk certainly doesn't sound like a good meal. Hope you ate something better afterward.

    So stoked about The Bachelor. Can't wait to see it.


  5. i totally get the blog block...i've just been posting tons of recipes. good...but not really my favorite thing to write, or read. and i hear ya on the milk thing...groddy.

  6. Lindzi is my favorite for sure!

    xo Shane

  7. How can you hate milk?! Hehe. I do love your random thoughts posts! :)

    My question..

    If you had the chance to be granted one wish and it was definitely going to come true..what would it be and why?! :)

  8. I could talk up Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for HOURS if you needed me to. Husband and I went there for our honeymoon, and it was amazing. Excellence Resort, Punta Cana. Check it, seriously. All-inclusive, adults only, right on the beach, amazingness.

    And... that is an excellent way to bribe me to ask questions.

  9. I don't drink milk either. It's nasty! Girl, even when you have nothing to blog about you impress me with your post. lol.

  10. We LOVED Jamaica!! But anywhere with a beach is heaven. :)

    Love Q&A posts ... Maybe too personal, but what's your "baby plan"? I struggle with the "when" and love hearing what other people my age and married think.

    And a day in the life post would be fun too!! :)

  11. you are so right! those noodle bowls are LIARS.


  12. oh my gosh erin. now i know why i love you so much. i hate milk too. i can't stand it. i even eat my cereal dry because i can't stand it. good to know that i am in good company.

  13. My question for you: You have $40 and 45 minutes to put together a killer outfit for your night out. Where do you shop and what do you buy?

    p.s. I love your blog, but totally get the "leave me alone with my real life!" sentiment. I had that moment today :)

  14. ew ew ew! I have eaten one of those noodle bowls when I was eating from the market on campus when I was in college and you are right about them being absolutely disgusting! I don't drink milk either! I think it's repulsive! Well, I do drink it in my cereal, but dump the leftover milk and would never consider drinking a glass of just milk. Yuck!

    My question is.. how do you do your eye makeup? I am the world's worst at eye makeup and just starting wearing eyeliner when I went to college 4 years ago. I would love to use eye shadow -- but haven't done so since I first discovered makeup as an 11 year old. Help! Your eyes are just so beautiful -- I'd love to know your secret!


  15. My question is a generic one, but I always like to hear the answers. What would your "ideal day" consist of?


  16. I'm new to this blog- but loving it! The Q&A idea is awesome! My question is, "If you could have your dream job... what would it be and why?"

    write up your ali

  17. I was just trying to write a post but I couldn't think anything. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! So I just went on a cruise and it was amazing. It went through the caribbean. I totally reccomend it!


  18. question: why don't you drink milk. You know why I don't (cough pus cough) and would you ever go completely vegetarian? Or vegan?

  19. Question: What's the best trip you've ever been on?

  20. Can you believe that I forgot that the bachelor is back on?! I may be up for hrs. now trying to catch up!!

    My question...
    What one item around the house are you holding onto but should probably just throw away?

    My item would be my exercise ball. I will NEVER use the stupid thing but I can't get myself to throw it away either! Does anyone ever really use those??

  21. milk is sooooo gross. (on its own.)

    however i do love most dairy items-- like yogurt, CHEESE, ice cream... mmmmm.

    but milk should not be consumed on its own. blegh

  22. Omg yes- milk is the WORST!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. My husband thinks I'm crazy :)
    Question; if you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be and what would you do?


  23. I am already sucked into the Bachelor too. I wasn't thrilled about Ben being the guy but he's kinda growing on me. He's sweet and cute. S'alright. ; )

    Questions! Fun! Hmmm...now I need to think of one.
    Ok, I'm back and I got one.
    You are hosting a dinner party - famous people dead or alive, who would you invite? (ok the dead ones would be alive for your party. This question is very slumber party-ish of me, don't you think?!)

  24. What is your favorite Michigan wine? (If we want to break it down, we could go favorite red, white, and dessert). (And if you think you need to do a taste test, by all means).

  25. You guys should go to North Carolina or South Carolina and bring me and Matt in your suitcases. Please :) We'd love to pay but momma wants some new kitchen appliances.

    And milk is gross, good call on hating that. That's probably why my stomach has been hurting...from all the whole milk in the white mocha recipe I made the other night! Milk=evil. (except for my babies)

  26. I have two questions, (cuz I’m such a curious George like that) take your pick:
    #1. How many hours per week would you say that you put into blogging, and do you have a certain time of the day you prefer to write and/or look at blogs?
    #2. How did you get started with that big sister, adopt a kid thing? (which btw I think is FABULOUS!)

  27. We went to this place and it was amazing!

    GO HERE:



  28. Maybe on a 5 day cruise. There are a lot of options for shorter cruises and they are a good way to get out of real life. :)

    My question:
    Are you planning on voting this year. Who looks good to you and why?
    (I know, you aren't supposed to talk politics, but if you can't be honest on your blog, where can ya?)

  29. really? Lindsay? I'm so team Kacie B! The horse was too much for me ;)

  30. I hate milk as well. I NEVER drink a glass of white milk. Eww. I take a lot of calcium pills though to make up for it haha!

    My question(s) for you:
    What is your favorite guilty pleasure blog read?

    And what is your favorite gift that you have ever given?

    Have a great day!


  31. New Orleans! It's plenty warm here most of the time! And there's lots of cool places to visit. :)

    And I live here. ;)

    Questions- have you ever been to New Orleans?

    What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

    Where is one place you've always wanted to visit?

    What is your favorite book of all time?

  32. Woo hoo! I'm team Lindzi, too! This is my first season watching The Bachelor in full, so it's pretty intense! I want to be on the show JUST to be a mole for the guy and be like, "So here's all the drama:..." haha!

  33. I will have to steer clear of those noodle bowls. Plus they never look as good as the picture on the box!

    Question: Describe the contents of your purse at this very moment?


  34. Not sure where you guys are located but I've been to Cabo and Jamaica in the last year and both are warm, fabulous and not too expensive! Email me if you want deets...

  35. I love this! We have alot in common!!!

    your newest follower :)


  36. Tell us about your wedding! Please? {that covers the "question" part lol) I always love hearing about them or how did you meet, he propose? etc? what kind of furry baby do you have? wow I sound a bit stalkerish lol
    Haha well yay!! Can't wait to hear your answers!! Love your blog!!
    -Meesh :)

  37. GIRL! I have THE most delicious peanut chicken noodle recipe ever, and it is easy as pie! Shoot me an e-mail and it is yours! (because I have yet to blog about it!!!)

  38. I'm totally rooting for Lindzi too! ha but I do like the southern bell as well! :-)


    p.s. come check out my THEIT camera bag giveaway! I think you'd really like it!

  39. I agree Milk is not the best thing you can drink out there.

    So my question is, If you had to say 5 things that you Cherish most in life what are they? Also What are 5 things you take for Granted these days?

    Hope you feel better!

  40. Love a good blog posts that lists awesome Worship alongside reality TV thoughts. That makes me happy. My husband seems to think those two things can't co exist and MAN do I disagree.


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