Once upon a time, a precious lady commented on one of my blog posts.
She was one of those genius brainiac commenters who left a hyperlink to her Etsy shop.
Smart move lady.
Because if you know me or my fingers, you would know that I can’t just see a hyperlink to an Etsy shop and NOT click on it.
So I clicked.
And then I squealed.
And heck, if we’re being honest, I probably bounced up and down in my chair for a bit as well.
After the squeling and bouncing, I proceeded to fill my cart with some of the cutest little accessories I’ve ever seen for my niece.

The shop you ask?
It goes by the name of One Little Monkey.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love monkeys?
I love monkeys.

Anyhow, I could not wait to get those little hair clips in the mail and slap em’ on my niece.

Act like these aren’t the most adorable things ever.

Oh but there is more....

Oh my gosh, I die.

This little girl went from 20 months to Supermodel in 2 seconds flat.

All because of One Little Monkey.

So friends—if you have any little people in your life, snatch up some of these clips and hair bands.

And then be prepared for those little people to turn into hot little items.

Watch out boys.

It's about to get hot up in hurrrr'

PS. Can I just mention that I got all of the above for like only $11?!
The last time I was able to look that cute off of only $11 was..
well never.
Oh, to be young again.



  1. Oh my gosh. She is a doll and those hair accessories are ADORABLE!!

  2. You are so funny!!!!! "it's about to get hot up in hurrrr" I die.


  3. Um, adorable!! This will the the downfall to my bank account... As if I needed another :P

  4. Um, adorable!! This will the the downfall to my bank account... As if I needed another :P

  5. SO CUTE.

    xoxo - kylie

  6. OWLS! My FAV and just what I needed for my little one!! Thanks for posting, love.


  7. These are precious!!!! I will definitely have to keep this shop in mind when we have our little ones.

  8. OH MY WORD....She is so adorable...that hair is beautiful!!! And the clips are pretty SWWWEEEETT too! What a good Aunt you are~to spoil her with such pretty things <3

  9. first-your neice is super cute! second-i just about died when i saw the picture with her in that headband. its absolutely adorable! what a great shop!

    P.S. if you love etsy shops & adult accessories you should check out my shop :)

  10. What a cutie! I love those hair bows. I need to get some!!!

  11. Such a cutie and those accessories are really cute! :)

  12. Too bad (or maybe it's a good thing), I'm having a boy! She looks adorable! I love the yellow headband...so chic! :)

  13. OH!!! So adorable! I wish I had a girl, I"d buy that etsy store out!! lol Alas, we accessorize with dirt and bruises. :(

  14. Your niece is adorable!! I love the yellow headband on her.

  15. Your niece is a-DOR-able! OMG! And those lil monkey accessories are so stinkin' cute! I will investigate the cuteness for my best friends' munchkin :)

  16. These are the most adorable accessories ever (oh, and your niece is pretty dang cute too!) If only my little boy was a little girl (don't think he would appreciate these very much haha). I can't wait to have a little girl to get cute things like these :)

  17. ...and bc of this post I went and ordered from this shop and posted about it on my blog :)


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