Sick Days

I swear to you I had great intentions of writing an Awkward & Awesome Post today.
Shocking I know, considering it has been oh, like a few months since I've done one.
But seriously I did.
See, even my planner says so
And you know it's legit if it's in the planner.

Anyhow, my body had other plans for me.
For some dumb reason, it decided that it wanted me to feel like crap.
My face, my head, my ears..the whole shebang.
Apparently it forgot that I had a stellar post to write...and Martini Night to attend.
Talk about a Buzzkill.

So I did what any good girl does when she is sick--
stayed in bed for approximately 24 hours straight.
Even I was impressed with my abilities.

Jason Mraz Radio On Pandora.

So sorry friends.
No funny bones in me today.
Just achy, stuffy, snotty, feverish bones.

I promise next week I'll bust out the Awkward & Awesome stuff.
Until then, I'll be making my nose raw and lips chapped.
It's a beautiful thing those colds are.

PS. I totally blame my sickness on this girl:
It's a good thing she's cute.
Or else.



  1. Kleenex has a new tissue out that is cold. The tissue seriously feels cold when you touch it. Weird I know! But, its suppose to help your nose from turning out looking like a clown.
    Feel better!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!


  3. I would be okay with being sick and in bed for 24 hours straight if I coudld listen to Jason Mraz radio the entire time. My pandora very raraly leaves that station :)

  4. Feel better Erin!! I feel your pain, the stomach bug traveled to me this morning! Not right!!
    -Meesh :)

  5. Feel better soon hun! Rest, rest rest!


  6. Hope you feel better. Blogging can wait til' tomorrow.


  7. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  8. Ugh, Feel better darling!!! That mound of tissue trash can looks awful. Sending healthy vibes & vitamin C!


  9. Bleh....no fun at all! Seems like you making the best of it! Feel better soon!

  10. Oh No!!!!! Feel better soon!!!! I just had this same cold...it is miserable...I feel like I lived off of DayQuil and NyQuil.

    Get well soon!

  11. Feel better, hun! Good news - you got to stay in super comfy pants all day! At least they look super comfy!

  12. Oh yuk! Feel better soon, we want to laugh at your awkwardness and swoon at your awesomeness.
    ; )

  13. Something is definitely going around :/ My boyfriends daughter was sick this weekend and now he is. Everyone at work's been sick. Hoping I don't catch it!!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon :)


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